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TeamLava , the publisher behind many iOS games (Dragon Story: New Dawn ,Zoo Story 2™ ,Restaurant Story: Halloween ,City Story Metro: Halloween ,Fashion Story™ ,City Storyâ„¢), brings Castle Story™ with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Castle Story™ games has been update to version 1.1 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Great Game - Storyline Great - Kid Friendly..
  • Hours of entertainment with so many things to do..
  • This is a fun game and a great time killer..
  • This is a fun resource management game..
  • The story line and game play are interesting..

Overall Satisfactionc86
I really love playing this game and doing all the missions.
One of my favorite games by far better then the others.
Use to be one of my favorite games not anymore.
Love the game just wish you could get more energy for doing things.
I totally recommend this game to anyone -and I mean anyone.
Wonderful game wished there was a confirmation on the gems.
Download and enjoy this amazing game that is free.
Jj11911 Great game it's adorable love the challenges.
This is a lovely game.
Fun & Engagingc88
Awesome game any one can add me redneckwoman28.
Game is very addictive and enjoyable to play.
Very addictive but boring.
This is a fun game to pass the time while you are waiting for anything.
The story line and game play are interesting.
Very fun game like it a lot will keep playing.
Super fun and very addicting to play.
I'm afraid that I am totally addicted to this game.
Fun little game that you can spend hours and hours playing.
Play this game everyday and love every second of it.
I play this game everyday u need to get it is FUN.
everything costs too many gems and gems are expensive.
The only bad I've found is everything cost so much.
I really enjoy playing this game every day.
I play this game every day and I love it.
Value for Moneyc59
I love that you can accomplish tasks without having to spend money.
I refuse to spend money on gems until they stop this crap.
You can reach high levels without spending any money.
There are no options to get certain items without spending gems.
You can accomplish almost all of the goals without buying gems.
Replay Valuec70
Though it's too easy to accidentally spend gems.
is an obvious setup by Shady Lava to accidentally waste gems.
And energy levels should increase with the higher your level is.
The low energy level makes this game immensely boring.
You should consider adding more levels and assignments.
no more levels and same with expansions.
Beware: it's very easy to spend the precious gems on accident.
No confirmation button and its very easy to spend your gems accidentally.
Castle Story offers hours of fun entertainment for all ages.
This game is extremely addicting and never gets old.
Hours of entertainment with so many things to do.
Social Aspectsc78
Fun goal-based game with an addictive social aspect.
like the social aspect more than I thought I would.
Production Valuesc86
Add me: tzolizoli It's a fun game with cute graphics.
Very beautiful graphics and addictive goals and adventures.
Love the animation and I enjoy watching my little kingdom grow.
except I really love the animation.
Ease of Usec52
Though it's too easy to accidentally spend gems.
it's too easy to accidentally spend your gems.
is an obvious setup by Shady Lava to accidentally waste gems.
I would never buy them when they're so easy to lose.
It's very easy to lose track of time while playing.
if they don't want to lose their paying old customers.
Beware: it's very easy to spend the precious gems on accident.
It is entirely too easy to spend your gems in this game.
No confirmation button and its very easy to spend your gems accidentally.
Fun & Easy to Master.
easy to master.
Fun & Easy to Master - Now Broken.
Simple fun and entertaining.
Simple fun.
Ads not Intrusivec69
To many pushes for other games.
used for other games.
They ruin the fun having goals for OTHER games.
Great game however too many pop up from other games.
There are way too many pop up interruptions.
Updates & Supportc24
I also had a good experience with customer service.
Great game and customer service.

