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Mobage, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS games (Quest & Sorcery - Skyfall ,My Monster Rancher ,ShowStopper Basketball ,CityLand ,Dons of Desperado ,Blood Brothers), brings Blood Brothers with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Blood Brothers games has been update to version 1.1 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
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  • It pushes all the right rpg fan buttons..
  • Great way to kill time and be entertained..
  • Anyway it's still an amazing game that everyone should get..
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Overall Satisfactionc89
Anyway it's still an amazing game that everyone should get.
Was an amazing game until it stopped working.
This is probably one of the best rpg game out there.
Overall one of the best games I've played on the iPhone.
I would highly recommend this game to anyone looking for a highly Addicting game.
one of my favorite games that I've ever played on my iPhone.
I don't no why this is my favorite game.
Wish higher level players could get more energy and morale.
Wonderful game just what I was looking for :.
This is the most addictive game on the App Store.
Fun & Engagingc94
Awesome game keeps me away from work and school.
Awesome game but force closes on my ipod 4.
Super fun and addictive I play it every day.
The game is fun and addictive but it crashes a lot.
This games is really addicting and super fun.
Very fun game great graphics and intriguing storyline.
Great game add me or use me as your referral.
Wish higher level players could get more energy and morale.
Really simple to play and tons of fun.
Having loads of fun thus far.
I love this game and play everyday.
I play everyday and love it.
Super fun and addictive I play it every day.
I played since August and play it every day.
Value for Moneyc60
you almost have to spend money to get any good characters.
you can still do quite well without spending a dime.
You can't get the stronger monsters without spending money either.
Don't try it if you won't pay real Cash.
Replay Valuec70
I'm sure it will get more challenging Very addictive.
just waiting on it to be more challenging.
This strategic game can be quite tricky however.
Strategic game.
Production Valuesc91
Fun amazing game great graphics lots of characters lots of challenges.
Very fun game great graphics and intriguing storyline.
Amazing graphics and fun too.
with amazing graphics.
Ease of Usec89
The picture look amazing and it's a very simple game play.
Really simple to play and tons of fun.
Great artwork and the gameplay is easy to catch on.
Great game and super easy to get addicted too.
Fun easy to learn and cool style.
Hoping this game keeps me entertained for awhile.
I love this game please fix your new update.
Security & Privacyc19
Updates & Supportc16

Blood brothers keeps you coming back for more. found in 5 reviews
Fun easy to learn and cool style. found in 3 reviews
Great artwork and the gameplay is easy to catch on. found in 15 reviews
Like a mix between Final Fantasy and old school Mario RPG. found in 18 reviews
these silver coins can help you get rare cards much faster. found in 34 reviews
Very nice game works well I play it every chance I get. found in 12 reviews
Add me as a friend and ill give you a rare familiar Lwvx7W. found in 5 reviews
This is probably one of the best rpg game out there. found in 64 reviews
a great mobile game is hard to come by. found in 5 reviews
Enter code when prompted for free gifts : 7x3k41. found in 5 reviews
7xQD46 You get a rare monster and a couple silver coins. found in 37 reviews
Not as deep as an old school RPG. found in 5 reviews
The game has events and new content all the time. found in 3 reviews
Consider this a role playing game with some mixture of strategy. found in 12 reviews
Its actually fun and engaging. found in 5 reviews
Most EPIC turn based Game on the Market. found in 4 reviews
Very fun game great graphics and intriguing storyline. found in 35 reviews
Different change of pace from ROB and fairly amusing story. found in 6 reviews
Great way to pass time and really interactive. found in 93 reviews
Great Game until you have to deal with tech support. found in 3 reviews
but it keeps crashing at the second loading screen. found in 11 reviews
Please fix the crashing on iPods though. found in 6 reviews
If you've got time to waste it's a good game. found in 16 reviews
I still can't log in all because of the May 8 update. found in 1 reviews
Interesting but won't get good cards without paying. found in 3 reviews
for some rewards. found in 4 reviews
This is like an RPG game that requires energy to take steps. found in 4 reviews
Fun yet lousy customer service. found in 25 reviews
If you do decide to play this game
