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KS Mobile, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Pedometer-Step Counter & Pacer ,猎豹清理大师-清理相似照片,节省手机空间 ,Daily Horoscope : Astrology ,21 Days - Lose Weight ,PhotoTalk - Tell Your Life Story With Photos & Music and Share to Instagram ,Cheez - Video moment community), brings Battery Doctor - Battery Saver, Boost your happy hour with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Battery Doctor - Battery Saver, Boost your happy hour app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Easy user friendly definitely helps keep my battery in decent shape..
  • Such detailed analysis of your battery usage and charging habits..
  • This app allows me to keep track of proper charging habits..
  • This is by far the best battery application..
  • This helps extend the battery life of my iPhone overall..

Overall Satisfactionc94
This has gotta be one of the best battery saving apps out there.
Thanks Battery Doctor for changing my way of using my battery power.
There are even app recommendations and achievement medals like fully charging.
I hate the app recommendation stuff though.
I really recommend this app :D.
Helps to keep your phone's memory at it's best state also.
I love how it tells u when your device is finished charging.
This is hands down one of the best apps I've ever seen or used.
Fun & Engagingc93
Awesome battery /system app for Apple.
How awesome battery saver IS.
It helps me save my battery power to use my device longer.
It doesn't help me on how to save my battery life.
I really like this app a lot and it gives helpful tips.
Accurately gives you useful tips to save battery life.
This app allows me to keep track of proper charging habits.
Probably the most useful battery app ever.
This battery saver is awesome it tells you everything about your battery.
The app does everything it claims and even a little bit more.
Keeps me informed on my phones performance very helpfull.
Repeat Valuec100
Helpful hints are very educational.
Also gives other helpful hints.
Ads not Intrusivec53
Asking for me to write a review to many times.
Only app I've bothered to write a review for.
Stop asking me if I want to write a review.
Updates & Supportc49
Great app does it's job great customer service.
This has gotta be one of the best battery saving apps out there.
It's an amazing battery doctor and phone protection app.
Battery Doctor won't recognize that the phone is actually charging.

Helps you maintain your cel phone's battery functioning in best condition. found in 46 reviews
I use it every night and it helps my phones battery. found in 9 reviews
Great battery doctor the best I could find. found in 94 reviews
Good app that helps you maintain your battery in good health. found in 13 reviews
Wealth of useful information and monitoring to maximize battery life. found in 11 reviews
It's just great knowing exactly how much time you have left on your phone. found in 11 reviews
Set's good advice for keeping your battery in top shape. found in 26 reviews
This has gotta be one of the best battery saving apps out there. found in 605 reviews
This is pretty much the coolest battery monitor app ever made. found in 18 reviews
Thanks to the tips and monitoring everything is in tip top shape. found in 26 reviews
Funny I still have the same battery after using Battery Doctor. found in 70 reviews
Truly the best battery management application there is on the market. found in 44 reviews
Funny how it asks me to accelerate. found in 14 reviews
the app doesn't record my full charges as full. found in 14 reviews
Helpful to clean up files & junk. found in 5 reviews
Also the clearing of " junk data " isn't even a thing. found in 7 reviews
Home screen notification for download suggestions is annoying however. found in 9 reviews
it just erases half of my music library. found in 4 reviews
Does it remove junk files. found in 11 reviews
Can't keep track of full charge that goes overnight. found in 149 reviews
it doesn't count full charges as full but partial. found in 5 reviews
It tells me to delete junk files. found in 21 reviews
every time I have it scan for junk to remove. found in 13 reviews
The app needs to stay open automatically. found in 4 reviews
Clearing junk files never seems to doing much. found in 215 reviews
the app has informed that the battery is fully charged and to unplug. found in 66 reviews
feel like it "reminds" me to disconnect when my iPhone is fully charged. found in 61 reviews
Never recognizes when phone is fully charged. found in 5 reviews
Deletes important stuff. found in 8 reviews
Cleanup works but there r no charging records. found in 11 reviews
That most of the reviews are fake /staged. found in 14 reviews
And the app had a bunch of fake reviews. found in 41 reviews
This app right now isn't built for the new Apple devices. found in 6 reviews
but don't use gb cleaning or remove junk just saying. found in 11 reviews
It NEVER registered a full charge in its history. found in 149 reviews
Stop asking me if I want to write a review. found in 49 reviews
if u wanna keep charging records. found in 11 reviews
5 hours with no change in battery life. found in 6 reviews
It requests for location data for a useless weather feature. found in 5 reviews
Then it doesn't record a full charge. found in 14 reviews
And yes most of the reviews are fake. found in 14 reviews
Don't Buy This for use over Night. found in 9 reviews
1 star for constantly harassing me for a review. found in 13 reviews
Cache cleaner doesn't work for iPhone 6 plus. found in 18 reviews
Pretty much useless app and alot of fake reviews holy cow. found in 41 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Battery Doctor - Battery Saver, Boost your happy hour for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 13.1 MB to download. The new Battery Doctor - Battery Saver, Boost your happy hour app version 1.0 has been updated on 2014-11-23. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Bottom Line: For more information about Battery Doctor - Battery Saver, Boost your happy hour check developer KS Mobile, Inc.`s website :

