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Credit Karma, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Credit Karma ,Credit Karma Mobile - Free Credit Score & Credit Monitoring), brings Credit Karma Mobile - Free Credit Score & Credit Monitoring with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Credit Karma Mobile - Free Credit Score & Credit Monitoring app has been update to version 1.0.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • The update provides much more detailed information about my credit score..
  • definitely a good choice to help keep track of your finances and credit score..
  • This is great for college students trying to build credit..
  • After I got this App it helped me save money..
  • It can help you make better decisions and stay financially focused..

Overall Satisfactionc93
I love credit karma and this app is fantastic.
Love Credit Karma but app crashes as soon as I sign in.
Love being able to check my credit score without it damaging my credit.
This app couldn't verify my personal information to check my credit.
I love being able to check my score and get instant updates something changes.
I always get an error when trying to open to check my score.
Keeps me up to date and I recommend to all my friends.
Great support when you email them and best of all it's FREE.
Thanks CK for all the valuable information.
And the app is actually far better than the website.
Everything about Credit Karma is amazing and I love the service.
Fun & Engagingc99
Credit karma is awesome keep me updated with all my credit information.
Awesome credit app for those who need to know their credit score.
I check it all the time so i know whats going on.
Keeps me informed about what's happening with my credit.
Provides up to date information and instant updates on your credit.
They provided helpful tips on rebuilding credit.
Very easy to use and helps me stay on track with paying off debt.
Simple and perfect at keeping me up to date with my credit score and credit report.
So easy to keep track of everything involving my credit.
Very helpful tool for monitoring and improving your credit.
Everything you need to know to protect your credit & improve your score.
Repeat Valuec95
Gives helpful hints on how to help increase your credit score.
and helpful hints / tips/ offers for increasing scores.
no helpful hints.
Social Aspectsc47
accurate and necessary for anyone with a Social Security Number.
Ease of Usec86
Makes paying balances and their affects on your score easy to read And understand.
in no way intuitive or easy to read /interpret/use.
Keep having to sign in.
Great simple app that does everything it claims it will do.
Pleasantly surprised at how easy and informative Credit Karma actually is.
Found it very easy to use and provides the necessary information.
Super convenient when you are curious about your credit score.
Super simple and accurate.
This is app is extremely useful and convenient.
Security & Privacyc90
I love having instant access to my credit score and what factors influence it.
Love that I can have insistent access to my credit score for free.
Very good way to track my credit score and account balances.
utilizes a functional setup for account balances on loans.
Very accurate and up to date on account information.
Account information useful to see debt and to whom.
Please add an option to save account information.
accurate and necessary for anyone with a Social Security Number.
Updates & Supportc19
I give this app 5 stars for performance and customer service.
Customer service by email had a 1 day reply.

Helped me raise my credit score and created an overall awareness of the scoring process. found in 106 reviews
Excellent for keeping track of your credit activity. found in 81 reviews
So nice to have the info you need right at your fingertips. found in 42 reviews
Really is an awesome way to stay informed about your credit. found in 45 reviews
Thanks Credit Karma you have been so useful and helpful. found in 310 reviews
Keeps me informed about what's happening with my credit. found in 116 reviews
EXCELLENT APP to take control in your personal finance. found in 64 reviews
it's like your own personal financial advisor in your pocket. found in 13 reviews
great interface and a real eye opener as well as FREE. found in 31 reviews
Easy to access your credit score for free of cost. found in 184 reviews
I now track my credit almost daily-what a great financial tool. found in 99 reviews
Keeps me up to date and I recommend to all my friends. found in 67 reviews
Excellent and on points with valuable information for you. found in 37 reviews
I think its the best finance app out thre. found in 20 reviews
Credit karma is my favorite score and credit management site. found in 43 reviews
I've become a much more responsible individual because of Credit Karma. found in 25 reviews
Keeps me on my toes and great for young adults trying to build credit. found in 17 reviews
Helped me increase my credit score with the advice that the credit simulator had. found in 122 reviews
Great credit education and fast credit monitoring service. found in 304 reviews
This is the best credit monitoring app out there and it's free. found in 601 reviews
Please add iPhone 5 support. found in 14 reviews
Great App until I got my iPhone 6 Plus. found in 42 reviews
No workie on new iphone 6. found in 20 reviews
Passcode lock doesn't work. found in 9 reviews
Can't ask for anything better opened my eyes. found in 19 reviews
especially being a victim of identity theft. found in 100 reviews
Works well but only gives you one score out of three. found in 26 reviews
Would be better if it allow you to dispute creditors. found in 31 reviews
Please update for iPhone 5 screen and make credit karma beta available. found in 30 reviews
Email with password login and 4 digits pass code option. found in 26 reviews
give me all my other credit info on my open accounts. found in 38 reviews
Research the financial institutions properly before applying. found in 16 reviews
Horrible App & Bad Customer Service. found in 29 reviews
Can't scroll to the continue button. found in 16 reviews
I still can't believe you don't pay for this service. found in 17 reviews
If it showed all 3 bureaus but overall it's really good. found in 31 reviews
Please add Touch ID PASSWORD SUPPORT. found in 11 reviews
Would like to see implementation of Touch ID sensor in future. found in 40 reviews
easy to sign up and provides good information for no cost. found in 88 reviews
but with the new iPhone it won't even open. found in 20 reviews
Please add Touch ID access. found in 11 reviews
I hate the new update i used to check every 2 weeks. found in 12 reviews
Unable to accept new terms. found in 24 reviews
Even you setup pass code it didn't ask at startup. found in 26 reviews
They removed the Touch ID. found in 40 reviews
When I hit the continue button the app just crashes. found in 16 reviews
Their customer service has to be the worst out there. found in 29 reviews
Will not open on iPhone 6 plus running iOS 8. found in 42 reviews

