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Description - GrubHub Food Delivery , the publisher behind many iOS app (GrubHub Food Delivery ,DeliveryHub by GrubHub), brings GrubHub Food Delivery with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. GrubHub Food Delivery app has been update to version 2.60 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
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Overall Satisfactionc84
Hands down the best way to order food online.
Great way to order delivery quickly and without hassle.
Love grubhub and how convenient it makes ordering food.
Love grubhub but latest update makes app useless.
More restaurants need to join the grubhub community.
If more restaurants in my city were added.
Best food delivery app from best food delivery site.
The worst food delivery app.
Thanks Grubhub for making our vacation one we will never forget.
Love the updates always on time amazing customer service pleasant drivers.
Fun & Engagingc82
More restaurants need to join the grubhub community.
If more restaurants in my city were added.
Grub Hub is awesome and so is their customer service team.
Grub hub has awesome customer service and never lets me down.
We use grubhub all the time and we love it.
Fun design and tone.
Great app use it all the time thank you.
I've become addicted to getting food delivered this way.
Customer service is always helpful and available.
Always helpful.
Saves time and probably makes it too easy to order in.
Very simple and saves time ordering food.
I love this app i use it almost every day.
I love grub hub use it almost every day.
Repeat Valuec100
and GrubHub almost makes it too easy for me to order food.
Saves time and probably makes it too easy to order in.
Social Aspectsc100
You can be as anti social as you want to be.
I'm not really anti social.
I have social anxiety and phone calls scare me.
Production Valuesc100
It's pretty basic and and easy interface to pick up.
Super convenient and easy interface to use.
Ease of Usec91
I love this application so much it makes ordering food so easy.
Super convenient especially for those lazy days.
Awesome and convenient for a large metro area like DC.
It's pretty basic and and easy interface to pick up.
easy breezy ordering.
It's quick and easy to use.
Makes ordering sushi soooo easy.
Super easy and efficient and fun to use.
Ads not Intrusivec100
The only app I ever bothered to rate and comment.
I also would like the option to rate restaurants.
" it's impossible to rate any past orders in the app.
Updates & Supportc89
Great customer service and the app is very user friendly.
Love the updates always on time amazing customer service pleasant drivers.
For the love of spaghetti make an iPad version.

Used it twice for ordering food delivered to my apartment. found in 65 reviews
As a college student this app is a life/ time saver. found in 9 reviews
Really useful especially when ordering from the same few local places. found in 19 reviews
Pros: A variety of delicious food delivered to my door. found in 33 reviews
Love grubhub and how convenient it makes ordering food. found in 390 reviews
Very handy overall and makes ordering dinner a painless process. found in 11 reviews
Great customer service and the app is very user friendly. found in 194 reviews
I love this app it's great for late night or anytime. found in 26 reviews
A must have for big city dwellers. found in 13 reviews
Grub hungry nom nom nom. found in 14 reviews
this is probably the only app that is easier to use than the website. found in 4 reviews
I'd probably starve without Grubhub. found in 8 reviews
And the crew at grubhub has such a great sense of humor. found in 11 reviews
this app is super helpful- especially for college students. found in 10 reviews
Hands down the best way to order food online. found in 810 reviews
App itself is very user friendly and straightforward. found in 113 reviews
they put jut about every choice of food at your fingertips. found in 9 reviews
the ease of organizing what kind of food choices you have. found in 9 reviews
This is probably the best invention since the creation of bread. found in 9 reviews
cheaper than zagat's and seems to work better than seamless web. found in 27 reviews
Just needs more places to get food from. found in 4 reviews
Can't set a tip dollar amount. found in 5 reviews
Give us an iPad version please. found in 3 reviews
One complaint: the default sort for search results is useless. found in 12 reviews
Just wish they could add more restaurants and one that deliver. found in 33 reviews
Maybe more chains since most don't deliver. found in 12 reviews
Needs more variety in restaurants. found in 3 reviews
Needs to be able to sort by distance - otherwise good. found in 5 reviews
and I think grubhub should reward their loyal customers more. found in 5 reviews
My first experience with GrubHub was terrible. found in 4 reviews
I only wish there were descriptions of the food items. found in 6 reviews
Plus they give away coupons & gift cards just for being registered. found in 7 reviews
