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Description - GroupMe™

Mindless Dribble Inc. , brings GroupMe™ with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. GroupMe™ app has been update to version 3.3.5 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • So easy to chat with friends regardless of phone type..
  • way easier than texting to stay in touch and share photos..
  • especially able to share pics and for those without an iPhone..
  • This app is great for anyone that wants to keep in touch with family and friends..
  • GroupMe should replace SMS as the standard messages-based communication tool..

Overall Satisfactionc68
Best group chat app on the market since beluga.
I love being able to stay closely connected with our of state family.
Love being able to stay connected with multiple people at once.
So much better than texting to groups and so much fun.
Fun & Engagingc88
GroupMe is awesome.
Great app use it all the time with my friends.
Super awesome app.
Helps keep everyone connected and entertained in one space.
very useful for group messages without iPhone users.
I use this app all day everyday for my job.
GroupMe saves time and keeps things from getting too stressful.
Super Useful App for Group Networking.
Family Friendlyc93
You can keep in touch with friends and family everywhere a must have.
I use this app to stay in touch with family and fire department personell.
Social Aspectsc88
This is a great way to keep in touch with friends and my different groups.
Awesome way to stay in touch with friends and families across network lines.
I use everyday and a great way to stay connected with friends and family.
social media outlets and websites alike.
New people grok it instantly.
Unable to add new people to groups as before.
GroupMe makes social life so much easy now.
Production Valuesc40
I use the web interface sometimes when I'm near a computer.
Love the iPhone app and the web interface.
Ease of Usec74
It's an easy way to text all your friends at once.
Best way to text your group of buddies.
It's super convenient and effective for group discussions.
Other than that it's AWESOME and super convenient.
Great for multi platforms simple SMS.
Great idea - bugs need to be fixed.
Updates & Supportc19
Their customer service is top notch too.
Customer service is pathetic due to lack of response.
Only bad thing is that it kills my battery.

BUT can you please include sending videos from our camera roll. found in 21 reviews
Can't delete messages and sometimes doesn't show when messages are read. found in 32 reviews
but I can't post pics from my camera roll. found in 9 reviews
However I do wish it would be possible to delete old conversations. found in 7 reviews
I wish you could upload videos along with photos. found in 10 reviews
Bring back the ability to silence sounds but still receive notifications. found in 20 reviews
I can't erase old side conversations with individual group members. found in 7 reviews
Search Message Option Please. found in 4 reviews
People's messages don't load and links aren't clickable. found in 33 reviews
I can't copy images from iMessages and paste into groupme. found in 7 reviews
Good chat app but drains battery life FAST. found in 3 reviews
Only downfall is that the push notifications don't work sometimes. found in 6 reviews
but doesn't work on iPad since iOS 6 update. found in 5 reviews
The latest update doesn't work well with iOS 6. found in 37 reviews
An edit and delete option would be awesome. found in 17 reviews
The ability to share videos would make this the perfect app. found in 28 reviews
I get the notifications of messages but when I open the app the message isn't their. found in 6 reviews
You still can't directly attach an animated gif file. found in 7 reviews
Once I updated I don't receive sounds for new messages. found in 113 reviews
but sometimes messages don't load right away after they're sent. found in 33 reviews
Edit: also discovered that you can't send a message with a picture. found in 33 reviews
On this app you cannot delete messages and/or photos. found in 32 reviews
Can't delete chat history. found in 20 reviews
cannot differentiate between messages between different group members. found in 27 reviews
I cannot send or receive direct messages from several people. found in 33 reviews
I can't even send pictures anymore. found in 24 reviews
My notifications work but the actual messages don't show up in the app. found in 33 reviews
The lack of control over how you receive messages. found in 19 reviews
Getting notifications for message then unable to see them in chat. found in 26 reviews
you can no longer send pics from your camera roll. found in 21 reviews
Cant backspace and type again in iOS 6. found in 37 reviews
Getting updates but can't read messages or write messages in app. found in 19 reviews
But I receive notifications. found in 20 reviews
Continuously crashes every time I try to open the app on iPhone 5. found in 52 reviews
Crashes whenever I try to scroll up. found in 39 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download GroupMe™ for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 5.5 MB to download. The new GroupMe™ app version 3.3.5 has been updated on 2014-11-25. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about GroupMe™ in Mindless Dribble Inc.`s Official Website :

