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Big Fish Games, Inc , the publisher behind many iOS app (Everest: Hidden Expedition ,The Serpent of Isis - HD ,Drawn - The Painted Tower HD ,Doors of the Mind - Inner Mysteries HD ,Megaplex Madness - Now Playing ,PuppetShow - The Mystery of Joyville HD), brings Echoes of Sorrow HD (Full) with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Echoes of Sorrow HD (Full) app has been update to version 1.0.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iPad owner,you now can download Echoes of Sorrow HD (Full) for $2.99 from Apple Store. The application is available in multiple languages: English, French, German. It weighs in at a hefty 275 MB, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. The new Echoes of Sorrow HD (Full) app version 1.0.0 has been updated on 2014-11-28. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
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Listen to the Echoes of Sorrow and remember who you are as you explore your memories in this fun Hidden Object game While being chased by a dark shadow, you trip and hit your head. ...
Really enjoyed this game Challenging but not frustrating Definitely will buy sequel                 Great game
Great game                 Angela
Very enjoyable              Echoes of sorrow
Not enough instructions as how to play Dialogue flips by too fast to read Keeps sending characters back and forth without reason           Echoes of summer
Easy but entertaining           Review
but too easy and too short              fun
Love the background story and the games are fun              Great story
To anyone with experience in the Hidden ObjectAdventure aka iHOG 8genre this will be a piece of cake The HO scenes are very easy I didnt have to use a hint once though where to proceed in the adventure is sometimes obscure The puzzles are barely worth the name I cant imagine an adult whod have to skip any As for the story the idea of exploring past memories and regrets is interesting but the execution fails I wont spoil the final revelation but its pretty ludicrous Graphics look good so it wouldnt be the worst choice for a novice iHOG player Others shouldnt bother        Too easy lame ending
Like the game but too short           Good
The story is interesting But the game is way too easy and primarily HOGs Not enough challenging puzzles Glad I got it on sale           Interesting story lame game
Not sure where all these five star ratings are coming from The screens between scenes go by faster than you can read them Items are misnamed a treble clef is not a musical note as one example At the end it let me put in one panel in the church but not the other so I can not finish the game Downgrading to two stars for that        Just OK
This game was an enjoyable distraction but it was fairly short I liked having to use all the scenes more than once to solve the complete story The clues and items that were necessary to complete the game were intuitive and made sense within the scenes unlike other games of this kind              Fun but short
Compared to other HO games I find this one somewhat frustrating in several ways the text screens dont stay on long enough to read them so you miss a good part of the story line items in the inventory arent labeled a hint is used up just telling you to go to another screen then you have to wait for it to fill sometimes the next one tells you to go forward to where you were before Hints not always helpful such as directing you to perform an action when you dont have the items needed for that action yet Id prefer more and more challenging puzzles in addition to the HO scenes Ive only finished the first section but that how it rates so far        Not the best
This was a good game But to short              Good
Really enjoy this game                 Fun
Very good              Echoes of Sorrow
It is so good keep you in your feet all the time I cant wait to play the 2nd part                 The best
This was a great fun game to play I encountered NO glitches or problems just glad I got it on sale as it was shorter compared to a lot of other Big Fish Games but overall I would highly recommend it                 Echoes Of Sorrow HD
Great game Really enjoyed playing Well worth the price                 Echoes of sorrow
I really liked this one the story is compelling the graphics are nice and the puzzles werent too hard My one complaint is that it was too easy to get stuck once in awhile with where to go next and the hints were often wrong about which direction to go I had to look up a walkthrough and I dont think I should have to do thatalso the bowtie in the shed was hard to click Overall though I really really liked it              one of my favorites
Wasnt sure if I should buy it Not disappointed                 Great game
Interesting storyline so far              Nice game
Im not into story lines I just want a game that has well hidden objects that I can spend a couple hours finding I would prefer more hidden object scenes and less get this to do that kind of thing but its a good game and although fun not a real challenge              Really good game
Definitely NOT the best of Big Fish HOG Pros Decent storyline and has good minigames for hidden objects Cons Doesnt tell you what the name of the items in your inventory Cant change game difficulty Toggle offon option for sparklespurple highlighted item does not workso it makes game way too boring and easy I would suggest adding a Diary andor Objectives section next time           Its OK
Good game              Good game
Fun game Keeps your interest going Hope the sequel is the same              Fun
Fun                 Great
Good storyline and graphics but too easy Hos took less than 2 minutes each You should judge for yourself though           Too easy
Great              Great Not to easy and not to hard
Good game              Good game
The story was great but it was impossible to read whatever text was in scene transitions Other than that I just wish it wasnt so short              Love the concept
It was fun but it wasnt very challenging I would even say it was too easy I turned off the hint sparkles but they were there anyway I like to problem solve Everything being highlighted doesnt leave any room to solve the mystery I did enjoy the mini games and the vibrant graphics Not horribly disappointing given the price           Fun
Good game but to short and to expensive for such a short gameother than that its a good game                 Echos of sorrow
I dont usually write reviews but this game keep my interest all the way to the end Great game worth every penny                 Interesting
It took me awhile to follow the story line but it was just challenging and different enough to be interesting Worth buying              Unusual
I actually love all this Hideen Objects games and i love this one pretty much The story was likeWOW I love it so much i dont even care if its short or others dont like its simply perfect                 I LOVE IT
Ok gametoo shortand text not up long enough to read     Ok
Enjoyed this one                 Echoes
Good graphics good storyline Would be interested in a sequal                 Good game
HOGs easy Story good OK length Overall I liked it Worth the sale price              Decent game
Was worth the purchase                 Great game
I actually enjoyed the game i like games that you have to constantly keep in mind what you need to complete a level The graphics for me where on point though i wish it was a bit longer Looking forward to the second one              Good
Funnot only a hidden objects game but a mystery story           Echos of sorrows
Great                 Echoes of sorrow
Im sadly disappointed with this game Movements are jerky text doesnt stay visible long enough to be read Big Fish youve done better           Disappointed
Fun lots of puzzles Just too short Solved this in about 3 hours                 Good game
Good game                 Echoes
Very good        Echoes of Sorrow
Its an alright game but its way too short and way too easy Its definitely not worth even the 299 they ask you to pay for it when its on sale and at the 499 price i would say its a total rip off They get at least two stars because the game is decent but super short        Too easy
Really enjoyed this game cant wait for the next installment                 Echos

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