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Bank of America , the publisher behind many iOS app (CashPro Mobile Token ,Face Retirement for iPad from Merrill Edge ,BofA Point of Sale - Mobile ,Research Library & Analytics ,BofA Health ,BofAML Mercury), brings Bank of America - Mobile Banking with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Bank of America - Mobile Banking app has been update to version 4.0.392 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • The photo check deposit is a bit temperamental sometimes..
  • Great improvement over the previous version user friendly and graphically sound..
  • add the credit card rewards redemption option to the app as well..
  • Huge time saver to be able to deposit remotely..
  • Credit Score..

Overall Satisfactionc41
Thanks BofA I'm happy.
Thanks BOA for adding check deposits and the Alerts.
This app used to take care of all my banking needs.
So much better than going on safari.
Much better than the previous version and seems more stable.
Production Valuesc30
Better than iPhone Web Interface.
Ease of Usec72
It's very convenient and easy to use.
It's very convenient & iOS savvy.
Mobile should be used to do fast and simple banking needs.
For Simple Banking.
this one works flawlessly and is super convenient.
It's just a super convenient tool to have and use.
Security & Privacyc26
Very convenient for quickly checking account balances and transactions.
Security Question.
I'd have to enter my password etc as it is currently.
Updates & Supportc15
customer service helped me out and made some funds available.
They have great customer service and awesome branches.

The update makes it a lot more usable now thank you BofA. found in 6 reviews
Much better than the previous version and seems more stable. found in 6 reviews
Would like check capture feature to deposit checks. found in 3 reviews
Crashes and logs off when trying to deposit checks. found in 6 reviews
Please fix the alerts and for the last time. found in 24 reviews
Keep getting the message service unavailable when trying to make a deposit. found in 65 reviews
It crashes every time I take a picture of the check to be deposited. found in 21 reviews
So every time I try to deposit a check the app closes K TOTALLY FINE. found in 530 reviews
and the transactions have been " temporarily unavailable " for a month now. found in 59 reviews
Mobile check deposit needs major improvements. found in 7 reviews
but how do I deposit checks using mobile remote tech. found in 87 reviews
Definitely slow and glitchy. found in 8 reviews
Every time I try to take a picture of a check the app closes. found in 183 reviews
This app now crashes every time I try to make a deposit. found in 67 reviews
it keeps crashing every time I try to make a check deposit. found in 14 reviews
Deposit check function does not work anymore. found in 101 reviews
App crash when ever you try to deposit a check. found in 66 reviews
App keeps crashing every time I try to deposit a check. found in 66 reviews
My biggest gripe is that alerts don't actually alert you. found in 14 reviews
the deposit functionality is broken since the last update. found in 41 reviews
Mobile deposit is force closing EVERY time I try to take a picture of the check. found in 183 reviews
seems like the check deposit feature is almost always 'unavailable'. found in 640 reviews
The third party keyboard does not allow you to transfer money between accounts. found in 242 reviews
Bill pay doesn't work with most recent update. found in 388 reviews
Can't pay bills on line anymore says invalid account. found in 166 reviews
I'm only giving one star until the ability to deposit checks I available. found in 715 reviews
Once installed you can't make a payment using the app. found in 110 reviews
What happened with the BoA app after update. found in 108 reviews
Poor app compared to other banking apps. found in 371 reviews
Their support of Washington State has been horrendous. found in 116 reviews
Called customer service to check for similar reported issues. found in 126 reviews
Besides that looks nice but with lots of errors to transfer money. found in 266 reviews
Please integrate Touch ID login like Amex app. found in 344 reviews
You cannot make payments unless you have a boa checking. found in 107 reviews
I can't pay my credit card bill with an external account. found in 133 reviews
Largest bank in the US has the worst mobile banking app. found in 669 reviews
After installing ios8 mobile check deposits don't work. found in 693 reviews
Crashes every time I try to take a picture of a check to deposit. found in 183 reviews
App crashes every time I try to take a picture of a check for a deposit. found in 183 reviews
Used to work great now its good as trash. found in 300 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Bank of America - Mobile Banking for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Bank of America - Mobile Banking app version 4.0.392 has been updated on 2014-11-23. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 2.1 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Bank of America - Mobile Banking check developer Bank of America`s website :