Its so entertaining & a great time passer. found in 8 reviews
add me pls : rosemary0830. found in 4 reviews
Castle Story is lots of fun for all ages. found in 10 reviews
Very fun game like it a lot will keep playing. found in 120 reviews
Challenging Game with achievable goals. found in 6 reviews
I hadn't played an adventure game since College using VAX. found in 9 reviews
Love this and all of the other story games. found in 100 reviews
Castle Story offers hours of fun entertainment for all ages. found in 19 reviews
Addictive sim game where you build a kingdom. found in 8 reviews
Keeps you on your toes. found in 8 reviews
Castle Story is a stress reliever for me. found in 6 reviews
Download and enjoy this amazing game that is free. found in 44 reviews
Super fun and very addicting to play. found in 116 reviews
I highly recommend this game for people of all ages. found in 6 reviews
I'm absolutely obsessed with this game. found in 13 reviews
This game is better than the castle game on FB. found in 49 reviews
So addicting and better than FarmVille. found in 5 reviews
First game of this kind I've actually enjoyed. found in 10 reviews
A great learning tool that is fun and relaxing. found in 30 reviews
My girls & I live this game. found in 8 reviews
Please make a confirm button for spending gems. found in 38 reviews
I like the game but it is not fun anymore. found in 10 reviews
It's so far so good wish the energy would replenish faster. found in 36 reviews
Multiple ads pop up every single time you open the game. found in 27 reviews
Only criticism is the gem issue others are having. found in 13 reviews
I absolutely refuse to purchase gems for this reason. found in 54 reviews
But it's too easy to waste gems on unneeded actions. found in 68 reviews
Stop the freaking pop ups for other games everytime I open the app. found in 40 reviews
Thank god I refuse to spend money for in app purchases. found in 18 reviews
Other wise I LOVE THIS GAME JUST WISH I COULD PLAY LONGER. found in 12 reviews
But nothing makes up for bad game play. found in 22 reviews
Pretty cool game but the ads for other games are killer. found in 40 reviews
Love the game except I keep losing gems by accident. found in 31 reviews
Fun but the energy needs to be more progressive. found in 16 reviews
But you rapidly run into gem traps and energy traps. found in 133 reviews
I've enjoyed playing this game but it can be frustrating at times. found in 13 reviews
I would have rated a 5 but I dislike running out of energy. found in 196 reviews
I refuse to spend money on stupid things like a bush. found in 485 reviews
Game is fun HOWEVER I dislike all the constant pop ups for other games. found in 40 reviews
As said before definitely needs a confirmation button for gem purchases. found in 29 reviews
This means if you are trying to save up premium currency. found in 42 reviews
so you want me to spend REAL money to get fake money. found in 83 reviews
The customer service is terrible and give lousy answers. found in 42 reviews
The forums have many complaints about the gem traps. found in 133 reviews
I deleted this game after accidentally spending all my gems. found in 134 reviews
unintentionally spending gems has been an issue since the getgo. found in 131 reviews
Paying twice as many gems as energy received is completely ridiculous. found in 86 reviews
Speaking of which All team lava games are deleted. found in 278 reviews
No confirmation button and its very easy to spend your gems accidentally. found in 58 reviews
Will be deleting unless you update so don't have to buy gems. found in 439 reviews
I refuse to spend money on gems until they stop this crap. found in 485 reviews
is an obvious setup by Shady Lava to accidentally waste gems. found in 143 reviews
But I keep losing my gems without meaning to. found in 58 reviews
But when it's ridiculously easy to accidentally spend gems by clicking wrong. found in 208 reviews
I attempted to purchase gems on two separate occasions. found in 54 reviews
I don't mind purchasing Gems to speed things up for these games but. found in 82 reviews
I've invested so much and there's nothing over level 30. found in 211 reviews
if they don't want to lose their paying old customers. found in 65 reviews

The Castle Story™ is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 43.7 MB to download. The new Castle Story™ app version 1.1 has been updated on 2014-11-16. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Castle Story™ check developer TeamLava`s website :