The Credit Karma Mobile - Free Credit Score & Credit Monitoring is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting different languages: English, Chinese. It weighs in at only 10.9 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0.2 has been released on 2014-11-25. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Credit Karma Mobile - Free Credit Score & Credit Monitoring check developer Credit Karma, Inc.`s website :

Get your truly free credit score and free on-the-go credit monitoring with Credit Karma Mobile. Become a member for free in-app and get your free credit score in just two minutes. Credit Karma Mobile provides truly free ...
It works great and it gives you credit cards possibilities that you could apply for                 Awesome app
Muy buen app                 Excelente
I really love this app Its very accurate                 I love it
So far I like the app I would like it more if I got alerts           Alerts
I have had this app for six months It is consistently wrong Having had my credit hard pulled twice since getting the appIm buying a house I have the numbers to compare Granted the app is free so I did not have a lot invested in the information provided Yet to be off 30 to 70 points at that point why even have the app take up space on my phone Delete     Not accurate
I Love this app                
I am totally in love with this app Got my credit straight                 I love this
Got my free score was impressedthanks credit karma                 Supervisor
This is by far one of the easiest apps to download use You do have to take the time to enter needed personal info but is very well worth the time Its great to be able to track your credit score have it on hand when needed                 Very Helpful App
Easy to access and use As well as being very helpful with no cost Great app                 Sweet app
I love this app                 Great app
I love it                 The best
It does what it says and you wont turn away mad                 Awesome
Awful new design fingerprint doesnt work The application is unreliable     Fingerprint doesnt work
As a recent college grad I have a lot of bills to keep track of each month This app lets me see which of my student loan balances went up or down and the exact amount they changed I also love it because it tells me the percent of utilization on my credit cardsan important factor in credit score It had helped me improve my score and understand exactly what factors go into making up a credit score                 Extremely Helpful
Was good for about a year now I cant login to app so kind of stinks because I liked looking up my credit score for free           Issues with login
Credit karma has been a huge help during refinancing It gives me useful information to improve my credit score                 Helpful app
Muy buena aplicación ayuda de manera fácil tu crédito                 Puntuación
Very nice and easy to use                 Very nice
Credit scores are way higher on credit karma than in real life I went to apply for a mortgage based on my scores that I had seen only to be laughed out of the bank Very embarrassing More than 60 points off     Credit score way off
Help u to check report and approximate score regularly and many article to answer doubts questions to CK                 Very helpful
Signed up and checked my score easy peazy                 Simple
Great app                 Amazing
Great information Very accurate And its free                 Why not
You hardly hear those two words in the same sentence A friend told me about this and I had no clue this existed I always told yea ok nothing is free but guess whatthis is Provides accurate information and keeps you posted about your credit                 Great Free
Thought about it for a very long time and I decided to get it this morning Wow it tells you who will approve you and what you need to get a loan Its great I have excellent credit but a lot of debt So now that I have this Ill really work on paying all my debt off Not hard to do but now I know which ones to pay down first to make a better impact on my credit file                 Good App
This is the best site ever to try get back on track                 I love credit Karma
Great service Quick and expedient makes looking at how your credit is looking very easy and straightforward                 Credit Karma Review
Excellent app Very helpful              Helpful
My credit is not as good as I would like and this app is PERFECT for me I have An updated view of what is going on at ALL times Not only that but the app keeps me informed on how to improve my credit I can now make real goals to better my score                 Great App
Free and it takes the guesswork out of deciding what credit card to apply for next because it makes recommendations on what to apply for based on your credit score                 Love it
Excellent free way to stay on top of your credit scores and account activities Highly recommend They do need an iPad formatted version with better screen layout                 Excellent App Need iPad version
