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Wardrum Studios , brings Auralux with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Auralux app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • An RTS game boiled down to its essentials..
  • Never bothered to write a review before..
  • Can you make a multiplayer mode..
  • Definitely one of the best strategy games I've ever played..
  • Mange your very basic troops in a beyond basic strategy game..

Overall Satisfactionc94
Definitely one of the best strategy games I've ever played.
Amazing game makes me sit on the pot for a hour.
It's one of the best games I've played in any mobile device.
I would definitely recommend this game with my full respect.
love the musical touch to correspond to the actions in-game.
Timing is everything in this wonderful game.
Have this game on my phone iPad and husbands phone awesome game.
Fun & Engagingc93
Awesome game that will tickle your brain.
It's fun and challenging while also being very stimulating.
The colors are brilliant and it is very addictive.
Super fun with the introduction of a minimalistic type of war.
Very fun game that will keep you playing and having fun.
simple and lovely graphics and an addictive gameplay.
It is an awesome strategy game.
Quick and fast paced.
I play this game every day and love the new level.
Replay Valuec86
Wishing they make some more levels or an Auralux2.
It's fun and challenging while also being very stimulating.
It's very easy to learn and play and challenging to master.
Reddit brought me to this game and it was totally worth it.
I'm terribly addicted to this game and bought all levels.
with lots of addictive and challenging gameplay.
This game = awesome Keep those free levels coming.
good replay value with additional content packs and speed mode.
must download for those who like a good strategic game.
Social Aspectsc85
Add multiplayer and its the best strategy game.
I wanna beat my girlfriend in a head to head.
Production Valuesc93
great sound effects and ethereal music make this a must get.
The music and sound complement the visuals and simple gameplay nicely.
Great strategy game and beautiful graphics.
Great strategy/puzzle game with cool graphics.
Love the audio and visuals.
Stunning game with great strategy.
Ease of Usec95
It's very easy to learn and play and challenging to master.
The music and sound complement the visuals and simple gameplay nicely.

good replay value with additional content packs and speed mode. found in 8 reviews
challenging game that will keep you coming back for more. found in 2 reviews
Simple command and conquer play that is entertaining. found in 4 reviews
Visually stunning and Great time killer. found in 20 reviews
Your planet spawns one unit and so does your opponents planet. found in 3 reviews
Mini rts great for passing time. found in 8 reviews
Simple strategy time waster. found in 9 reviews
would catapult it to being the top strategy game on the market. found in 7 reviews
It's fun and challenging while also being very stimulating. found in 54 reviews
Btw: THE NARWHAL BACONS AT MIDNIGHT. found in 3 reviews
It's amazing how well time flies when you're playing this game. found in 8 reviews
The music and sound complement the visuals and simple gameplay nicely. found in 31 reviews
love the musical touch to correspond to the actions in-game. found in 12 reviews
Very fun game that will keep you playing and having fun. found in 28 reviews
Had me playing for an hour straight. found in 3 reviews
The most non-violent war strategy game ever. found in 1 reviews
this simple game is the best space war game ever made. found in 5 reviews
This game is simple yet elegant. found in 6 reviews
Each time I play this game I am reminded of Enders game. found in 28 reviews
and I'm always glad to support a fellow redditor. found in 7 reviews
Latest Upgrade deleted Times and Previous Purchases. found in 2 reviews
Missing a few features and gets annoying. found in 2 reviews
Fun game to waste time. found in 7 reviews
My beef is the developer seems to have abandoned it. found in 1 reviews
I refuse to pay for basic game features like that. found in 3 reviews
it seems as if they produce more units faster than you. found in 4 reviews
no annoying Facebook sharing pop ups. found in 2 reviews
It's fun pretty challenging but needs multiplayer. found in 18 reviews
Want faster speeds but necessarily changing the difficulty level. found in 3 reviews
I just wish it had a multiplayer option. found in 7 reviews
There is no price on buying packs. found in 2 reviews
the whole game crashed and I lost all progress. found in 3 reviews
If latest update deletes purchased levels & speed mode. found in 8 reviews
I have one MAJOR issue. found in 1 reviews
poor delivery. found in 1 reviews
Great Game But Needs More. found in 3 reviews
but now every time I try to open it it will not let me. found in 4 reviews
UPDATE: Most recent update wiped out all recorded times and achievements. found in 11 reviews
Interesting game but annoying. found in 1 reviews
The last upgrade erased all my purchased levels. found in 8 reviews
it's very frustrating because the computer opponents rarely attack each other. found in 8 reviews
Last update erased all of my previous purchases. found in 3 reviews
Really don't want to restart from scratch again. found in 6 reviews
Gets boring after awhile. found in 2 reviews
The easy level is indeed easy--and isn't very engaging. found in 3 reviews
Now every time I try to open the game it crashes. found in 4 reviews
until I beat the first level and then the app wouldn't open again. found in 10 reviews
It also will not save my completed levels or goals. found in 4 reviews

The Auralux is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is available in multiple languages: English, French, German, Korean, Spanish. It weighs in at only 47.2 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0 has been released on 2014-11-24. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
More Info: Find more info about Auralux in Wardrum Studios`s Official Website :

Auralux is an abstract, essentialized, and simplified real-time strategy game. You command only one type of unit and have only one type of order to give those units. You and your opponents start the game with ...