Mobile Banking allows you to check available balances, pay bills, transfer funds or locate ATMs and banking centers on-the-go. It s fast, easy and convenient. It s a free service and available to ...
I like this update because the touch id integration But it almost never works on my Apple watch Sometimes it does work but most of the time it shows a message saying We are sorry the app is unavailable at the moment           Apple watch works only 50 of the time
All the accounts that are online desktop are not showing up in the mobile app Whatever feature is online should be enabled in the mobile version I would think           Not all transfer options showing
Im trying to send money to someone but the app is only allowing me to enter my information to receive money instead of the person Im trying to send money too Now Im going to have make a inconvenient trip to the bank for a simple transfer I also bank at USAA and they have an awesome mobile app that works        Transfer Money
I usually dont write reviews but this one is an exception The Touch ID make easier to use the app on my daily basic Really love it Now try to add widget to let know about the current balance without sign in into the app                 Finally the wait is over
It wont let me sign in without loading Please wait message     NEW UPDATE HAS LOADING ERRORS
I love the new update                 Great update
Thanks for updating now is much easier to login to quickly change check my account I really love it                 Amazing
I never write reviews but the fact that BOA now has Touch ID is amazing Ive always loved how I could sign into my discover account with Touch ID and was patiently for my debit accounts to catch up Congrats to Bank of America for doing it before Wells Fargo You guys rock                 Great
I hate the new photos that greet me every time I use the app     Hate the photos
Thanks for implementing Touch ID and for bringing back the ability to launch the app via URL scheme in Launch Center Pro However with the recent update when I launch BofA from Launch Center Pro using the URL the app hangs at the splash screen I have to swipe the screen aside and tap Sign In in order to access the Touch ID screen If I launch the app by clicking the native app icon rather than using the URL the app appropriately opens at the Touch ID sign in screen and I can immediately sign into the app Can you fix this behavior so that the app will open at the Touch ID screen when launched via the URL scheme              URL scheme support and Touch ID
I have used Chase Amex apps But have to say BofA is the fastest to login and view my accounts Its super fast                 Awesome n quick
Spanish please                 Hey
It is tha bomb and you know it Great features and finally biometric access to your accounts                 Yessir
but finally Touch ID Thanks                 Dont know what took so long
I love the ID touch been waiting on this for a long time                 BoA
Optimized for iphone 6 plus and now touch ID ok now you deserve a 5 star rating                 Touch ID
Cant sign in the app wont even let me enter my login info Instead I repeatedly got a popup message saying Login failed Please retry Id love to retry if only the app would let me but it wont Please fix ASAP     Latest update is a FAIL
I have an iPhone 5c so the Touch ID does not work It would be great for those of us who do not have this capability to be able to swipe the screen to see our balance instead of having to log in Everything else is good though              Good Update BUT
No longer works after updating on 91215     Check deposit via image capture
perfect mobile banking app                 does everything I need
App of the decade I love all the features and especially the Touch ID is out of the world Thank you BoA for hearing the customer feedbacks                 Excellent
Finally a more secure way to log in Thanks for implementing Touch ID It makes the rest of the features seem even better than before                 Touch ID
Finally Touch ID                 Touch ID
Without a doubt BoA have taken mobile banking to the next level With all the new features banking is way more easy convenient and fun Keep it up This app development team deserves my 5 stars Thanks for listening                 The 1 Mobile Banking App
Now with touch id this app just rocks                 App Rocks
Now that it supports TouchID the only thing remaining is for the Merrill Edge app to do it too                 Finally TouchID
This is a very convenient tool in todays high technology society Its become just as a daily use as my phone online mobile banking is now part of a lifestyle and mandatory tool in our world today                 Love this app
Finally they added touchid Some of the graphics are a little fuzzy and not full res but overall a good offering              Finally touchid
So far                 Its really great
I havent been able to get into this app for 3 days Normally its super easy for me to check my accounts and make sure I stay in the black I even deleted it and downloaded again an its still giving me an error When I click on app support that also goes no where I assume everyone is having the same issue and they are all trying to get support I hope this gets fixed soon and I shouldnt get a penalty if I overdraft my account since I cant see itlol Other than this glitch I really dig this app Easy to transfer money between accounts and find bank locations when I need them and I am in an unfamiliar part of town           Whats going on
Wow This update is awesome Great UI Love the apple watch support Looks great on the watch Sooo useful This is THE banking app Your team is the best                 Great update
This update is seriously so cool So much easier to sign in when you use this app pretty often like myself Love it                 Awesome
A very good app great mobile photo deposit function money transfer feature and credit card payments bill pays and alerts all these are excellent features Was excited about finger print sign in added to this new version got email about successfully setting it up but upon every fingerprint sensor it gives some kind of error either your information doesnt match our records or something else along those lines This is the only app that has a problem with finger scanning Do you guys even test any new features that you introduce Please do              Great app but touch ID is epic fail
Great app use it everyday New touch option works awesome Makes it so much easier The design is simple and clean as well                 Love the update
Super cool seamless Amazing user experience and Touch ID helped lazy me                 Wow
About time                 TouchId
I love it Its much better It is easy to access with my Touch ID Now I dont have to worry about my password when I am at public Thank you Bank of America                 Nice new update
Thank you for the touch id sign in                 Touch id
New version of the app crashes upon entering my password     Crash Burn
We need the ability to see only mobile deposits on one screen and to see when the check clears If I deposit like 10 checks throughout the month it would be nice to see all of them in one section and see if they cleared so I can shred themnow I have to go through the entire transaction list to find the mobile deposits check the amount find the check that matches then shred it Many other banks have this featureBOA does not Anyone know if this will be forthcoming           See Mobile Deposits in one place
Touch ID is great and all but I still cant pay my mortgage through the app        Still cant pay my mortgage
Thank you for finally incorporating Touch ID Makes life so much easier to log in Without have to enter my Pw at least twice                 Finally Touch ID
makes the BoA app great I was already a fan of the appbased check deposit feature Now that theyve added TouchID login this app gets a solid five stars from me                 Touch ID plus deposit checks via app
Inquiring about any Bank of America account interested in investing no funds but just 24hours want to make 900015000 using the mobile deposit app call 17862295697                 Serious inquires
I love this app Especially with the new fingerprint sign in its the best                 Great
Always loved the ease of this app now its the best mobile banking app ever                 Fingerprint Unlock
Yay theyve added Touch ID support now Now its a very solid dependable banking app Nice                 Good app once logged in
The app works well and fast I love the new update and I am happy I can now use my fingerprint to log in I am not sure if I am able to see my cash back rewards on the app or if I have not found it yet              Great
Awesome                 Good job
Great update BofA Make Touch ID available for multiple accounts and Ill give you 5 stars              Finally Touch ID

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