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Warner Bros. , the publisher behind many iOS games (Hangover: App Edition ,Harry Potter: Spells ,TMZ for iPad ,Tapper World Tour HD ,Terminator: Salvation #1 FREE ,Midway Arcade), brings Batman: Arkham Origins with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Batman: Arkham Origins games has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Same fighting game mechanics as Injustice with some twists..
  • This game is amazing in both game play and graphics..
  • Gameplay is super fun and super cool..
  • I even did online multiplayer..
  • it got too easy and the replay value diminish quickly..

Overall Satisfactionc89
This is an amazing game really fun and blazing fast.
This is one of the best mobile batman games I have ever played.
This game is one of my favorite games to play on my iPhone.
Lots of fun and has amazing graphics new favorite game.
I recommend this game for all DC Comics and/or Batman fans.
This is the best game I have ever played on an iOS device.
are all pretty sweet for a phone game thanks creators.
Fun & Engagingc90
Awesome game fun to interact with the consoles.
Awesome game until the latest update.
Gameplay is super fun and super cool.
buts it's still a really fun game.
Awesome graphics and it's challenging enough to keep me interested.
I wish I could just be free to play it all the time.
Amazing graphics and loads of fun.
Value for Moneyc44
I got where I did without spending real money.
Plus you can get most everything without spending money.
unless you want to pay real money to get it back.
Replay Valuec78
If so they need to make some more levels.
No more levels to achieve.
A bit repetitive though.
Add more levels and villains.
Although it's a little repetitive.
it got too easy and the replay value diminish quickly.
Very fun and Challenging.
Production Valuesc85
This game is amazing in both game play and graphics.
so be prepared for mediocre and expensive game play.
The graphics are great and the control/swipe combat method is good.
The graphics are great but the gameplay is terrible.
Lots of fun and has amazing graphics new favorite game.
Music and sound effects are good.
Batman: Arkham Origins on iOS is visually stunning.
Ease of Usec85
This is a really good game and it's really easy to get money.
It's easy to get money and to upgrade or change suit.
It's really simple and fun.
It's very simple and fun.
very fluid easy to control and addictive.
Great graphics and is easy to control.
A little too easy though.
Very good game keep getting better the more u play.
I love batman but this game keeps crashing on my iphone 5.
Updates & Supportc83
The console version is much better than this one though.
Interaction with console version is great and pleasing.
Doesn't even compare to the console version.
Fun and also can link to the ps3 version awesome.
Very fun jus like the ps3 version.
New update features.

Really fun and a great time waster. found in 5 reviews
A really fun and entertaining game. found in 6 reviews
Beautiful graphics and great game play. found in 7 reviews
Has me coming back for more each day. found in 3 reviews
It is simply another version of Batman Arkham City Lockdown. found in 10 reviews
The graphics and controls are both great. found in 4 reviews
Very nice game beautiful view I like it. found in 7 reviews
Holy awesome game batman. found in 3 reviews
Na na na na na na na na na BATMAN. found in 3 reviews
buts it's still a really fun game. found in 25 reviews
My grandchildren really enjoy playing this game. found in 39 reviews
Another great game by DC Comics and WB. found in 8 reviews
The worlds greatest game. found in 6 reviews
Better deal than batman Arkham city lockdown which is $6. found in 178 reviews
It has great graphics and game schematics and it has BATMAN. found in 14 reviews
This game has the potential to earn game of the year. found in 6 reviews
Arkham is a great free game. found in 4 reviews
Better than the last Batman Arkham Asylum game by far. found in 6 reviews
This game is fun to play and action packed. found in 5 reviews
fast paced action revolving around proper timing of special moves especially. found in 5 reviews
I open the game and it keeps freezing on the start menu. found in 18 reviews
Why is this game not compatible with iPod 4 Gen :. found in 31 reviews
I love the game but where are the daily bonuses. found in 2 reviews
It's good to hear it is now compatible with ipod touch 4th generation. found in 225 reviews
This needs to be compatible with the iPod 4th generation. found in 3 reviews
When can the game be compatible with ipod 4th generations. found in 24 reviews
My only problem is that the stupid block button doesn't work. found in 13 reviews
Please update and support iPod 4g please. found in 7 reviews
Just like the Injustice smart phone game except its only batman. found in 8 reviews
Good way to waste time in an appropriate manner. found in 14 reviews
everytime it hits the loading screen it turns black. found in 5 reviews
Unfortunatelly the game doesn't have Game Center support. found in 5 reviews
Game crashes after it is closed then re-opened. found in 22 reviews
The real problem is the game freezes repeatedly. found in 12 reviews
The screen looks like its zoomed in and i cant play. found in 19 reviews
Trailer looks cool but can't play because screens to big. found in 56 reviews
But it still needs achievements in Game Center. found in 2 reviews
I love batman but this game keeps crashing on my iphone 5. found in 3 reviews
Ever since the update came I couldn't even play anymore. found in 5 reviews
I really want to play this game fix this glitch fast. found in 20 reviews
Can u hurry on fixing problem for 4 gen iPod. found in 27 reviews
Doesn't work on iPod 4 so gay it looks sick. found in 39 reviews
Not compatible with iPod touch 4G fix it please. found in 24 reviews
It says " Tap To Start " but when I do nothing happens. found in 30 reviews
It looks good but I can't play it on iPod touch 4th generation. found in 225 reviews
unless you want to pay real money to get it back. found in 33 reviews
I need a bug fix for iPhone 5S. found in 46 reviews
in the store it says this is compatible with iPod touch 4th gen. found in 28 reviews
i have the ipod 4th generation and this game just doesnt work. found in 323 reviews
Make Fully Compatible For IPod Touch 4th Gens ASAP. found in 60 reviews
Screen is too big so cant play for iPod 4th generation. found in 19 reviews
Sounds fun but can only see a corner of the screen. found in 21 reviews
I'd pay for a game that wasn't pure pay to win garbage. found in 24 reviews
WARNING :: NOT COMPATIBLE WITH AN IPOD TOUCH 4 GEN ----------. found in 31 reviews

