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SK Dev Solutions, LLC , the publisher behind many iOS app (Spyglass Free for SecuritySpy ,Service Bell ,GV Mobile + 3 for Google Voice ,Spyglass for Security Spy ,GV Mobile + | The Original Google Voice App), brings GV Mobile + | The Original Google Voice App with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. GV Mobile + | The Original Google Voice App app has been update to version 2.5.7 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Excellent customer service..
  • Add push notifications for SMS and this app will be perfect..
  • although the voice feature is currently in beta..
  • Give this Guy a Break..
  • A must have for iPod users..

Overall Satisfactionc76
its about 10 times better than the official google voice app from google.
Avoid until better development or the official google voice app.
This app is the best GV app out there on the iPhone.
Push notif setup is a little involved.
This app needs push notifications before it is worth spending any $ on.
thanks sean for making it free for the night.
Thanks Sean for Screwing Over your Original Customers.
Thank you Apple for finally approving it.
Needs spellcheck.
This app is definitely better than the native app.
I highly recommend GV Mobile Plus to heavy Google Voice users.
I recommend GV Connect.
Fun & Engagingc91
Thank you to the developer for an awesome app.
Thank you for an awesome app.
Really flexible and support is awesome from Sean.
The support is awesome too.
Everything ok and has push.
I use it everyday all day long.
It definitely helps me run my business from A to Z.
Production Valuesc65
Very clean and easy to use interface and all works well so far.
Fully functional with an easy to use interface.
The voicemail and SMS interface is awesome.
Ease of Usec77
Very clean and easy to use interface and all works well so far.
Fully functional with an easy to use interface.
And to the magic key users.
Push notif setup is a little involved.
The push notification doesn't work at all.
Security & Privacyc40
The best way to use/manage my GV account.
I look forward to push notifications and multiple account support.
Updates & Supportc71
Works just like the Cydia version.
Really flexible and support is awesome from Sean.
The latest update makes it perfect.
Excellent customer service.

This actually makes GV usable on the iPhone. found in 2 reviews
This app is the best GV app out there on the iPhone. found in 111 reviews
I like being able to switch between multiple Google Voice accounts too. found in 4 reviews
I am looking forward to the future updates to add features to this app. found in 3 reviews
EDIT: May 14 2011
Much better than the default app from google. found in 2 reviews
There's a bug with SMS grouping. found in 6 reviews
Best Gvoice app out there. found in 4 reviews
This blow the official google app out of the water. found in 2 reviews
Come on it needs an update with at least auto correct. found in 9 reviews
I downloaded both gv connect and gv mobile both work great BUT
Doesn't work on iPad though. found in 5 reviews
The magic key error was due to multiple account sign in. found in 74 reviews
But now crashes every time I try to send a picture. found in 26 reviews
I tried gv connect first and couldn't "connect" - pun intended. found in 81 reviews
You still can't receive pic messages. found in 4 reviews
For those who are complaining about the "cannot connect to google " error. found in 23 reviews
It's ok but not as good as other GV iPhone clients. found in 1 reviews
Multiple Sign -on. found in 16 reviews
With the exception of lacking push notifications and not being free. found in 2 reviews
Update removes favorite contacts and spell check doesn't seem to work. found in 3 reviews
Great but needs push to be really useful. found in 3 reviews
but having an iPod Touch 4g - this app is pretty much useless. found in 3 reviews
Needs font size adjustment and optimization for new iPad retina display. found in 3 reviews
I would have no need to pay for texts. found in 17 reviews
Having to open an application to check for text messages. found in 4 reviews
1. found in 5 reviews
Needs spell check and push. found in 5 reviews
Thanks Sean for Screwing Over your Original Customers. found in 1 reviews
message when I try to sign in. found in 9 reviews
GV Connect developer keeps updating and improving the app. found in 81 reviews
GV Mobile + gives you the infamous " Magic Key Error. found in 74 reviews
and I have to retry to send my message multiple times. found in 26 reviews
Doesn't do anything different than the free google sponsored version. found in 17 reviews
Annoyed at having to pay twice. found in 17 reviews
The app won't allow me to log into my GV account. found in 11 reviews
And waiting 45 seconds to dial a number is ridiculous. found in 13 reviews
After update I can't send any SMS messages :. found in 17 reviews
but it is pretty useless without push notifications. found in 13 reviews
problem occurred when trying to connect to google voice. found in 34 reviews
It always says magic key error when try to login. found in 17 reviews
Ever since the update I cannot make calls. found in 17 reviews
Can keep Google multiple sign -in and GV Connect still works. found in 16 reviews
The developer needs to update this app. found in 13 reviews