While everyone is saying how great this app isI am saying that this happens to be the most worst app ever How is it that my credit dropped like 60 points on two different occasions When I we to check my credit it showed that I owed a credit card company money when the actual payment due date havent even gotten there yet I could understand if I didnt pay my credit card bill or didnt pay at all then I would understand that the company sends the information to the credit bureaus I pay my credit card bill on time beforehand all the timeI never failed a payment This happened to me twice already And this time I put in a dispute I work very hard and most of all I turned my life around because I believe that I still have a chance at a great lifebuild my credit and get a beautiful dream homeI recently got married to my wonderful wife whos never gave up on me because she believes in me Now that Im working so hardsaving my moneypaying my depths and pay my bills on time and yet I still get my heart ripped out of my chest That really hurts me really bad So please anyone who reads thisI need your help     TERRIBLE
This is the most unaccurate site at getting you the right score WILL NOT be downloading this app again     Not worth giving a star
It does not update as accurate as some months but it still comes in handy                 Its pretty kool
What a great way to stay ahead of your credit report Credit Karma is wonderful Minor details but overall great              Extremely helpful App
Credit karma is a great app                 Awesome
This app does so many things to help improve my lifestyle I can now see if things need to come off my reports and address them It also gives me great credit card info to see which is right for me I keep a sharper eye on my credit now and has definitely only gone up I love it                 Best free app to keep an eye on your credit
I have been using Credit Karma for a while now I and I really do love it It keeps me on top of my credit score However lately it has only been updating my Transunion score and not my Equifax score And the new direct dispute option doesnt work                 Love it
Such a useful app I cant believe this is free Credit Karma you rock When will you start offering auto insurance                 Great App
Awesome free app that helps you keep track of your finances Also give you pointers on how to minimize your debt I downloaded this app a year ago and Im loving it Credit score has gone up 62 points not to mention how much Ive been able to reduce my debt                 Love this app bc its free
Not sure if others see this but the new algorithm vantage score 3 misses my score by at least 75 points Recently pulled actual credit and found it to be far higher than credit karma estimates That makes this app and site useless for me        New score estimate is just wrong
The app does not update my score correctly I have been looking at the same numbers for months My credit utilization is the same when I first downloaded the app even though I have paid on my credit cards loans etc It is kind of frustrating because I got credit karma to view my CORRECT score It doesnt do that for me Kind of frustrating        Credit karma review
This app is really helpful with informing you of your credit history                 Very good
My banker recommended this app Good tip for credit score tracking                 Good
Im digging So far so good I like that it lays everything out in simple easy to understand terms It gives you tip and encouragement on how to improve scores It even give you positive feedback when you better your score                 If gives you hope and tips
Seems to be updating faster              Works great
I have over 50 apps on my phone and this one of the best ones no doubt If you dont have this on your phone you are missing out big time Get it now and stay on top of everything thats happening with your credit                 Very reliable app
Saw a commercial and thought it was too good to be true Actually free No way Turns out its for real Welldesigned app helps you navigate through both of your scores and provides all the details you could want about how theyre calculated Weekly updates Yes please and thank you Credit Karma is where its at Thanks                 Cant believe I just now found this

Credit Karma Mobile - Free Credit Score & Credit Monitoring FinanceCredit Karma Mobile - Free Credit Score & Credit Monitoring FinanceCredit Karma Mobile - Free Credit Score & Credit Monitoring FinanceCredit Karma Mobile - Free Credit Score & Credit Monitoring FinanceCredit Karma Mobile - Free Credit Score & Credit Monitoring FinanceCredit Karma Mobile - Free Credit Score & Credit Monitoring FinanceCredit Karma Mobile - Free Credit Score & Credit Monitoring FinanceCredit Karma Mobile - Free Credit Score & Credit Monitoring Finance

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