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RobertSuh , the publisher behind many iOS games (Keno Keno - Las Vegas Casino ,Bingo Classic ,Keno 4 Multi Card FREE ,Keno King Free ,Video Poker + Perfect Play Trainer : Las Vegas ... ,Latin and Greek Root Words), brings Farkle Addict : 10,000 Dice Casino Deluxe with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Farkle Addict : 10,000 Dice Casino Deluxe games has been update to version 1.4 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • and the customer service from Robert is excellent..
  • I like to play while waiting in line groceries..
  • My 12 year old son learned how to play in two minutes..
  • I use it to fall asleep at night..
  • Hours and hours of mindless fun..

Overall Satisfactionc84
Love playing with other people on the network.
One of my favorite games turn into a well programmed app.
This game has to be one of the best free games I've played.
I expect to have ads in a free game.
I love being able to play against my husband and friends.
It's a very addicting I recommend this game 4 every1.
the amazing game of farkle dice game casino 10 000.
This is by far the best version of multiplayer Farkle yet.
Fun & Engagingc91
Very addictive game especially with my husband.
Awesome game - smart computer player options are great.
Very fun game that the wife and I both enjoy.
This game is so totally awesome and very hard to put down.
I am addicted to this game highly recommend.
Super fun and I really like the piggyback option.
This game is so fun I play it all the time with my family.
It's something fun to play with friends or alone when you're bored.
Trying to play with friends is impossible.
I love to play it every day so keep this game.
I've had for 2 weeks and play it every day.
Great game lots of fun I play everyday.
I play everyday love this game.
Family Friendlyc86
Very much addicting even my 7 yr old loves this game.
Everyone in my family plays it and we all love it.
Excellent game to enjoy with your grand kids and adult friends.
I love this app because it keeps my kids busy.
Replay Valuec91
Lots of fun and challenging for all ages.
This game is fun and challenging.
I have the game at home with many hours of enjoyment.
Fun game which can provide hours of enjoyment.
Hours of entertainment at your fingertips.
Hours of entertainment.
I have played it for years now and it never gets old.
Super addictive never gets old like most apps.
Social Aspectsc75
It's something fun to play with friends or alone when you're bored.
Trying to play with friends is impossible.
I love the fact that you can play alone or with friends and strangers.
I especially like playing multiplayer games :.
but I simply hate playing multiplayer games based on chance.
I like the chance at free chips for multiplayer mode.
there is always players to go head to head with.
Ease of Usec89
Very fun n simple game + it supports multiplayer as well.
Enjoyable simple game with great multiplayer.
Really fun game easy to learn.
Very fun game easy and fast.
Quick simple good way to pass time.
Love farkle and this easy interface makes enjoyment a breeze.
easy interface.
Easy yet Challenging.
Ads not Intrusivec57
We couldn't stop playing long enough to rate the game.
Updates & Supportc89
This is by far the best version of multiplayer Farkle yet.
I like this version a lot more than the Facebook version.
and the customer service from Robert is excellent.