The GV Mobile + | The Original Google Voice App is now available for $2.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 3.6 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.5.7 has been released on 2014-11-28. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and ix.Mac.MarketingName. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later
More Info: Find more info about GV Mobile + | The Original Google Voice App in SK Dev Solutions, LLC`s Official Website : http://www.seankovacs.com

The ORIGINAL Google Voice app is back and better than ever See the video here: http://goo.gl/OHCZQ Google Voice is only available in The United States. You must already have a Google Voice account in order for this application ...
1 keep trying to log in and it tells me invalid username or password level 1 Really Tried to log in using Google voice and other apps and works The issue is with the app Fix it 2 just saw there is a newer version Are you kidding You expect another 299 for the same thing You previous version doesnt work What makes you think Id trust another 3 3 most important I wont be buying any more apps from this Dev Ive already spent 6 on his stuff Yes I also bought the original GV when it first came out And instead of updating it what is a developer do He releases a new version and forces his customers to buy a new app Forget it     Garbage Cant get past login
Over all the app isnt bad it does need improvements First it needs to auto load text messages automatically It also needs a way to receive image and video massages The constant errors need to go away Copy and paste need to be more instinctive Also making phone calls Im told that odd numbers that arent mine appear on the other side Over all I wish this app functioned more like my iPhone with a separate phone number which is why I paid for this app           Good
Piece of junk     Worthless
It was working for 2 years now it wont recognize my user and password It keeps saying invalid     Level 1 Its a problem
I like this app I use it everyday all day long Google should buy this app and incorporate notification feature I also would prefer Google editing software Other than these two items it is much better than Google Voice App I wish pictures would display                 Google should buy this app
I reviewed the reviews and they all said good Then after paying and finding out this is a useless app due to googles voice update I saw the bad reviews Do not pay for this It does not work anymore due to google voices new update and rules They just fin ripped me off     NOOOOOOOOOO
Another failure that cost me money Wont call wont txt just gives error msg     Ricoloco44
I cant receive calls so whats the point Total waste of money     Doesnt work
the best google voice app ever waaaaay faster than googles very own and more reliable keep up the good work                 best gv app
Dropping the rating from 5 stars to 3 stars largely due to the developer charging for the v3 upgrade After trying to love v3 Im back v2 which is less buggy and more stable at this time 0ct613 Previous 5 Star Review before v3 Ive been a satisfied user for several years since then the app and support have improved With this app Ive saved thousands on my cell plan This app is so much better than the app from Google If you rely on Google Voice for you business and life you need this app period           Best App for the money
Developer releases new version without app support paid twice for app still stuck with this version developer say I will have to pay again for ipad version when it comes out              Still some bugs
Does not make or receive calls     Needs work
I have been using this free version app now for about 18 months and have had no issues with its performance There can be other nonapplication related impediments to making GoogleVoice calls at all like really poor or no cellular coverage that even with wifi is not related to application performance but simply missing the bare basics to be able to make calltext connections at all My installation was fairly intuitive through getting GoogleVoice configured Went on Gmail website to configure GoogleVoice as to forward calls to desired receiving tele numbers creating announcements for different types of incoming calls folders and populating them with appropriate numbers then how to handle them what calls to mark spam etc I can text from within this app on the smartphone or make a call from within the app to the recipients number while publishing only my GoogleVoice number a setting on GoogleVoice website keeping my direct number out of the picture and nonharvestable for spam lists If you have more than one GoogleVoice number to manage on your smartphone with this app say one for profession and one for personal calls then the only real thing you need to do is in the app to set the call back mode on each GoogleVoice number to some different mode than the other one they cannot be both the same You are able to set one GoogleVoice number in the app to direct call back mode as needed then reset the other GoogleVoice number in the app to anything else and then proceed with making the direct call When done with your call then reset the call back modes back to your preferred modes and exit app when done Direct Call back is the most reliable in my environment This app is the best one to manage GoogleVoice calls texts on the smartphone                 Works near perfectly for GoogleVoice
Jumped through the hoops to try to set up push notifications without success Deleted a few hours later as preferred a free app I already had     299 wasted
This program is absolutely useless without talkatone All it allows me to do is send and receive text Whats so great about that You need to reconnect with a phone service Not that talkatone was so great but it did make GoogleVoice worth having You need to change the name of your product since there is no more voice involved I hate this product now and I used to love it     Crap
I keep this app on my iPad because it lets me use landscape mode the newer version does not seam to support it neither does the official GV App              Function over form
App stop working Not able to sign in website not working and customer support can not be reached     Awful No support
Great GV app              Great aap
Been using for over a yr and its a great app Best one out there for texting via google voice number Had a snag when upgraded to OS 7 so I emailed the developer and he wrote me back in like 3 min and after doing what he suggested just closing app and rebooting all was cool Buy this                 Great app