I wish it was more challenging and it crashes WAY to much. found in 15 reviews
I was able to log on until today. found in 27 reviews
Great game but update for iPhone 5 please. found in 9 reviews
It boots me off and I am unable to play. found in 8 reviews
Just don't waste any money on it. found in 2 reviews
but it keeps crashing and crashing and i can't take it. found in 3 reviews
I love playing this game except for one minor flaw. found in 6 reviews
Fun but exits me out automatically. found in 1 reviews
When it lets you play it only crashes every few minutes. found in 4 reviews
Yet it crashes way to much. found in 15 reviews
Not able to play just goes to home page and sticks. found in 10 reviews
It won't open at all on my IPod 4th gen please fix. found in 37 reviews
Haven't been able to log in for 4 days now. found in 27 reviews
This game says network error every time i try to play. found in 10 reviews
Game keeps force quitting iPhone 4G 3. found in 24 reviews
This would be a great game if it wasn't pay to win. found in 41 reviews
Pay to play rip off artists do not waste your time. found in 13 reviews
DON'T ADD SKILL. found in 9 reviews
I've even tried reinstalling IOS on my 4th gen Ipod Touch. found in 30 reviews
It crashes on my iPad 1 before main screen. found in 9 reviews
I love this game please fix your new update. found in 11 reviews
No explain and can't even reach to their customer service. found in 25 reviews
Now I can't get passed the second loading screen. found in 11 reviews
I would like to play this game so please fix this problem. found in 68 reviews

The Blood Brothers is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting different languages: English, Japanese, Korean. It weighs in at only 21.3 MB to download. The new Blood Brothers app version 1.1 has been updated on 2014-11-23. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Blood Brothers in Mobage, Inc.`s Official Website :

Even the righteous must sometimes leave their mark in blood... Blood Brothers has thrilling battles, mysterious characters, and a story that will keep you riveted from start to finish This dark fantasy RPG from Mobage is ...
LuGhWb                 For starter items enter
On my iPad mini it always crashes at the start I used to have a 4 legendarys before I couldnt play anymore c              Crashes
I played defender of Texel another game available from these developers for 3 years Worked hard for everything I had Now theyve simply thrown in the towel and told us the server for DOT will be shut down Without any regard to the amount of time or effort the players put into it and they didnt even give a reason No signs of life on the home screen for a month and just when something seems up its a bs advertisement for a different game telling us to start playing that instead Because apparently we invested our time in DOT to play a different game thats been available for years Then almost immediately after they laid it on us and said theyd be shutting down June 30 but we should play Blood Brothers or some other slack game theyve provided when we ALREADY HAD THE BEST GAME THEY WILL EVER MAKE Just the biggest slap in the face ever If youve read all this please let this be the only amount of time you waste humoring anything in regards to this company I implore you to play Hearthstone its loads better anyway and BLIZZARD is a team of legit developers     Dont Support This Company
I played this and at first loved it then once I got in the higher lvls realized it was a pay to win game the person with the most money to spend wins     This f game
Got this game after noticing that dot was going to shut down So I gave this game a shot and its very good Its worth a try                 Great game
Good                 Good
I can you please help me I accident offer my Lachesis for 1 elixir and I really what it back Can I get back please        Offer
Not a complicating game but fun                 Easy to get into
Ive been playing this game for 3 years now The introduction is boring no lie it takes a good month to earn a 5man brig also Other than the slow start this game is amazing They just had there 3 year anniversary and brought some really cool new things to the table that make playing this game alot better Example they add Armor for your warlord to make it stronger and Blood bound familiars were you get to create the stats and skills of a Soon to be legendary familiar When I first started playing it was almost impossible to earn a Legendary The game has had its ups and downs but for the most part if you like a very strategic game were you can strive to be top rank to earn the best rewards this is for you There is a great community of people just dont come to the table begging or entitle and youll do great                 Played since the beginning