Neat little game that keeps you coming back for more. found in 10 reviews
It's loads of fun and is very easy to use. found in 46 reviews
Very much addicting even my 7 yr old loves this game. found in 8 reviews
Very fun game that the wife and I both enjoy. found in 69 reviews
Lots of fun and challenging for all ages. found in 9 reviews
This game is fun and entertaining. found in 11 reviews
Love the fast pace and all options you can play. found in 41 reviews
I like playing quick games against the comp. found in 33 reviews
Awesome game - smart computer player options are great. found in 295 reviews
Stress reliever in between hectic work day filled with meetings. found in 11 reviews
000 at home as a kid fun time passer. found in 20 reviews
It's the best time waster I've ever found on the web. found in 42 reviews
A Very relaxing game to play alone or with friends. found in 5 reviews
Good time killer while waiting in doctor offices. found in 45 reviews
I used to play this game with my Grandma when I was little. found in 103 reviews
I have the game at home with many hours of enjoyment. found in 7 reviews
Annoying push notifications were added that can't be turned off. found in 10 reviews
Fun game except they keep asking you to rate it. found in 46 reviews
Fun game but I don't like the pop up 'try this game' ads. found in 5 reviews
There are annoying notifications that constantly appear on the screen. found in 9 reviews
I paid for no ads though and I still get them. found in 3 reviews
Great app but too many popups. found in 4 reviews
It's great except I keep getting a low memory warning. found in 17 reviews
But too many pop ups and annoying ads. found in 4 reviews
You don't have to waste your time with slow play. found in 28 reviews
Very fun app but the notifications are annoying. found in 6 reviews
Great little way to waste time while waiting to pick up kids. found in 28 reviews
Best game ever just wish you could play online. found in 6 reviews
nicely done but I continually have connection issues. found in 4 reviews
Way too many disconnects and questionable randomness. found in 6 reviews
Awesome game except I hate that there r constant notifications. found in 6 reviews
Game is great but pop ups are annoying. found in 5 reviews
Wish I could play against others or the computer without purchasing any chips. found in 10 reviews
Great game only wish there was Facebook integration. found in 1 reviews
Couldn't deal with all the notifications and there's no way to turn them off. found in 24 reviews
System errors will not give me bonus chips. found in 9 reviews
Just wish it would stop asking me to rate it. found in 46 reviews
Too many notifications /ads. found in 7 reviews
I am receiving constant notifications that can't be shut off. found in 6 reviews
but whenever I wanted to play multiplayer. found in 12 reviews
no matter how many games you play. found in 14 reviews
The " low memory warning " is so obnoxious. found in 17 reviews
99 to get rid of the ads. found in 6 reviews
Impossible to get more chips to play. found in 14 reviews
Not how I want to win and it's frustrating. found in 43 reviews

The Farkle Addict : 10,000 Dice Casino Deluxe is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 3.9 MB to download. The new Farkle Addict : 10,000 Dice Casino Deluxe app version 1.4 has been updated on 2014-11-03. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
More Info: Find more info about Farkle Addict : 10,000 Dice Casino Deluxe in RobertSuh`s Official Website : http://robertsuh.com

