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TechSmith Corporation , the publisher behind many iOS app (Camtasia 3 ,TechSmith Snagit 2019 ,Fuse for Camtasia Relay ,ScreenChomp ,Ask3 ,Coach`s Eye), brings Coach`s Eye with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Coach`s Eye app has been update to version 2.3 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • create videos with audio commentary annotations and slow motion..
  • The analysis is awesome and the split screen modes are amazing..
  • This app will be priceless for my kids in sports..
  • Great golf instruction app..
  • Awesome tool to break down the golf swing at many angles..

Overall Satisfactionc87
One of the best tools I have to show my QB's what they're seeing.
Our girls loved being able to see what we've been teaching them.
I would definetly recommend it to anyone looking for anything in sports.
Video quality remains high.
As a coach this app is an amazing resource.
AWESOME APP - the best in category.
Fun & Engagingc92
Awesome teaching tool that can be used quickly and anywhere you are.
Great teaching tool for any sport activity - video doesn't lie.
Awesome video recorder.
Awesome video.
Tons of fun.
Fun and intriguing.
it is an essential tool for any coach.
We all got this app and we all use it almost every day.
coaches eye changed everything.
A great and very helpful for musicians.
Unbelievably helpful.
Ease of Usec82
Easy to use and share.
Simple golf app.
Updates & Supportc80
When this app gets full iPad support it will be perfect.
contacted customer service they were exceptional.

This App is a great training tool for football. found in 11 reviews
My son is a track and field athlete. found in 7 reviews
Excellent for Olympic weightlifters where everything must be tweaked and critiqued. found in 7 reviews
This app is amazing for gymnastics coaching as well. found in 7 reviews
One of the best tools I have to show my QB's what they're seeing. found in 5 reviews
Love this app great coaching tool for all crossfit movements. found in 41 reviews
It's perfect for swim coaches. found in 6 reviews
Use it for crossfit to analyze form & technique. found in 8 reviews
Great App but desperately needs a zoom feature. found in 12 reviews
Maybe we need to switch the über sense permanently. found in 3 reviews
Great app but for distance running not so much. found in 3 reviews
Good App but high cost for occasional user. found in 1 reviews
can't open video without force closing & reopening. found in 3 reviews
wish I could control volume on imported video. found in 1 reviews
If you don’t import to your camera roll. found in 18 reviews
but liked the old version better. found in 2 reviews
Why can't I send a video via mail. found in 1 reviews
Doesn't support 120 FPS import from GoPro Hero. found in 2 reviews
No Share Without Signing Up - Deal Breaker. found in 2 reviews
Sometime you can't scroll back to older videos. found in 2 reviews
but i would love it if it has Bluetooth Audio. found in 1 reviews
Doesn't have the ability to compare 2 players on the same screen. found in 17 reviews
but the ability to control volume on video would be great. found in 1 reviews
Good start but needs improvement. found in 1 reviews
- If you're recording and tap the record button absent-mindedly. found in 2 reviews
A must have if you are coach but needs a zoom feature. found in 2 reviews
Make sure to read the license agreement. found in 3 reviews
Now if I want to email a video home to parents. found in 3 reviews
If you plan on using for post editing. found in 3 reviews
The app won't even open just crashes. found in 3 reviews
Also see older reviews about the license agreement. found in 7 reviews
Can no longer import videos into the app. found in 5 reviews
but I won't be signing up for an account. found in 3 reviews
Cannot Export to photo roll. found in 3 reviews
The app provides no way to mass export to your camera roll. found in 18 reviews
The export to local device quality is very poor. found in 3 reviews
Not working on iPad Mini retna display OS 8. found in 4 reviews
No bulk export to Camera Roll & crashes intermittently on manual exports. found in 18 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Coach`s Eye for $2.99 from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 12.3 MB to download. The new Coach`s Eye app version 2.3 has been updated on 2014-11-07. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (4th generation), iPad 2 Wi-Fi and iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Coach`s Eye check developer TechSmith Corporation`s website :

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The slow motion capture capabilities are nice but all the extras are brining the quality of this app down It used to be simple and easy to use but that is no longer true Theyre additional features are overpriced and for me personally not worth it But others may think so They also aggressively try to guile you into more in app purchases It gets in the way of using the app If they would clean up their act I would appreciate it greatly This was my first ever negative review of an app     Not what it used to be
Really helps my kids see themselves              Great tool
Ive used this for my daughters volleyball golf and softball I also assist with a local high school football team and it has worked great With the recent update I can now email videos and send as text messages which are good quality I have an iPhone 6plus and with every iPhone Ive ever had The video quality is very poor whenever I would text or email a video This helps in that aspect but I agree with refusing to get the 10000 Its very helpful as a training tool but then again Thats why its called coaches eye Not family video eye All in all Its a very good training tool              Very helpful