I love Google voice and what it allows me to do is it perfectno but it is pretty awesome I use it as a business phone and my husband has used it to stay in contact when traveling even in other countries It is a truly great resource and it helps me run my business quite well with privacy reliability and more              Business and more
Thanks for keeping this version alive                 Best App for GV support
This app no longer works with google voice     Does not work
So far so good I like the interface between voice mails and text better Still testing but I think this may be a good alternative                 Initial impressions
This is the best tool for Google Voice for an iPad Googles own app is only available for iPhone and must be resized for the iPad There are other apps available but the push notifications and layout here are the best available in a native app for the iPad PS I keep hoping the 3 version gains in stability but I continue to experience crashes As I am on the move and am often texting to keep communication going in between other work I cant afford to miss opportunities because of an unstable app                 Best in Class w Push Notification
Im not certainly whats going on and I use GV Mobile very well for a long time I like this very much so I installed it on all of my devices iPhone iPad and mini Then recently I found it causes all other apps using iCloud crash and syncing issue like Notability Documents5 Clips iA Writer and so on After I remove this app then iCloud is working very well     Causing All other Apps using iCloud Crash
Works well never had a problem with it                 Gerray
Unable to direct dial from history Receive a message Never did this before I hope this issue can be resolved Dialing error     Cant direct dial
please romove from App Store A pile of crap     piece of junk
This app works great for me Its simple and straightforward it does exactly what it says it will do and nothing more Phone voicemail text messages                 Works great
Thankfully the original version was updated as it is still the one I prefer I am disappointed that users are being asked to pay for a new version when this one does everything I need just fine              Still the best
I dont know whats wrong but I wont get notifications of a call        Wont Ring
Crap product with no actual calling capability     Do not buy
It used to be a great app but now it is useless Doesnt work on 4s Please fix the issues Thank you     Unhappy
Doesnt work Save your     Meh
Thank you so much for updating the app This one has been by far the best one for capability on Google voice settings                 Thank you
Worst 299 spent The transcription is awful Plus there is no way to adjust the number of rings before voicemail answers You are stuck with 25 seconds and that is AFTER your forwarding phone forwards to voicemail This means callers may have 45 seconds before they can leave a message which means they hang up thinking your voice mail is broken     Terrible app
I have used this app for quite awhile It has become a staple of every day use Thank you for putting together a great app I highly recommend this to all users                 Awesome App
Apps is great but doesnt refresh very well and notifications dont work Wish it was like having a second phone but its not why dont calls or texts show up Apps needs help           Needs improvement
Shady that the developer took a great paid app and then rebuilt and expects people to pay again for a new version This current version is SUPER buggy     Shady
Probably the best google voice app Looking at some other reviews seems they dont know how google voice works App is for USA use making calls over the carrier network and not over data                 Great app
Been using since day one              Best front end for google voice
Please update it iPhone app is amazing              Update
This app is do for a New Update Things this app needs Can you please fix the refreshing problem Can you update the app where we can use our own ringtones for the notification on your app instead of the default the other weird sounds that we would never use Also why cant you update this app where we can make calls just like we use with the Talkatone app That app doesnt have to be forward to another app Talkatone you can make a call just like picking up your cell phone typing the phone it starts calling the person As easy as it should be We shouldnt have to do all this extra work when we have the Technology out there to do it           UPDATE TIME
Use it daily and its my preferred Google Voice app Highly recommend                 Fantastic Google Voice App
Halfbaked product with only intention to sequester users into Google centric hub While you must identify all intended callers by added them to Google contacsmentioned somewhere already outgoing call can only be accomplished by using one of the existing call methods One can blame companies like Micrsoft or Apple for sealing off their portal to make users dependent on it Google is no less evil yet with a broken broken product and now eing replaced by Google Hangouts Try out Hangouts and you will find same limitation with the same hungrer forcing users to give up freedom except in Hangouts for iOS only one can always use dialer to call Message and history cleanup are still very cumbersome and messy     Do not use if
Just updated to the latest version Now I cant even open the app I primary use this app to text msg Hope this will be fix ASAP Or let me downgraded to the last version     Crush Cant even open the app
I wish the keypad was expanded so there was an option to text The only way I could find to text somebodys number that is not already in my contacts is to input their info into my contacts first which is inconvenient because for my business I am continually texting people that I dont necessarily want their info to clutter up my contacts           Pretty good app but
I guess the screen shot of the app should have been a give away Error this message was not successfully delivered is pretty much all I get with it     not working
The texting feature Was working Im not for sure why not now Also making calls using this app does not work When u press the person name menu hv text option does not repopulate the number also for the calls           Textingcalls

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