Game is a lot of fun However it no longer seems to be supports on a iPad Constantly crashes Works fine on my iPhone Would love it to be fixed so it worked on my iPad as well     If it worked
I absolutely love this game its even better when your friends are playing it with you My only issue is the the game will crash immediately before the main screen loads Ive deleted useless apps but it has continued to do this Simply put it I love this game by my 4th generation iPod cant even play the thing anymore due to useless updates that only assists later models of iPods pads or phones So if youre like me family with low money a handmedown iPod or anything lower than a 5th generation Dont even bother downloading        Great Only for new generations
Game was working fine and was enjoying playing during the current event Didnt spend a dime and have 3 epics on my front line Issue arose during login with a system error Retried and restarted with no joy Force quit the app with no joy Reinstalledno joy Website is a little lean but it does show server downtime but alas the servers should be working Anyways if the game loads up its fun With startup error though only gonna give 3 stars           Crashes at start
A very great game with a great story well designed familiars and fun bosses              Great
This app constantly crashes and always has issues connecting The pacts they sell are a huge scam I spent well over 150 over the last few months and reaped absolutely nothing Even with the events you need to dump ridiculous amounts of gjallarhorns and mandrakes to rank anything close to receiving a reward The last event I was ranked 450 the second the event was over After calculating rankings I dropped to 1150 I dont understand how you drop 600 positions out of nowhere     App constantly crashes and pacts are scam
Cool              Game
Game crashes at critical times Price of boost items creates black market that if you are not part of will make this game impossible for you Random inaccurate game points and loss of points cause you to spend resources which will end up wasted will burn the you spent in black market Not enough room or time to list examples of all the mismanagement but if you still play this game the load time when you change screens will drive you insane since it is a very time critical game Then it crashes again but only if you have precious boosted timer ticking which will have expired by the time you get back in thru the many layers of game to where you earn your points Save yourself It is fun for everybody at first but you will quickly see what i write here is accurate Sorry i cant give negative stars     Highly manipulated cheating by developer
DOT was my love     Dont support this crap Company
Pretty cool concept Seems a bit too complicated at times with all the various game mechanics but still fun and entertaining overall              Fun Interesting
Recently dena decided to shutdown the game defender of texal They told us to try and play other games so I tried this and it is just dumb It is like a million other games out there and is nothing compared to dot If you havent I suggested you try dot before the server gets shutdown It was a very unique and one of a kind game     Sad
This is AWESOME Man                 Good morning to you
Cant seem to buy hordes of coins says itunes app isnt working anyone can help     Coins
2 thumbs up                 Great gameplay and beautiful graphics
Interesting game                 Interesting
Super fun game                 Awesome game
LOVE THE GAME ACTIONADVENTURE MONSTERS AND MORE but needs better graphics              Super
QS hay                 Good
EVER                 Best game
Weak offering compared to DOT which is being shut down in order to focus on this game incredibly boring and obvious cash grab type app and I wont be continuing to support the developers in their current or future efforts     Obvious Desperate Cash Grab
Just like everyone else Ive been burned by them closing down Defender of Texel their ONLY good game Their support over the years has been nothing short of absolutely awful Yet I kept playing DoT because the art and mechanics were just so good Id overlook the bad Please do yourself a favor and dont even download any DeNA games Dont give yourself a chance to get hooked or for the love of alldont give them any money They do not deserve it If the original DoT devs are out there let me just tell you that your game was an amazing ride     Do not support Dena Worst mobile company ever
Y didnt the app work anymore                 Y
Dont get me wrong i love this game its just every time I download this app no matter what the device different generation iPods nexus and an iPad it crashes Whether I start a new account or try signing in with my old one happens           Crashes