The Batman: Arkham Origins is now available as a free download on Apple Store for iOS owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It is a whopper, weighing in at 517 MB, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. The new Batman: Arkham Origins app version 1.0 has been updated on 2014-11-03.
More Info: Find more info about Batman: Arkham Origins in Warner Bros.`s Official Website :

Prove your worth as Gotham s Dark Knight, facing off against a slew of deadly assassins and their thugs in the new mobile game, Batman Arkham Origins. Fight your way through Gotham City s most ...
This game was good but its ing annoying with having to tap X because mortal kombat keeps stopping me from playing     Good but too much ads
The game in and of itself is pretty good gameplay and graphics are amazing mechanics are good The only problem is I have to close about 1520 ads in between levels Not sure if its a bug or not but it is very annoying        Ads
The game is amazing                 Good
I had this game once and I uninstalled it because you kept showing that stupid mortal kombat ad I dont want mortal kombat I love this game but stop with the ad              That stupid ad
This app is extremely fun but cut out the adds there frikin annoying              Fun
I got joker gang to level 30 but no blackest skin           Need help
I love the DC universe and Batman so I was excited to try this game But I think Ive seen the same mortal kombat ad 10 times within the first 5 minutes Where the slightest tap that was just slightly off the Close X button would bring up safari AND the App Store Which I would immediately close then be faced with the ad AGAIN Miss the close button a second time p Frankly I spent more time trying to close the ads than I did playing the game Not cool I dont mind ads but this was just intrusive and ruined the experience for me all while developing my first impression of the game     Ads make this game unplayable
Really good game it just needs to be longer and have more of a storyline And add more batman suits           Great game
The app was pretty decent I dislike the constant Mortal Kombat ad very much Very repetitive on levels Not a game Ill be keeping though           Mehh
I love this game The graphics and gameplay are wonderful No complaints                 Awesome
This game is addicting and fun for DC Fans like me but theres one problem thats really annoying for me the loads of ads that pop up drives me insane Please fix this problem for all of us users that play this game Thank You              I love this game
The ads are obnoxious they are on every screen pls fix                 No more ads pls
This game is a really fun oneIt sure will fill                 Great
It pops up continuously and is NEVER welcomed Decrease the amount this stupid ad pops up and this would be a way higher review     MKX ad is like herpes
The game its self is actually really fun but the ads are just to much they literally come up after EVERY mission Also I cant figure out how to sign into iCloud on it Can anyone tell me how              Fun game but too many ads
it has good graphics                 The Game Is Awesome
I like dis app I am batman                 Im batman
This game is all around amazing I love t                 Amazing
If your gonna get a DC fighting game get injustice but this is better for batman lovers                 Great Game but
This game is really fun to playi like fighting games I have played Arkham orginsthe console version this game is as good as that                 Excellent
For a free game this is a good game My only dislike is having to wait for stamina to refill Other than that good game You should make an Arkham Knight one              Wow
Overall the game is great but the ads are annoying I cant get to a fight or switch menus without having to get through the same ad 5 times           Great game ads are a pain
Is the add literally Every secound I have to dodge a mortal combat ad and nine times out of ten I fail and its very annoying please get rid of the ad              Good game whats keeping it from being 5
The game seems alright but the mortal combat add pops up waaaay to often and it to hard to shut it down        Ads
Really irritating mortal combat add     Mortal combat add
Lots of fun                 Good game