I had this game beat it and deleted it It gets bland Needs unique multiplayer maps and more campaign maps        Read please
This game would be way way better if multiplayer was in it love this game please add multiplayer           Need multiplayer
I love this game It has lots of strategy and some of the levels are very challenging The only thing it needs is realtime multiplayer If it would be 1 v 1 v 1 v 1 with chat that would be awesome Otherwise this game is awesome                 So good
It is flipping awesome                 Worth your time
I dunno I feel three should be maps you can build on your own ya know Anyway that wold be great Keep up the good work                 Costume sandbox maps
I like the game but I also have a couple gripes First off the add on packs 199 each Come on Plus it would be nice to have the levels sorted by pack after purchase instead of having to scroll through 20 different levels I bought the speed add on What a waste of money Yeh the default speed is a little slow for some but the speed level is too fast Its stupidly fast So I give it four stars four game play and subtract one for the reasons stated              Good gamebut
I love this game I would probably rate it 5s but it needs some things 1 It needs multiplayer online This game would be more interesting if you had real people to play with 2 It needs more FREE levels I dont care if I have to watch 5 videos it would be worth it to get a new level in this game 3 You should be able to be another color besides blue am I right What would be interesting is if you could unlock different colors and play as them Maybe the different colors could have different levels I dont know The point is I like green and I would love to be able to be green 4 You should be able to save your data somewhere besides google play thing Anyway thanks for making this game Keep doing what you are doing              The game itself is GREAT
This game is amazing It is a great way to pass the time and is fun to play even without buying the inapppurchases It is a relaxing and entertaining game and if you find the right strategy the game is really easy too even on hard levels The graph at the end of each level is cool too It lets you see how you rose to the top and conquered the other colors This game also give great hints for each level that can help a player develop a strategy The game also lets you pause your game so you can return to it at any time The game is also designed beautifully This is a game that really deserves five stars                 My favorite game
This is one of the best free games that I could fing that nvolves war I only wish that it had multiplayer so please make that a future update Besides that great game and TOTALLY GET THIS                 Amazing game but needs mutliplayer Lux Spacewars
This game is absolutely amazing What would be more amazing is if you would add more free levels                 Awesome
This is a very fun game If you like strategy and dominating then this is right for you                 Great game
Its a better version of Agar just more strategy                 Needs Multiplayer like Agar
Its a great gamei just wish the other levels were free              Make it free
This is a really fun game I like the concept of it I would love to see more free maps in the future It would also be really cool if you could customize the color of your sun or add different types of sound tracks I love this game its fun relaxing and it last for quite a while                 Thanks for the fun game
I love this game but they should make a multiplayer                 Multiplayer
You gotta act smart since the AI is very good Is really fun but it would be better if it had multiplayer              Great game however needs multiplayer
I really like this game its like building up ur army and atacking othersi also love it be cause its strategy                 Awesomeee
A long time ago I had this game and loved it When my phone broke I had to wait a few months until I got a new one and forgot the name I have searched for at least three years for this and finally found it Great game I recommend it to anyone                 Amazing Game
This is a brilliant realtime strategy but I would like multiplayer support the ability to change the color you play as a color blind mode and any way possible to prolong battery life while playing Seriously this game will kill your battery but thats my only major complaint              Great potential for improvement
Its a really good game relaxing and challenging at the same time The levels are unexpectedly disadvantaging the players to work out a strategy While it is not recommended for the common toolazytothink people the others with average will and wit might find it amusing I wish i could change my sun colour from the default blue to yellow or sakura pink to the extreme Well done                 Amazing
Not lag the game is simply slow but you can speed it up for a price Its a worse version of ant wars        Slow