Great tool to teach my clients awareness For a client to be able to see themselves moving helps them to understand much easier what we are trying to accomplish It makes my coaching job much more enjoyable as we as the clients learning experience                 Owner
Has very few good qualities but is a complete waste of 5     Waste of 5
Coaches eye is a great tool to breaking down fundamentals or to see there style                 Review
So easy to use for so many sports                 Coachs Eye love it
Might as well use the slow mo option on your iPhone or iPad All functions necessary are extra that used to be free     Not cost effective
This app helps me with my sport and it is fun to play around with You can put stuff in slow motion and you can draw on your videos It is cool because I can see what I am doing wrong I recommend this app                 Great app
Good for simply reviewing but thats it Everything else will cost you a fortune     Cash Grab App
Very great tool to look at your swing and breakdown to see what your doing wrongright I recommend it                 Coaches Eye
This app has been awesome at allowing me to see in detail exactly what Im feeling LL me to make the appropriate changes to prove my performance I highly recommend it to all                 See what you are feeling
Been using for our league bought ipads for coaches and see huge benefits                 Great app
Please fix the app Since the latest update the app does not open crashes every time     Wont open
Love this application My friend and I use this app to fine tune out technique                 Great App
Best tool for learning                 Pole vault
My Locker has zero clips stored I try to upload a single vid tk share and it says I do not have enough storage space I have used zero of the 2GB Sharing doesnt work     Cant share
This is one of the best pieces of equipment I have on the ball field I am able to not only review plays with my daughter but critique and show her what she is doing right and wrong Highly recommended to any coach or parent                 Great Tool
The cloud locker is such a joke Over 100 for me to pull down videos between devices I got a new iPhone and a new iPad and now I cant pull any of my vids down Ive spent so much money on this app as it is        Used to love this app
Terrific app and user friendly Great posts by awesome golfers easy to compare and has helped me get a lot better                 Golf analysis
My tumbling coach has been using this app for 6 years and now its my turn                 Love this app
I bought the 499 version of this app to use for my daughter who is a diver While there are many features that are really nice with this app I refuse to upgrade to the over 100 versions While she can look at the dives I video we cannot save any of the videos All of them are stored through coaches eye and you cannot independently save them These videos take up a huge amount of storage and are not easily accessible This is a huge problem for my daughter who likes to watch her previous dives before her current practice Because you cannot independently save the videos sharing them is very difficult with people having to access the coaches eye webpage where they notify you of the cost of the app and even then you cannot download your own video This app is a complete waste of money Many of its features are free through the iPhone camera slo mo hd and you can share them to your hearts content without being asked a fee     Great idealBUT
Every time I select the camera and try to shoot any video it starts to record but freezes after less than a second and the app must be completely closed to start again Hard to rate anything else when I cannot use the primary function of the app     Video freezes the app
Ive had several problems with restoring my purchases Dont buy anything     In app purchases
Okay so I have to say that price of this app is not the worst but could be better For what it is this app is very good I still have crashes and random freezes but Id say more good than bad on the performance and thats why it gets two stars This app trys to squeeze every last cent they can out of you with premium features Although they are not necessary as with most in app purchases I recently tried to move a video from the app to my iPad Simple right No I had to go though all these stupid logins to meet a screen to say that my membership is out Are you serious I can not move a video with out having some stupid over priced membership that is monthly Okay well maybe its not that right Aha no they still try to squeeze money out of you with storage space on the cloudgiving you enough room for maybe one or two videos honestly Money thirsty people run this app I know I will be switching once I find a better one        Money Money
Love it                 Love it
Pretty decent app definitely on the right path however technology bugs abound New iPad Air had to reload program twice to keep things workingwas beautiful for about a week now it stops in the middle of analyzing a dual video analysis I know its a lot of work to do just a little frustrating after buying Vip stuff Will try to erase and upload again I guess              Technology is awesomekeeps stopping during analysis
Make sure to read the license agreement especially part 102 They reserve the right to use and share your videos in any way they want to Used to work fine for showing athletes a quick pointer in class but it stopped working locally Its become a rather naggy and expensive clouddependent service look at that long list of in app purchases Remember that the cloud is just shorthand for depending on someone elses computer and security Plus now it gives me a message that it cant use the microphone and wont let me even play my previous videos     Broken now and wow look at that list of in app purchases
