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Funzio, Inc , the publisher behind many iOS games (Modern War ,Kingdom Age ,Crime City ,Crime City HD ,Criminal Legacy ,Jackpot Slots™), brings Crime City with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Crime City games has been update to version 2.5 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Very good funny game..
  • The best online game in the app store a must get..
  • Best social city building battle game on the market..
  • Best MF'ing Action RPG Game that's out there..
  • great way to kill time add me plz 337 481 028..

Overall Satisfactionc87
Simply one of the best free games to ever be released for the iPhone.
Amazing game got all my friends playing this at work.
One of my favorite games play everyday add me 654 179 110.
This was my favorite game until the last update.
This is probably the best iPhone game I've experienced.
By far the best game I've played in a while.
This game is awesome I recommend this game to whom reads this.
I do not recommend this game to anyone.
Much better than mafia wars and imobster or any other crime game.
Best game ever add me I need more mafia please 924095377.
Fun & Engagingc86
Pretty awesome game everyone should give it a try.
A fun game to play whenever you have some time to waste.
Very addictive once u get far enough in.
Great great game play all the time all day addictive.
Very fun game that's totally interfering with my real life.
Very addicting game and very hard to put down.
Super fun and entertaining time goes by quickly.
You don't have to spend real money for it to be fun.
Great game play everyday add me 944668961 944668961 944668961.
361-816-570 I play all day everyday so lets play hey hey.
Value for Moneyc53
Easy to keep progressing without spending real money.
Enjoy the game don't spend real money to be competitive.
Very addictive but the game strongly encourages one to spend real money.
Plus there's constant advertisements to spend real money on the game.
just need another way to earn gold without spending real money.
Can't really go on further without spending lots of real money.
It opened the special and spent 20 gold without confirming.
Replay Valuec71
The higher levels cost to much to perform missions.
once you get up to the higher levels.
A modern style kingdoms of Camelot love the game never gets old.
It's the one game that never gets old.
Social Aspectsc97
A great way to meet new friends around the world.
Nice way to meet new people and very addicting.
783 729 675 Awesome game fun with friends.
Great fun with friends.
Production Valuesc100
Awesome game play it everyday add me 775 239 740.
561 432 434 Awesome game play all of the time.
Ease of Usec86
It's a pretty simple game yet it can be addicting.
This is a simple game yet very addicting.
Game freezes from time to time for being a small game.
Security & Privacyc55
need to be able to spend your bank account without withdrawing.
I like the bank account system better in CCHD as well.
Updates & Supportc25
#1 App Excellant Game And Great Customer Service.
and I hope their customer service get better.
This is a great alternative to the Facebook version.
The Facebook version is a million times better.
Can't connect to facebook version.

Seeking active players to join or merge with a great syndicate. found in 82 reviews
Great game play everyday add me 944668961 944668961 944668961. found in 204 reviews
Much better than all the other crime games out there. found in 50 reviews
Crime City IS AWSOME you can get AWSOME wepons. found in 3640 reviews
905 917 035
Very fun game that's totally interfering with my real life. found in 100 reviews
Great time killer plus it's fun to ravage the streets. found in 127 reviews
Pretty awesome game everyone should give it a try. found in 1199 reviews
It's def an awesome game add me pls 962 743 083. found in 41 reviews
will accept all requests This game is soooooo entertaining. found in 46 reviews
Super fun and entertaining time goes by quickly. found in 73 reviews
Gree and it's employees provide horrid customer service though. found in 74 reviews
Fix glitch in liberty park. found in 15 reviews
Fun to create city but limited unless spend real money on gold. found in 29 reviews
It's no fun anymore because of the cost. found in 8 reviews
I'd like it if we didn't have to spend money to advance. found in 49 reviews
As soon as you start fighting or something BOOM game crashes. found in 45 reviews
Add me if you want to grow your Mafia 840-725-333. found in 36 reviews
Would be five stars if it wasn't so expensive to buy stuff. found in 11 reviews
Hate waiting to reload want to keep playing and playing. found in 10 reviews
If you don't cheat or pay real money you may get desperate. found in 42 reviews
Only wish there was a way to earn gold bars during game play. found in 691 reviews
Wish you could upgrade and build multiple things at once though. found in 12 reviews
Like game except you can't create "mob families" like alliances. found in 21 reviews
I wish you could earn gold and I wish it had an iPad version. found in 24 reviews
Not a bad game could use some improvement. found in 41 reviews
Fun but frustrating when you find the perfect fight and it crashes. found in 7 reviews
A little slow but a good way to waste a little time. found in 70 reviews
New update installed now I can't even open the game. found in 8 reviews
Just don't like that you have to pay for gold. found in 15 reviews
I find it annoying that I run out of energy so quickly. found in 24 reviews
This game crashes more than a Malaysian airliner. found in 45 reviews
People who pay real money have a huge and UNFAIR advantage. found in 42 reviews
If you want to advance in game you must buy gold. found in 49 reviews
You even need gold bars to open the boss bag things. found in 30 reviews
Caution if you purchase gold and don't receive. found in 24 reviews
I had 300
Contacting customer service is a waist of time. found in 74 reviews
Enjoy the game don't spend real money to be competitive. found in 424 reviews
Don't waste your time or hard earned money. found in 26 reviews
Okay game but pointless unless you start spending real money. found in 106 reviews
Attack and defense make no sense anymore. found in 48 reviews
Waist of time. found in 41 reviews
Gree makes it difficult to advance in the game without spending real money. found in 61 reviews
Still play but not spending real cash on a phone game. found in 56 reviews
Plus there's constant advertisements to spend real money on the game. found in 130 reviews
It starts out fun until you reach higher levels. found in 33 reviews
Bad game Boring
Can't really go on further without spending lots of real money. found in 78 reviews
DO NOT MAKE IN GAME PURCHASES. found in 28 reviews
It isn't the greatess game run out out of energy to fast. found in 24 reviews
All of a sudden building upgrade times tripled. found in 34 reviews