If I see one for as when Im trying to play my game Im going to delete this game I know that your just trying to advertise your other games but at least make you ads easier to close or just make me be able to remove them     AAAAAADDDDDDDDSSSSSSS
My device is supported but the ads keep popping up and I try to exit but it thinks Im tapping the banner This goes to the App Store and safari By the time I go back to game it is reset and gives me the ad again Repeat process     Cant play on my device
I love it its better than fnf                 Amazing
Im in love with this game I dont have any complaints We need more games like these for free                 In love
Add justice league 3000 batman                 Batman
There are way to many adds              Good game but
Would be great if it wasnt for the Mortal Combat X ad popping up every 25 minutes closing my game when trying to tap the x to close it Otherwise i like the gameplay would still like to see a dodge option imported into the game rather then a simple block                 Almost Perfect
Fun game              Batman
De los mejores juegos que he descargado                 Excelente
The game itself is fun but theres always a bunch of friggin mortal Kombat ads and you cant do anything on the game without going through them and it pisses me off           Batman Arkam
Needs more skins                 Good but
So fun but having to click the little x for the ads every 5 seconds is retarded     Ads ruin it
Good game Im into it Pretty shweet                 yessuh
It keeps sending me ads to get MK X I already have mortal Kombat Stop sending me that ad        Stop the MK ads
The game was fun but getting asked to install Mortal Kombat X every 30 seconds when it is already installed was unbearable     ADs wont let up
love the game but tired of seeing the mortal combat download popup i even downloaded the game and it still pops up and even after i press the exit button it freezes the whole game only reason im giving it 3 stars           Mortal Combat Popup
This game is really awesome at the beginning but toward level 6 it just gets boring           Its ok
Nothing like the actual game but still sort of fun The main reason I only give it three stars is because of the constant Mortal Kombat X ads that are pretty hard to close and just the fact that you have to close two tabs just to get back to the game           Okay Game
The Arkham games never let down and the mobile version games seem to always carry on that legacy Both Batman Arkham Origins and Batman Arkham City Lockdown always strive to impress All that I hope is that they make a Batman Arkham Knight Arena or something                 Always favorite
I just got the game never even got to play it yet and Ive had the add for Mortal Combat V already ten times and it is opening the app page for it every time I try to hit X and minimize it Im just ready to give up and not even play        Too many adds
Yeah                 Awsome
Great game I highly recommend it for iOS                 Cool
You know normally I like playing games that I can ACTUALLY PLAYunlike this game where I have to put my phone on airplane mode in order to play it The same thing happened to me with injustice which I didnt delete because Ive gone so far in it not that far but far and I wasnt about to deal with another game like that especially since it made me restart my progress unlike injustice AND take up so much memory space on my phone In case youre wondering why I cant actually play it each time I load it up it goes up to the point where it says Arkham Origins with Batman and his villains behind him and whatnot After that it goes to black then force quits The only time that doesnt happen is when I put it on airplane mode Which I shouldnt have to do since like injustice it uses internet it doesnt require it but it is a somewhat important factor and it prevents me from getting messages and certain notifications Besides this VERY huge problem that REALLY needs to be fixed its ok Its kinda similar to injustice such as the controls the energystamina bar the expensive upgrades that hardly do any difference Its not TERRIBLE but its not great either Theres a lot of aspects that can be changed to make it better not including bug fixes but its somewhat good overall If it werent for how good the game was I would give it 1 star 0 if possible        One REALLY huge problem

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