Free group messaging with anyone you know. Works on any phone. Now works over data no text plan required Group Messaging - Start groups with the people already in your contacts, or invite them from Twitter, Facebook, and ...
I like the new version it very good A all the time                 Love it
This is a great app                 Awesome
I never knew about GroupMe until I had to start using it I wish I never started using it because you cant really do anything like deleting things or leaving groups which I would like to do                 I really dont see any changes or improvements
They should add more features like calling and FaceTime              Good but can be Better
wont let me send any videos or pictures     bad
I never knew this all even existed until I had to use it for marching Band The only problems I have is that if you add where we can delete a message where it cant be seen by anyone else and add where we can leave a group                 LOVE IT
So much better than texting groups The pictures work well and everything about it is fun I have 3 groups set up Love love it                 Love this App
Groupme was great on my old phone I signed up with my phone number on that phone I recently got a new phone and theres no option to sign in with a phone number only to sign up with Facebook Microsoft or email HELP           I cant log in
I love this app but since the update gifs havent been working Please fix              Love it but
GIFs still wont work and videos wont send after the updated Otherwise great app Please fix soon                 Bad update
GIFs are now frozen pictures when put into GroupMe conversations Please figure it out ASAP they have worked just fine in the past until about a week ago     Figure It Out
love the app but older messages havent been loading lately please fix this              love the app but
It is a good app                 The best review of all time
For some reasons every time I try to put a GIF on the groupme it doesnt work and would like to know why Its actually frustrating           GIFs
Uploading Videos And Images is a drag Images is okay though When up uploading videos the app chooses when it wants you to upload a video if at all Other than that great app              Uploading Videos And Images
Its a necessity It takes up most of my social time Its easy to connect with everyone and I like how you can heart messages Only one recommendation that I have is to be able to reply from Notification Center and lock screen Other than that its amazing              Love it
Kicked me out of my groupme chat and wont let me return I am out of the loop and missing very important announcements about my organization Will never use group me for something important again neverrelyongroupme groupmesucks     Horrible
My co workers and I use this app to communicate with each other Its easy to use and very convenient                 Awesome app
I wish I could do more then just like or dismiss a message from my apple watch Once you add that feature I can make it 5 stars              Great app BUT
When connecting my groupme with Facebook it asks for an email and the app wont let you type your information        Fix this bug
It was working perfectly fine before but suddenly itll freezeglitch when Im typing it wont let me add people it glitches constantly etc Fix this        Super slow and glitchy
This app is great I constantly use it to talk to friends and its just a great social media app to keep in contact I love the mute feature I just wish there was a way to delete messages completely in and outside the chat not just hide and archive them                 Great
my friends and I talk on this app everyday and its a great way to stay in touch with my groups for the councils I am on                 Awesome
Easy to use Great design 5 stars all around                 Best Messaging App
Nothing has been more effective in managing work contacts projects and communication                 Versatile Messaging
Ive used this app a lot now whether its for family or my soccer team However I have just I countered a bug I left a group on accident and I went to my archive to rejoin It wasnt there so I asked my friend to invite me back Weirdly enough it said I was still in itI restarted my phone deleted the app and redownloaded it but nothing would work I cant get back in One time I got a notification from the group but when I clicked on it it told me the group was unavailableplease fix this Thanks              Bugs
I love this app to chat with different groups family a game group a group within a group and so on We can text so much better than any other app we have tried and can share pictures and links as well We can create and share calendar events too No complaints here You have to try this app                 Best Chat App Available
Its a cool app but would be nice if u can delete photos off of it                 Cool
I use this app constantly to get in touch with friends Easy interface and helpful conversation tools                 Love it
love this app but lately it hasnt been accurately displaying the gifs that are being sent they only look like still pictures please fix              Good but needs a bug fix
Have contact support about changing my phone number and they havent let me do it yet     Change phone number
before the update it had gif support and a little smoother Slightly faster before update as well Not sure what happened but Go back to the old Or Ill find something new See what I did there solid app though           Out with the New
Best text messaging app I couldnt find anything that needs improvement You can even access and use your account online on the PC 55 deserved                 Nothing wrong
This app is AWSOME but the new updates made it to where iPhone cant use GIFS anymore it just freezes           GIFS
Love the app Can you please add voice recorder ability in the app so we can still chat when we are driving                 Awesome
I quit Skype because it was torture trying to message people It would always freeze up or not send messages until later GroupMe is by far better than Skype in my honest opinion Theres no hassle with creating groups Its easy to contact people with no delays Its completely freeaside from buying those emojis or stickers All in all an amazing group chat app My only problem is that theres a character limitthough I rarely hit it unless Im writing a paragraph and no edit button Aside from that I love it Keep up the good work and continue making this the best messaging app there is                 Best messaging app Period
I like to copy and paste GIFs from the Giphy app but it wont send them anymore Sends them as JPEG instead please fix     BROKE GIF
Excellent app my teams use it daily and we love it I would like to see a hate it Button lol Hollywoodntn                 Perfection
I submitted 4 help tickets and never received a response I recently changed my number and the app will not allow for me to editupdate numbers So this app will not work Despite what the help advice says there is no way to edit your number I tried un installing the app and no luck And you have to send an email to cancel your account This makes no sense at all I am done with this app     Number Change
Love the interface Much cooler than whats app                 Awesome app
Lets me have a group chat with people who dont have iPhones I have an iPod so I can only iMessage group chat conveniently this worked great Also the other features are good                 Great
I like that youve added a calendar and the saved photo file is a nice touch but its time to take it to the next level Give group messages the option to post a poll Solve debates decide on plans or just where to eat GroupMe I know you can do it           Poll
Ever since the update I cant send GIFS why do you do this to me     OMG
Im putting one star because it will hopefully get more attention in truth this is a 4 star app atleast but one glaring problem is that anyone can kick anyone from a group There should be a group setting where only the leader can kick users     Great app but
Its legit                 This app is legit
Great app that organizes group chats so its easy to read                 Love GroupMe
Your update ruined my gif game     Update ruined my gifs
I just got this app because my work sends out requests for extra hours and pictures of the new schedule this way I thought it would be a great way to keep uptodate I was told to just download this app then search for the group and join as the group is open I downloaded the app but there is no option to search for a group Ive clicked on every button the app has and cant find anything The only option I can find related to a group is to make my own This is extremely frustrating and Im seriously considering deleting this app It shouldnt be this difficult to setup and it shouldnt require someone to be invited to a sharedopen group Because of the lack of user friendliness and frustration it caused this app deserves its terrible rating     Not user friendly
You can search google images from the app and chose a picture to put in the chat Greatest message app yet                 Better than iMessage

GroupMe™ Social Networking Unique Phone Start GroupsGroupMe™ Social Networking Unique Phone Start GroupsGroupMe™ Social Networking Unique Phone Start GroupsGroupMe™ Social Networking Unique Phone Start GroupsGroupMe™ Social Networking Unique Phone Start GroupsGroupMe™ Social Networking Unique Phone Start GroupsGroupMe™ Social Networking Unique Phone Start GroupsGroupMe™ Social Networking Unique Phone Start GroupsGroupMe™ Social Networking Unique Phone Start Groups

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