The amazing game of Farkle Dice Game Casino 10,000 as Featured on http://FreeBeeApps.com 1 iPad DICE GAME in the USA Apple Featured as WHATS HOT and New and Noteworthy SUPER CUSTOM SCORING , FARKLE REDUCER and ...
I love the game I do wish I didnt have to pay to unlock 2 player Thats kinda stupid Other than that I play everyday                 Addictive
Fun Game              Fun game Lots of extras to get to the fun
First off I love dice games all together This is a great game However the bonus needs to be easier to pick 1000 Ive done the bonus 30 times and counting but have never got 1000 Otherwise I love it and spend most my day playing on this app                 I love it
Love this game                 Excellent
I have played this game daily for over a year A couple of months ago the game changed giving a big advantage to one player One player will get big point on roll after roll while the other player gets low points per roll and several Farkles making it impossible to catch up Very frustrating Playing games should be fun however this one isnt anymore        Frustrating
I love this game Its fun fast paced and addictive The glitches that were present before seem to have been fixed                 Fun game
This brings back family memories Farkle was a favorite game when we got together My mother almost won So I have a hard time turning it off I love it                 Too addictive
Great game and great interface Too expensive to upgrade and too many levels of upgrade to purchase Would pay 299 once to unlock all features not not multiple times Would like more options to customize game and scoring as stated in other reviews And what the heck are the gems for           Meh
Its a really nice game Just wish you could fix the scoring on the You vs the computer I have had 2000 points and than add a pair and my score will drop to 750 points          
I love this game                 Love
Great game Lots of fun                 Awesome fun
Fun way to play dice                 Game
This is a great game My daughter introduced it to me at Christmas so that we could compete against each other as we both work and fun days or times are limited My son in law and grandson can also get into the game with us if they choose to Thanks for your creative and out of the box thinking Almost a year later this is still a great game                 Paws001
Yep                 Good Game
The game would not allow me to play without writing this review I love the game I do not love the fact that there are times when one player has great rolls and the other has horrible rolls One has fantastic combos and the other could not buy a combo and carry it across the street in a bucket I wrote Robert about that once and he disagreed that it seems lopsided a lot Just today when playing my opponent almost got 4000 during their turn That was crazy not lucky Then there are still the automatic quits It lets you know you won but if you get that person again their score reflects they won And if you have a conversation you are told that you quit and you didnt Dont understand that That really gets on my nerves When its a balanced game and luck is sprinkled in there for both players then its a really fun game I do love when that happens I dont even mind losing because its the element of surprise You are wondering if you are going to get a great roll before your opponent swop in and win Thats FUN Thx              Being Forced to Write a Review
Ive been playing for a week and I love it U can play by urself with a person with a friend or with the computer It is a really good game and not like the other games where they seems to b rigged I also play the Yatzy Addict too Ive been telling my Facebook friends all about it So I u want to play hit me up              Love this game
I have always loved the game as a child but when I came across the electronic version I just had to give it a try AMAZING I Love It My husband had never played it and us now as addicted as I am Thank You                 Addicted
Love this app so much fun just a little too addicting hahaha                 Awesome
I love it                 Great
Only game I still play and none of friends even know how to                 FARKLE ROCKS
Farkle is a fun game It is fun to play with people all over the world                 Farkle is Fun
Good game to pass time                 Farkle
A very fun and addicting game                 Great game
Great way to blow off steam Nice graphics and game organisation Must have              Farkle
Im in love with this game                 Officially an Addict
I used to live the life of a man without any clear idea of what to do with his life wandering aimlessly through each and every day plagued with misfortune heartache and mentally unstable Until I was introduced to Farkle Addict Now Im a totally different man Ive become more sexually active I mean women are attracted to me like never before I won the lottery Three times now I mean its just like Im living a dream thanks to Farkle Addict The Mayor gave me the keys to the city yesterday and the Chief of Police gave me a get out of jail free card laminated even With unlimited use with no date of expiration Wow Farkle Addict I owe it all to you                 Life Changing
Good game really fun                 Good game
My favorite Farkle game by far              Addictingggg
A OK              Big Wig
Good game              Farkle
Addicting and fun Love love love it                 Fun game
Fun and addictive game              Fun
Awesome game                 Love it
I am addicted to this program and cant get loose I forgot to go to work a week ago Just kidding I am retired but would have forgotten                 Help
Working better these days              Works fairly well
Addictive and fun Only one more game                 Darkly
I was instantly hooked Love connecting and playing Great game                 For The Love Of Farkle
I was surprised to read that someone else was forced to write a review because that just happened to me and I cant get on to play the game and the their info page on the App Store web site kept coming up when I tried to play the game I do love the game but hate being forced to do anything I would have written a review on my own eventually and it would have been much more positive than this one              Great game
I love this gameI always unwind from a long day playing farklegreat game                 Farkle
U have to have upgrade to play with two humans     Upgrade needed
Love this game Try Yahtzee too FUN FUN FUN                 Farkle
I love this game                 Farkle Addict
Very addicting                 Beware
Great game Addictive                 Farkle
I love playing the game but all the male players have sexual comments while playing When I comment that Im not interested they quit           Fun game
I love this game I play with friends and strangers It sometimes loses its connection which can be irritating 82315 loses connection and doesnt give you your points back A lot Please fix a fun game when working well                 Fun time passer
Love the game Like everything about it They dont have you buy anything to keep playing Warning addicting                 Farkle Addict
Love this game                 HjBdB
Fun game                 Cool game
I am hooked                 Great game

Farkle Addict : 10,000 Dice Casino Deluxe GamesFarkle Addict : 10,000 Dice Casino Deluxe GamesFarkle Addict : 10,000 Dice Casino Deluxe GamesFarkle Addict : 10,000 Dice Casino Deluxe GamesFarkle Addict : 10,000 Dice Casino Deluxe GamesFarkle Addict : 10,000 Dice Casino Deluxe GamesFarkle Addict : 10,000 Dice Casino Deluxe GamesFarkle Addict : 10,000 Dice Casino Deluxe GamesFarkle Addict : 10,000 Dice Casino Deluxe GamesFarkle Addict : 10,000 Dice Casino Deluxe GamesFarkle Addict : 10,000 Dice Casino Deluxe GamesFarkle Addict : 10,000 Dice Casino Deluxe Games

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