Would give five stars if they offered more coupons. found in 5 reviews
This app is useless if you do not live in a big city. found in 4 reviews
Grubhub needs an iPad app to streamline use. found in 11 reviews
Good in metro areas but bad in small towns. found in 5 reviews
Please publish an iPad version and add Paypal. found in 6 reviews
Would be better if it had a rewards program like foodler. found in 7 reviews
I hate paying with my cc over the phone. found in 4 reviews
I also find the search function seriously lacking. found in 5 reviews
Frustrating search results. found in 12 reviews
I was excited to use this app and it was a major disappointment. found in 21 reviews
Can't rate restaurants. found in 9 reviews
Bad Design / Bad Service / Crashes. found in 7 reviews
you get a continuous error that no delivery address is selected. found in 12 reviews
worst food I've ever ordered and paid for. found in 7 reviews
Received horrible service from a few places. found in 9 reviews
I wanted to cancel the order and seek another option. found in 8 reviews
Terrible service from the restaurants and grubhub. found in 9 reviews
crashing to the home screen. found in 9 reviews
They tell you there is no delivery charge. found in 24 reviews
I tried several current coupon codes none worked Waste of time. found in 13 reviews
Boo taking too long to add more cities. found in 9 reviews
New update crashes every time I click on a restaurant to order from. found in 7 reviews
New update keeps crashing and im starvin here. found in 7 reviews
Nothing was the same- they also totally messed up my order. found in 11 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download GrubHub Food Delivery for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new GrubHub Food Delivery app version 2.60 has been updated on 2014-11-15. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1.3 or later
More Info: Find more info about GrubHub Food Delivery in`s Official Website :

Check out the new and improved GrubHub app. Search your address or current location to see every restaurant that delivers to you and order online or by phone. Perfect for people looking for takeout and ...
perfect for lazy antisocial days where you just want good food D                 love
Yus                 Great
This is the best for late night                 Great
Awesome and thoughtful app                 Great Stuff
Placed an order just before 7 pm and it is now after 9 pm and the order has not arrived I tried calling the helpline but all I get is a busy signal I was able to get through once and was on hold for more than 20 minutes without even speaking to anyone Horrible customer service with this app it is easier to contact the restaurant directly     ORDER NEVER CAME AND UNABLE TO CONTACT GRUBHUB
So glad this app was recommended to me                 Amazingly convenient
Need I say more Waiting two and a half hours just to hear the failed to submit my order to the restaurant     Charged my card got no food
Convenient                 Good service
Grubhub is an amazing app Ive had consistently good service from them for the year and a half Ive used them and I plan to continue using them for my take outdelivery needs                 Love it
As far as Im concerned GrubHub is God That is all                 Thank you GrubHub Gods
I love this app for traveling and ordering if need be Its so convenient and accurate                 Grate Format
This Is So Much Easier Than Googleing Where Im Gonna Order Out                 Omg Loooove
Very helpful when you dont wanna he off bed                 Awesome app
As far as convenience and range of restaurants go its a great app and convenient service The process after ordering has major flaws I knew that delivery would take longer so I chose to pick up my order The text and email confirmed my order and said my food would be ready in 4560 min from order time I had a feeling that it was wrong I decided to head to the restaurant 25 min before the suggested time and thank goodness I did When I showed the restaurant was already marked as closed I checked the time and when I showed up it was 5min from posted closing time They were waiting for me to pick up my order Had i not chosen to pay at the restaurant I have a feeling my order would have been canceled So the app NEEDS to have a warning or block orders at a certain time AND email confirmations need to be more accurate about preparation time It doesnt take 45 min to make a salad and Thai tea Had i followed the email I would be there 30min after closing time Thank you to the restaurant for waiting for me grubHub please fix your algorithms           Great but
App works great no complaints 5 stars                 Great App
Lots of choices Food arrives on time And I can track my order                 Great app
So convenient                 I love grub hub
Simple quick and amazing                 Tap and eat
Super easy to use PHENOMENAL customer support highly recommended                 Great app