I have no prob havin fun with free brigades The easy way is multiple accounts i have 8 lol Collect free stuff like sendable lixers save then send all to one account and during event like tower the people goin for top prizes sell decent fams cheap and all the while just play the start of events for a few weeks until you have saved enuff to go for the rare once u get this far your bugles will keep comin so u can keep playin all events to get the rare The mey is be smart It is true to get the very best u must pay but my free brigs all get me the event rares and sometimes better              Patience
Wont let me log in to the game           Log in issues
Cant stop playing Its a blast                 Me
Game no longer loads after 712015 update on my iPad mini     Not loading
The game was working fine and now it wont even let me log on I was playing daily multiple times a day and now it wont even let me log in also I am not getting to see all my creatures for evolution I have two at max level and I can evolve them because they arent showing I have tried to do it in and out of a area tried locked and unlocked I have tried everything love the game but would like to be able to have my creatures evolve so I can make them stronger also many creatures arent showing up for me when I try and empower them           Evolution game crash
Cant even play in the event because the stupid game crashes Even when there isnt an event game still crashes DeNA has given up on this game dont download it All other games of DeNA work fine for me but this one doesnt so its not my issue Re downloading doesnt help so find another game where developers havent given up Its been a year and no new levels for those that have beat them all only events pretty lame     Crash crash crash
They ban people for no reason     Dont download
As of 5232015 The Bazaar Feature Has Stopped Working For My Account I Have Tried My Account On My Other Devices And Nothing Still Get The Same Error I Cant Seem To Be Able To Search For Your Familiars Search By Rarity Search By Name Search Terms For Your Familiars Or Offer A Familiar I Get The Following Error When Trying The Above No Familiar Found This Is The First Time I Have Encountered This Issue In My 3 Years Of Playing Ever Since The Bazaar Became Available I Have The Latest Update For Blood Brothers Found On The App Store I Would Appreciate Your Help And Response To Solving My Issue So That I Can Continue To Enjoy Your Game Like I Have Been Doing In The Past Years     Bazaar Glitch
This is a good game but its like many other card games out there you have to pay to win Also I played this game because it had a collection feature that let you strive towards collecting as many of the character cards as possible Once this was taken away I saw myself drifting farther and farther from playing        Good game but
I like the idea of another PVP battle option but the 5 HP bonus at the start of each battle makes them unnecessarily long and terrible to sit through Since every character gets it it Is neither an advantage or disadvantage All it does it make a 40 second long 10 person battle last 3 minutes              New Coliseum is fun but needs work
Trust me I wont EVER again They milk every cent out of any game and customers they can provide absolutely NO customer service in return when needed and even retroactively change game rules and rewards with no prior consideration or notice to their customers Knowing what I do firsthand Nintendo is CRAZY for having partnered with them and Ill never consider doing business with them again either if partnering with companies like this is their new agenda They can both crumble for all I care at this point and the world would surely be better for it     Dont Spend A Dime With This Dena Company
Great game                 Fun
It crashes way to much on my iPad mini every update makes for worst gaming an Im only giving u 1 star because Ive played an use to like it     Game gone bad
I had a choice to buy a pair of LeBron 12 eliteNike brand basketball shoes for 200 or use it on a familiar worth that price I like the game but all the familiars that you need are very expensive        Spend it wisely
Use code LB25b for starter pack Why is the Exorcist Lancer listed as UC but never offered for capture Love the special events Wish higher level players could get more energy and morale and level past 170 Best trading system Ive found in a RPG PvP system does not require you to steal from others for collectables as do many other RPGs                 Love the special events
Great fun you can pay but dont need to Great time waster                 Fun
Como pueden sacar a un juego como defender o texel por esto Simplemente una vergüenza que te obliguen a jugar un juego que ellos quieran     Muy mal servicio por parte de DeNa
Please fix for that ASAP     Doesnt work

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