Build a glorious kingdom, filled with breathtaking fantasy buildings, heroes and villains, and adorable animals. Explore the mysterious forest, raise animals, and battle monsters in an epic adventure Seize your destiny Rule the kingdom you build CRAFT ...
I love it                 Great Game
I enjoy this game But since update to new version it constantly crashes Another downfall is accidentally using gems and wasting them Of only they had a confirm button would sure help Will rate game when the bugs are fixed        Crash and burn
This game and all of the Team lava Games have no way for you to confirm the spending of the currency that you buy with cash This means that you easily waste them The game is awesome otherwise I am not talking about the actual spending of cash becasue you can turn off that in the device setting I am saying once you buy it or try to save for large purchase you can easily slide your finger and poof the gems are gone           Beware does allow you send gems with out confirming
Fun building your village But some of the challenges are impossible to complete without spending money The designer of the game doesnt make these easy        Cute characters
You are driving away your loyal players Ive been playing this game for a few years now Your quests are impossible to complete without buying gems Your customer service is a complete joke You havent raised your level above 50 for a very long time Keep this up and no one will play this game I will never spend a dime on this game again     Terrible customer service plus other problems
Keep the quests going it keeps me interested This game is fun Always new jobs Too bad if you dont buy gems or money the game only takes you half way through quests              Vivelan
I love the game But please put a step of do you want to use the gems I have wasted so many by accidentally clicking on my iPhone              Jewels
I am addicted to this game You dont have to buy anything if you dont want to and still play                 LOVE THIS GAME
I love playing this gamebest game sofar                 I just love this game
Fun game                 Fun
Listen up TeamLava I have long been a defender of this game because I love the storyline and the amount of thought that goes into creating each new quest But Im at the end of my rope with Sir Pigglesworth Come on 36 hours between chapters and only 9 days to complete the whole thing And on top of that 10 beams to build a feeding trough I dont think so I just stopped with that quest Im not gonna sink all my resources only to be disappointed that I still cant finish the entire quest before time runs out While I love how often this game gets updated with new quests and things to do I am getting really sick of how you structure the game for using gems as much as possible I still love the game and I will keep playing But please please rethink this           Whats with Sir Pigglesworth
I play every day several times a day                 Castle Ville
Great game very enjoyable and has good graphics and story line                 Land of Bear
Nice game                 Nice game
Its interesting                 Castle story
Really enjoy playing but since the update it crashes a lot              Castle Story
I use to love this game But now the quests are becoming impossible to complete With too many hours between goals and only a few days to complete its frustrating When you need to collect random items that you only can find once in a blue moon to begin with its time to give up gold nuggets I have been playing for quite awhile and have never found more than the occasional nugget When a game gets frustrating its time to walk away           Sir piggy joke
I love this game and play it a lot However sometimes it is too easy to spend gems that you have worked so hard to gain It would be better if they asked you Are you sure you want to spend 3 gems Otherwise I am a huge fan of this game              Great
I have enjoyed this so very much but at level 27 I finally understand that the only real goal here is to convince me to spend my money I might have to walk away           Fun but
Team lava makes the game unenjoyable     Nightmare
Can cost a bit though unless you work it well or are not to impatient              Great imagination game
Love it                 Love the game
Ughh really the Sir Pigglesworth challenge was horrible and impossible to achieve Im a level 50 so shouldnt have a problem meeting the building requirements but you never received the rare items you were looking for 36 hours in between quests Now 1000 gems to finish it What a greedy joke this game is     Dont waste your time
Fun game keeps me occupied                 Tootie
Cant stop playing                 Lots of fun
I have been playing this game for 2 years and I love every minute of it and would not change a thing about it Love Love Love it                 Best Game ever
Just started playing a few days ago Like it so far I really love this game Always quests available and things to do                 Fun
Great game as are all Team Lava games                 love castle story
I love Castle Story I wish that I didnt have to wait to earn energyno waitif I didnt have to wait to earn energy Id never get anything else done              So addictive
Cool game kind of boring runs out of options and everything is on a timer Dont like that doesnt give a variety of options to get jewels besides going through your credit card                 Lovehate
Best game ever Love the complexity and layers I havent spent money thats my challenge I have accepted the fact that I can play as long as I have energy however I have lost about 100 gems accidentally Still like this game but your goals are impossible Not very nice to your audience                 Love it
Been playing this game almost since it released and like others Im getting sick of the impossible quests This game has frequent updates so Ive really loved it but this is getting ridiculous These quests need to be reasonably possible or you just piss everybody off        Going downhill
If you enjoy being annoyed you will love this game     Frustrated
It takes forever to level up And 15 gold pieces for sir piggy really I earn one a month let alone 15     Needs work
Like it                 Solid
I love it                 Review
The latest version has lots of great challenges and obstacles HOWEVER the game is so much slower to process each screen tap It also closes ALOT in the middle of playing it           Love the game BUT
If you can be patient this game can be fun and free Dont pay to try to advance its not worth it Cute game though and if youre patient you can build quite a kingdom              Fun gameNothing is free
I used to really love this game Now I have to agree with with everyone about the amount of time and impossible to get items to complete the quests Plus if you dont finish the quest you lose every thing youve put toward it If I were to go to a store to purchase an item but didnt have enough money they wouldnt get to keep my money I would But not in Castle Story They keep BOTH And whats with the Daily Market place Trade things that cost me 90 energy to get on my own for something that would have cost 10 I dont even bother with that not worth it Im ready to delete this game So frustrating        frustrating
I find I cannot stop playing it after more than a month                 Love it
Awesome                 Castle Story
It lets you go at your own pace to complete goals and build your kingdom at your own pace It has new expansions It is a fun game to play They added events and chapters from books that make it fun as well                 It is a fun game to play
I guess its time to move on from this game the goals are getting to long I missed some of them an it seems like a cant get anymore done Im not getting stuff for my fairy goal I think I missed the horse one Im no longer getting stuff i need should be a back up if you cant do the goal Its been fun glad I didnt put a lot of money on this game or I would be really mad right now Suggestion take notes from super cell they keep me interested Bye        More options
Its a lot of fun                 Fun game
They want your money There isnt a button asking if you are sure you want to spend your gems They make quest impossible so you have to buy gems I dont mind buying gems but they cost to much     Greedy
5 stars                 Addicted n very cool way to pass my time
Enjoy the game very much nice graphics I play daily              Good game
I am tired of unwinnable challenges There is no way that I can get 10 gold nuggets I have played the game for while and never gotten 10 gold nuggets The only way to win is to buy items Also there is not enough time to get all the stuff What is with that I use up and waste resources in a challenge I can not win and you knew that Also I support lots of neighbors I want to sent more gifts Why are you not letting that happen I also lose those purple gems often with out knowing how By just clicking and trying to do something else and they are gone Please stop being to unkind and start letting people win some stuff     Sir piggiesworth
Ive been playing this game for almost 3 years Im ready to delete it The regular quests take way too long to complete The timed quests are impossible to finish unless you play nonstop Seriously Who has time for that Unless youre sitting around doing nothing 24 hours a day or you dont mind dumping cash into a relatively pointless game dont bother        Impossible

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