Worked great in the past After the update however it automatically exits the app and I cant open past the startup screen           Auto shut down
Im a tennis pro and have tried several similar apps Nothing comes close to this one Get it you wont be sorry Wish they would add overlay                 AWESOME APP the best in category
This app does what it says The big problem is the the annoying promos and the inability to turn them off The purpose of this app is to sell ancillary storage and services The approach is cheap        Annoying promos
Great app                 Perfect
My coach used this to show what I was doing wrong and what I was doing right Great to show that I was making improvements Used it also to show my hubby how well he was doing and where he could make changes Will use this on our beginning archers this summer Great tool                 Great for archery
Bad UI        Cluttery
As a former D2 college football coach and current head golf pro at a popular golf course this is a phenomenal tool for comparative end zoneside view comparative analysis Allows for critiquing of progress with clients and a self evaluation tool to assess if teaching methods are working The voice over telestrations option is legit for sending clients videos with the topics discussed in each lesson and allows me to pick up where we left off Great app                 Excellent tool for comparative end zone or sideline views for golf and football
Ive loved this app since if first came out I use it for dog agility I did buy the timer add on feature But after the last bug fix update my timer is gone Ive email tech help several times now and no response Not sure what is going on Still like the app just would like my timer back              great app but slow tech help
I use it every day as a track coach Great for all field events Hand offs and running analysis                 awesome app
The best ever for any coach I could not coach without it                 Greatest app EVER
Since upgrading to iOS 83 cannot access files through iExplore or other means I dont need a cloud locker and tons of storage I only need to pull a file or two out of the app now and then I find it ridiculous to use my precious smart phone bandwidth to get the files off my smart phone I dont appreciate how the developer degrades the files when sharing to access the files them by reducing from 60 fps to 30 fps I used to could pull the files off my iPad using iExplore in full 60 fps resolution This was eliminated in the newest release The developer is milking me to pay for features I dont want or need with a subscription based service I guess Ill revert back to using the internal video features built in to my phone and skip this app     Lost capability over prior version
I dont write many reviews or pay for many apps but I feel obligated here This app is incredible and simple to use Its definitely helped me work on my kids form for basketball softball and other sports Great app                 Excellent
A good app but falls way short in very simple functional areas like it is excruciatingly slow to copy videos out of the app If you are coaching a sport say a baseball game and you take 5060 videos of kids batting pitching fielding you have to manually export each and every video individually takes HOURS very frustrating We gave these guys feedback YEARS ago to put in a bulk copyexportbackup feature Their response was to do their very best to lock you into their environment forever This app is an exercise in frustration Now I have found a new much better app by Winning Edge Called iAnalyze it puts your videos right into your camera roll and you can copy ALL of them over to backup at once Plus its FREE Had Coaches Eye not ignored users for so long on the bulk copybackup I never would have found this better app     Good app Export too hard WinningEdge is better
Perfect for analyzing techniques of shot put and discus                 Awesome
Extremely disappointed in this new version I bought the app for 5 and now I have to pay another 5 a month to use it I loved the old versions but now I cant even use the app without a vip subscription I hope the developers change this because i find it ridiculous I will be looking for a new app to use instead of this one from now on     I do not like this version
I use this app to help me out on my form for track and field and its really really helped me excel as an athlete and correct my little mistakes and bad habits you wouldnt even notice without the help of this app AMAZING tool if you want to become that better athlete                 Great tool
This is the best app ever I got it and before the app I went 0 for 3 every game but when I got it I went 3 for 3 and 2 for 3 this app really helps so I recommend this app to everyone                 Best App Ever
I have over 1000 videos all backed up to the locker Absolutely not realistic getting those to my computer unless you are willing to export one video at the time Until they get batch video export do not buy it Still keeping the videos in my phone 20GB since 2012 its useless to me without batch export Use Ubersense instead     1000 videos
Fantastic app to break down any issues for multiple sports Used it for my daughter fastpitch over the course of a few years using sidebyside to show improvements                 Great App
The best                 Love it
Great app So happy they introduced the new storage pricing plan Worth every penny I just wish I could rename backups online                 Love it
This is a functional app but they have an unbelievable amount of in app purchases its crazy I already paid money to download the app which used to be free and they still have their adds all over the place I used to love this app but now Im switching to dartfish express that my coach uses        Microtransactions

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