The Crime City is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 19.6 MB to download. The new Crime City app version 2.5 has been updated on 2014-11-19. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about Crime City check developer Funzio, Inc`s website :

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The game is very addictive                 Love crime city
Loved this game first time I started playing but it seems like everything takes longer to accomplish and its impossible to recover my original account Its just not as fun starting over and its doesnt move as fast I want my old account           Loads too slow
Good game                 Good game
I rarely write reviews but feel compelled to do here Gree is all about money and not long term players the game used to be fun Grees customer service is non existent and they dont seem to care about their players Sadly to say a one time the game was fun but not anymore     A waste
I can finally get lots of fun getting money                 Great game
I used to love this game I really did but now if you want to get anywhere you have to buy gold And every time you turn around gree is changing the events to force the issue I have not ever finished an event because to do it you need gold Its free to play but if you want to get ahead it isnt Nuf said     Beezl57
Fun addicting and a great time waster                 Awesome game
Now its all about agree getting real money which is a shame if they made it fun like it use to people would spend more money        I use to Love it
Gree doesnt seem to care at all that it hasnt made it compatible Ive been beta testing iOS 9 for months and have sent many tickets to Gree to let them know that since the third release of iOS 9 beta it hasnt worked right and now that its in public release they still have not made it compatible Not worth playing anymore     Does not work with iOS 9
Love the game play And its always evolving Five stars                 Its a great game well made
I have reinstalled restarted contacted apple support and since iOS 9 cant get in Please help     Cant get in
Please know I am from a decently ranked team NOT from a low ranked slow team We maintain a rank of 100300 out of 2000 1 Play 20hrs a day or spend few hundred a month minimum Dont dare take a single event off or youll fall to far behind and get crushed for not gaining the ATK or DEF 2 Events are mismatched to provoke Gold purchase exampleStreet Assault event3 ranked teams Theyve paired top 30 teams with beyond 400 teams Mind youtop 10 teams are HEAVY gold spendersno chance AND theyll do it in last 2min of each battle AFTER smaller players have used a little Gold ACTUAL WAR TAKEN PLACE 872015 3 teams6 32 274 The 6 btw posted 18million points in last 2min from 0 to obliterate other 2 teams 3 Email support is non existent I dont care what forums say They are manned by hefty Gold spenders and get special bonuses from Gree for spending what they do Their favorite response is Its the servers and the game makes compensations for it BS 4 Did I also mention the game crashes and freezes ALOT Dont take the different software BS I run this game on 3 softwares and they are ALL crap 5 There is no means of law enforcement of any kind So if you get blasted daily for weeks on end by same persondont expect Gree to help Theyll just tell you to buy Gold and beef up Regardless of why or how 6 Events have been known to change midcycle Meaning if Gree thinks theyve made it to easythey will alter it DURING the event That has lessened a bit over last year but still happens They try to be subtle with them 7 Levels are sadly mismatched Click rivals list and everyone is far out of attack reach unless you search foreveryet you can be attacked and win and never see that person again Grees explanation for that is game was altered to promote more competition BSthey changed it so youll buy Gold after wasting 45min looking for someone to attack And all robberies do is irritate those that spend time building their lots vs those who dont and blow wads of real money to make up for ithence BUYING their stat not EARNING it All in allyour choice if you want the frustration of Grees games I played 6 of their games oncenow only Crime City and thats on its way out the door Seems more like its rigged for those who spend against those who actually play 5yrs ago I gave this game 5 stars across the board Not worth even 1 now     6yr veteran hereplease readtruth
played it for a long time                 nice
So Ive been playing this game for years and one thing thats helped me hold my ground against the powerhouse players has been the tap for free gold button that gives 2 gold for every ad watched However for many months now that button has been saying that there are no ads available Please fix this Many of us cant afford buying the gold we need to make our gaming experiences better so please return the free gold for ads option Thanks              HEY Whats happened
Clash of Clans took over     Used to be hooked
This used to be a really fun game to play Ive been playing for a few years now I still like the game but it could use some improvements              Good game
This game is like clash of clans but better Its an awesome game Please play this game its awesome its more fun than clash of clans                 Awesome