Ordered right from my phone at 730pm from Mr Cooks Chinese food Said it would take an HOUR to get here which was already a long time to wait for your meal 830 gets here a pop up on my phone shows up says your food will arrive 930 to 945pm From this garbage app I call grub hub right away and mr cooks from my girlfriends phone to cancel the delivery mr cooks picks right up says she just prepared the food and its already on its way Im still holding on my phone for grub hub says high call volume 10min hold timeI S you not 56 MIN hold time the customer service rep knows exactly why Im calling already and says to refuse the order and theyll refund my money and says the name of the order and the mr cooks to confirm and thats it She gives some fake we are sorry for the inconvenience line and hangs up NEVER DOWNLOAD OR USE THIS APP     HORRIBLE
Worst app ever     Horrible
I used this app to buy my brunch last Sunday It showed me a wrong waiting time I order two pieces of burgers but the restaurant King Avenue Five Columbus OH just gave me one And it still charged me for two burgers I tried my best to contact both restaurant and GrubHub but none responded Also too few restaurants are listing in this app I feel really upset     Bad experience
Whenever Im hungry and out food to make I turn to grubhub              Great app
It does everything that it should                 The perfect app
Wonderful Awesome Yeah                 Fabulous
I would probably starve or subsist on Doritos if I couldnt order food to my office This app and its estimated delivery times are a godsend Minimal interaction with society Huzzah                 Antisocial Weirdos Necessity
Its convenient the communication between grubhub and the customer is wonderful Ive been using this app for nearly a year and Ive had no trouble                 Great
You guys are awesome Very efficient Way to go                 Love this app
By far the best app on my phone Everyone should have access to food with out having to go through the mail looking for a flyer that got wet in the rain only to have to call and be placed on hold LifeB4DHub                 then God did this
Make it so much easier                 Nice apps
The Grub Hub service is convenient and their customer service is good however a great many of the restaurants in the area are subpar           Service okay
Lazy food at my fingers love love love                 3
Very convenient Only wish they had more restaurants in my area              Love it
I love Grub Hub It is fast and easy I use it like every other day My favorite app FOOD                 Literally my favorite thing
Amazing yumminess delivered straight to my door                 Nom Nom
No complaints Easy ordering Good food                 Good app
On hold 25 minutes Pizza place is now 1 hour late and they cant do anything Needless to say will delete app and never order via grub hub again     Terrible service
Love This Stuff                 Good
Awesome app Would give 5 stars but too many invalid and hard to find coupon codes out there              Awesome app
The food shows up every time                 It works
But otherwise its a useful app that does just what it set out to do flawlessly The camera card scan never seems to work though and Ive tried it on three different phones so believe you me when I say I tried                 Sure the UI can use some work
Wish it was a little more affordable but this is still the best food delivery out there                 Love it
They are not great at all i have been using them for a while and here are my biggest problems 1 You cant rate restaurants easily on their app 2 They dont allow for easy complaints on their app when the restaurant screws your order up 3 They dont have a whole lot of delivery selections in most areas I have been in Overall I would say their best feature is PayPal and since that is it use another app that is more customer friendly     Not a great app at all
Only food Very good                 I love not having to interact with people
Great app if you like food                 Never had an easier way to get fast food
Its good Option to save filters and see pics would be nice              Good
As if calling in an order wasnt good enough This is great when Im multitasking My one issue is not necessarily with the app but have had issues where the GH program is telling me my meal is on the way but after waiting several hours you find out the restaurant claims they didnt receive it              Greatest Invention Ever
I love in a major city 2 million plus and there is absolutely no possible deliveries in my areas that I live and work they all say closed all day every day Kind of laim they make a commercial seem as your going to get anything delivered but instead its only delivery from places that already deliver kind of a laim app when all those places already do it for free     Grub hub blows
Great app great food                 Great
Easy to use find new places and order                 Surprisingly simple and functional

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