Battery Doctor is essential for your iPhone. Download it right now to best protect and maintain your battery. Real-time power consumption rankings Protect your battery effectively The easiest and gorgeous way to go through a ...
App does exactly what it says It helps get you in the habit of charging your battery responsibly Great program and would give it 10 stars if I could                 Simply love it
Ive been using this app for about 6 months now I have to say Im impressed So easy to clean all the junk files free up lots of space Give it a try Oh and do the CLEAN CACHE files several times in a row it keeps finding it Good app                 Quick easy very helpful for Freeing up space
Very good Love it                 Battery Doctor
Ajuda muito no uso do celular                 Muito bom
No complaints here app really works                 Great app
Doesnt works fine under iOS 9 Please fix it and if possible make an iPad version Thanks              Good program but
No complaints minus the market thing But its understandable Great interface great app Very useful and promotes healthy charging routines                 Awesome app
Great app but Id love it if you guys would update the app icon           Great app
Very highly recommend                 Love this app
This app needs to be optimized because since iOS 9 most app cache isnt cleared and I have to delete the app every time to clear up space and this app needs to support the iPhone 6 display size           Optimization for iPhone 6 and iOS 9
Deleting junk files is not working very good with iOS9        UPDATE for iOS 9
please update to compatible with iOS 9 and fix app icon              Update
koolio                 KOOLIO
It just one of does non working and mirror apps I kept this app for 2month to see if the whole battery usage make a diffrence or not but the answer is absoloutly NO Even this app has been marked as one of those malware apps Even When you run the scan it shows a chinese app witch never have been installed on the phone same chinese app has been shown on other devices with different chinese caracter You can search on the web HttpsHidden chinese app in battrey doctor                 5 stars
I couldnt believe how much stuff was loading and draining my battery as well as my privacy                 Love this app
I thought this app was just going to be a waste of space but I was wrong it actually gave me more space on my phone and saves my battery life                 Doctor battery
But is slow open in ios 9sure ios 9 is very confuse              A good program
This is my third battery app including one I paid for I like this one the best                 Best one Ive tried
Good                 Good
This app can do a lot of things and help you with battery life                 Pretty good actually
Didnt see any big difference with the app then without           Dont see a difference
When are you guys going to update it I think its time already a new update will be perfect for the new iOS 9              Im waiting
How change to English           HELP ME
So far I like it              Good
While this app may look all fine on the surface there are many other vital statistics that are not being presented Such as comparisons between having this application and not having it installed              Optical optimizer
Easy to setup and use Gets those pesky apps trimmed and in check                 Get it
Best app ever never overcharge your phone                 Great app
Excellent app I would recommend this app to everyone I know                 App Review
Very useful app to optimise the phone performance                 Very useful app
I love using this app to clear up space on my phone and to charge it is really Handy I use it almost everyday                 Great App
I love this app It tells how much battery life you have shows u what app uses more power and my favorite part about it is that when you leave it running while it charges it tells how healthy your battery is This app is a need to get and totally worth it                 Amazing App
It doesnt accurately record full charges every time but thats minor It really seems more hype than good I dont notice any difference in my phones performance after boosting it or clearing junk But it is handy to have a calendar that keeps track of your charging habits Its also nice to see what apps are really draining the battery even though the iPhone can do that           Its ok
Dont get it     Did not work
I updated to iOS 9 and now I cant clear my cache Its been almost a year since the last update its time for a change     iOS 9 compatibility
Noice                 Noice app
Charges well Clears phone memory Has weather available Great great GREAT app                 Great
It has not helped me at all Its the WORST BATTERY APP EVER        DONT GET THIS APP
very helpful app thx                 nice
Good app                 Good app
Helps a lot with storage on iPhone 5                 Thumbs up
Use it every day to clear memory and junk files But best for keeping track of recharges full and partial avoid over charging                 Great App
Works very well needs a notice when fully charged                 Bulkerbob
I think its a awesome app helps with memory and improves battery life                 Great app recommended for everyone
I open the app and it does nothing at all Dont get this piece of junk                 DOESNT EVEN WORK
Works pretty well on iOS 7 8 But I got a bad feeling it might not going too well on iOS9 Can you please update it It will be really helpful Thank you              Works Good But
how often do you find a free app that overdelivers This is one of them Well designed Easy to use Very effective Must have for every phone                 Perfect app Does what it promises
Does what it says                 Good
How does this affect the Low Battery Mode in iOS 9 Should I have it on when chargingusing battery doctoror should I not              iOS 9
Love the program                 Great
I like it cool                 Great app

Battery Doctor - Battery Saver, Boost your happy hour UtilitiesBattery Doctor - Battery Saver, Boost your happy hour UtilitiesBattery Doctor - Battery Saver, Boost your happy hour UtilitiesBattery Doctor - Battery Saver, Boost your happy hour Utilities

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