I really love this game I love the concept and every thing but it would be great if they would 1 set up an online mode or something where you could play with your friends 2 make it to where you could make your own map 3 make even more maps 4 make it to wear you could play with more than three other players                 Great game but it could improve
I personally love this game the concept the sound the style the art all great but it could do with a few additions First of all LEVEL EDITOR it would be awesome to create your own levels and share them amongst other people As I have seen in another review I think multiplayer would be a good idea Also the AI isnt the smartest Im not saying the programmer was bad just i think it could have a few improvements For instance if you build a secret fleet as i like to call it near one of their stars the AI will not do a thing about allowing you to take stars easily I just beat oculuc which is supposed to be hard using this tactic and it was fairly easy My review seems to be getting long so if you cant implement this into the current game make an auralax 2 i would definately buy it                 Great but a few suggestions
Look This game is epic and really relaxing but theres TWO things missing MULTIPLAYER and CREATE A LEVEL This game would be WAY MORE BETTER if it had those two options PLEEEEEEZ UPDATE IT SOOOOOON              Needs more modes
If you dont have multiplayer already add it its always great to have                 Great
Dont bother downloading this The game is not even remotely enjoyable unless you get the speed upgrade purchase for and even then new levels cost more Simply put these guys just ripped off Galcon and added stupid inapp purchases to unlock 90 of the game It doesnt even have multiplayer Youre better off spending a couple of bucks on Galcon its a far superior game Do not give these guys the satisfaction of even downloading this free app Youll end up spending way more than its worth just to get the game running as it should stock     Poorly made ripoff of Galcon
My opinion is to make it move faster and to a better speed Otherwise it is fun but I hate that you start over every thing that you work for if you do not beat it Otherwise again you should download it its fun but prepare your self it is slow trust me              Pretty fun but its slow
This game is so awesome and strategic It would be EVEN better to play with friends              AmazingCould use multiplayer
I absolutely love the concept of this game and really challenges you The literal only thing I would say is for you to come back and update it more often with maybe online play like some people have been saying or some new ideas for how the mechanics should go to keep it unique                 1010 wish you would come back again
The faster upgrade should be free Theres a great game exactly like this one called solar max Its on the App Store and its pretty awesome This ones good but the whole super slow thing gets boring and if youre trying to earn money then Id recommend making the fast thing free and making people pay for no ads and stuff like that                 Good but
Adding multiplayer would make this game 10x more amazing Getting matched with opponents MMO style would definitely be my first choice for multiplayer My second choice would be to be able to play againstwith friends but this second option is more limiting Obviously having both options would be best Still this is the best strategy game Ive found in the App Store 45 because there is no multiplayer              Needs multiplayer but great game
This is a fun game dont get me wrong but winning on the harder maps seems to require only one strategy hope to Christ the AIs attack each other              Fun game but why bother having three colors
Its a very tempting game but desperately needs more levels I wish there will be an update soon              Very nice game
Why do they always team up its always 3v1 or 2v1 its so annoying I cant make it past the level with four colors because pink and green love to team up when I finally kill red or pink one handedly destroys everyone pink is to aggressive pink never loses and its probably because the colors all focus on me they have not once attacked pink change the Ai or I will have to stop playing and i will strongly dislike this game and I wont recommend it and trust me I dont wanna do that i loved this game up until the teaming it always happens some how they end up teaming     Absolutely horrible ai
Game is a pure strategy game Yes you do need Speed Mode or its excruciatingly slow and unplayable My beef is the developer seems to have abandoned it So it gets 4 starts instead of 5 Last pack was lame and now nothing for more than a year              Great gamebut the developer seems to have abandoned it
Well look Im a very strategic player and very picky about games and people are right the game is slow but it makes sense for it to be slow or else this game would be baloney I play clash of clans and this game is perfect for wait for troops to finish etc                 Get this game
Its a very fun strategy game if you get it it is worth bying the extra maps with fasy nad slow mode                 Very fun
PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE GETTING OR IF YOUR THE GAME DESIGNERS This is a fun game until you get to normal mode then thats when the problems show The game is a relaxing fun easy play style Heres the problems 1 the designers made it to where on most of the maps you have the disadvantage whymake it even They put you in the middle of the other teams or make it so you have les unclaimed sun choices 2 to add on to to the disadvantage the other 2 teams team up on you They constantly beat on you 3 THE GAME IS SLOW I know I said it was a slow relaxing game but I mean its way to slow You can buy a speed mode 99 I think but then the game looks way to fast make an speed adjustment 4 the other teams rarely attack each other the only time they do is if the one of the opposite teams are close if you are all completely even they chose you over the other team basically like I said they team up on you 5 they chose the sun path towards you most of the time they dont try to spread out evenly so it ends up cornering you or leaving you with fewer choices So basically the game now for me is I hope the other teams chose an even sun path and attack each other a little bit so I stand a chance like I said it has potential to be a really great time passing relaxing phone game Thanks for reading hope these changes come soon           Okay game with potential
I never write reviews but this game is definitely worth checking out                 Cool Game
If you think the graphics are a little crappy dont let that carry you away This is actually super fun and strategic youll be hooked for hours                 Better than it looks
Exactly what I want A challenging but beatable strategy game that makes you think and has enough action to keep you engaged                 Fantastic strategy game
Stable game Fun to play Can be challenging I like its astrological theme Needs more levels in the free version Or more levels per pack in the inapp purchases maybe combine a level pack or two in pairs so it doesnt feel like I have to purchase sooo many Items just to get the full game Great game though Im broke and want more levels Gimme for free please Totally worth the 5 stars though Smooth gameplay Doesnt crash Compatible with most iOS I use an old iOS version So am glad to have the game PS some other reviews complain of comps team up on you Ya so what Thats how ai Works Otherwise the gsme eould be way to easy You have a brain The computer only has a set amount of algorithms to use I bet they get angry when they play computer chess on the difficult setting So my advise is Make brain smarter and then play normal mode The mention of multiplayer sounds cool Also to the developers maybe if people complain about game difficulty to just add some more easy levels to the game Add more levels please maybe that will make em happy I like the game though PPS i get mad at computer chess on hard mode too sometimes                 Jeffs 5 star review
This is a great simplified version of a great style game however the pace is way too slow Simple games take 20 minutes which just gets irritating after awhile           Fun game great music SLOW pace
Great app Only issue I have is that they sell new sets of games for 2 and you only get a handful then need to buy more                 I am so addicted
Fantastic game Fun to mess around with and the hard and insane levels are actually challenging Speed and Nova mode are pretty stellar also Would buy but its free                 Great
Defiantly an awesome game i wish you would make it where it be multiplayer that would make this game the best ever on the App Store you could make it on multiplayer where you have to make your home planet grow u could keep it the same but make it like a space travel game colonize planets that you find try to take over other enemy planets also you can make it where the planet as soon as you colonize it it has your initials or your name in the middle of it                 Hello love the game but could u make it multiplayer this is awesome
I love these games but that slogan is not good Nearly all forms of media are also forms of art especially games which oh you know have artists work on them Fueling that argument is not good there should be no argument in the first place Art is art              Really
Its free and a decent game I wish there was some sort of upgrades though maybe your dots would be able to take down two enemies before they die and points could be awarded every completed level hard3 medium2 easy1 so that people would continue playing Also have the ability to spend those points on a different color and maybe your own galaxy insignia But overall a nice free simple game Very relaxing at times              Fun game
The free version of Galcon is better Why waste your time here Hey guys making your game so obnoxiously slow that you never want to play it is not a good incentive to upgrade Playability should be basic     Not worth the brain freeze
This is an awesome simple yet very hard and fun addicting game This only needs multiplayer then this will be even more amazing                 Amazing

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