but To be a tough guy you must spend real hard earned moneynot play money Some players look like they have spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars Bottom line just too pricey for me        Fun game but
Used to be a good game Now its ridiculously a gold buying rip off        AWESOMENOT
I like the game Great time waster My only complaint is gold should b easier to obtain                 Nice I love that there are so many different options in the game Great time waster
Finally CC is working with ios9 Not sure if they fixed it or I did I deleted app powered phone off left off for about 5 minspowered phone back on download app again Worked for me           Mister Mr
All glee games blow dont wast ur time was for the gamer now all about the     Dont wast ur time
Game is great but when you upgrade to iOS 9 it will not work open anymore Beware of the iOS 9 upgrade                 App is not launching on IOS9
By the way you can win a reward with the free item on an iPhone I can usually get the second reward by going with the free tool This is a great game and highly addictive The goals and levels are spaced perfectly to where it keeps you motivated not not far enough apart to be frustrating I do agree that gold is a little pricey but if you are patient you can build your city just fine without buying anything           Still a good game
Thanks for not working with IOS 9 Your impressive     Doesnt work with IOS 9
Game is crashing on launch It will not load on my iphone6 plus now running IOS9                 Players Beware IOS9
Its fun and the only bad thing is the counter other than that its great time and time              A fun game
Game is terrible Many glitches The support is terrible and doesnt take into account the players thoughts or opinions I wish wed get funzio back     Disappointing
Love it                 Nice game
Really good game add me my code is 683654490                 Great game
My code is 211125573                 Add me
Crime city is not working with iOS 9 Fix it now 1 star till its fixed     Does not work with iOS 9
Download this app is free and that will be the only free thing you are gonna get from this game This game is only suitable for people with deep pockets full of greens cuz all the things that are used to be free are now disappear No explanation no substitution nada If you have no plan to spend serious cash on this game and I do mean serious cash like tens of thousands of dollars dont bother cuz it aint worth it Youll be just wasting your time thats all And for those who are willing to spend millions on this game beware of the constant glitches and bugs from GREE Dont know what they did with all the money theyve made but one thing for sure they aint spend on making this game better This message is left from a 3 years crime city player If you dont believe me download this app and find out yourself     Dont waste ur time on this game if u aint got
Add me 903 258 829                 Love it
Simply put the game is now a chore Only played the last year because I was on a team Most of the have now left and so I Chow Gree Moving over too a new game You would think that with so many leaving you would have started listening to your customers     Done with the game after almost 4 years
Great game recommend to all                 Big John
Very addictive game Little harsh at first if you dont spend money Little hard sell but who doesnt do that Lots of fun Would be five stars if it wasnt so expensive to buy stuff Plus its been locking up a bunch lately Still upset I did spend money on gold and never received it Gree is difficult to work with and they really just dont care           Awesome
Good           Stan1696
I used to LOVE this game with a passion I thought buying things was just a shortcut or a way to speed up gameplay I found out I was wrong If you dont spend a lot of at some point you cant play anymore You maxout No way to compete or improve after awhile This version makes me feel robbedonly this time I didnt receive a notification           It wasnt broken No need for greed
Game will not open after update It appears many have complained but GREE has not bothered to fix it Not worth the download until its fixed Ive had issues with GREE in the past and they never bothered to respond so why should I expect anything different this time All they care about is getting you to spend money but when you have an issue they go into hiding     Dont update to iOS 9
Game started cratching after i downloaded ios 9 can you guys fix this asap its not good to not be anoe to collect income and to not open the crates its we are on a big disadvantage not beign able to log on     Game crashing
Amazing game Nothing bad at all                 Nice
454856323 add me                 454856323 add me
Played every day Now time to find a new game to play     Need to fix iOS 9
316796161                 Add me
Can be a costly game They badger you to write these reviews too        Expensive
389598817                 Add me
Found This awesome syndicate who accepts all players any level 626 193 643 Personal code 305 105 335 Tip visit mafia members daily for extra money              Syndicate 626 193 643
Add us we play every day northside mafia and east side mafia 809768169 612427213                 Add us
Its ok nothing worth paying for           Its Ok

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