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Description - ArtStudio - draw, paint and edit photo LITE

Lucky Clan , the publisher behind many iOS app (Time Lapse! ,Arcade Pool Online ,ArtStudio for iPad - draw, paint and edit photo ,Top Camera for iPad - photo / video app with HDR, slow shutter, folders and editor ,SlowCam - Realtime Slow Motion Video Camera ,Video Reverse), brings ArtStudio - draw, paint and edit photo LITE with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. ArtStudio - draw, paint and edit photo LITE app has been update to version 3.3 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Perfect for passing time or importing images to edit..
  • Super ap great for adults and fun for kids..
  • Great study tool..
  • It's kinda like mini photo shop in you pocket..
  • Lots of fun and makes it easy to edit pictures..

Overall Satisfactionc90
This is definitely the best drawing app I can find.
I find it to be one of the best art apps you can find.
Perfect drawing/ editing app to take on the go.
Now app freezes every time when trying to edit photo.
It's the best drawing and photo editing tool I've ever used.
entertaining and one of the best paint apps out there.
I highly recommend Art Studio Lite over Doodle Buddy.
I'd definitely recommend it to anybody looking for a drawing application.
This app is super amazing.
Fun & Engagingc81
Best mobile photo edit app ever.
I really like this app it's fun and easy to work with.
I swear this is the ONLY awesome drawing app on app store.
Perfect for passing time or importing images to edit.
And sooo much fun.
Definitely a fun toy.
Fun on the run.
Lots of useful features.
It has all sorts of features and everything.
This app helps me alot now I can design my pics.
topped off with extras and helpful tutorials.
Most useful app I've ever used.
Everything I need in a photo editor.
Production Valuesc78
It has so many options and great effects and tools.
Great effects and easy to use.
fabulous variety of adjustable tools and wonderful interface.
and a wonderful interface.
Ease of Usec85
it's hard to get used to the interface.
It's quick easy to navigate through and use.
soooo easy to use.
Not just another simple drawing app.
It has so many options and great effects and tools.
Great tools and fairly intuitive.
Updates & Supportc91
This is excellent for a lite version of an app.
I am strongly considering upgrading to the full version.

The best photo -editing/composing app ever. found in 17 reviews
I really like this app for editing and messing with my photos. found in 10 reviews
It is very similar to the older Adobe Photoshop programs. found in 12 reviews
It's the best drawing and photo editing tool I've ever used. found in 95 reviews
it is like being in a personal art studio -- and frrrrrreeeeeeee. found in 82 reviews
This is definitely the best drawing app I can find. found in 144 reviews
Best free drawing /photo editing app out there. found in 14 reviews
It's like a mini Photoshop for free on your iPod. found in 14 reviews
This is excellent for a lite version of an app. found in 10 reviews
ArtStudio Lite can handle anything with minimal to no errors. found in 25 reviews
ArtStudio has surpassed any painting app on iTunes. found in 16 reviews
Its hard to draw with the ads and its highly annoying. found in 2 reviews
Amazing App but One Problem. found in 1 reviews
needs better tutorial for all options. found in 2 reviews
but now when I try to upload a picture. found in 2 reviews
Better directions please. found in 1 reviews
If you're familiar with Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro. found in 3 reviews
i cannot find the save button. found in 4 reviews
Great app but 1 small problem. found in 1 reviews
Gets the job done when you don't have a PC. found in 1 reviews
Thank you for ruining my life. found in 1 reviews
Allows you to save your work without having to register/login. found in 35 reviews
Offset Drawing problem on iOS5. found in 1 reviews
New layout is horrible. found in 1 reviews
So please make an update. found in 2 reviews
but I don't like the update. found in 2 reviews
new one frustrating. found in 1 reviews
I can't figure out how to erase or delete my drawing. found in 6 reviews
I can't find a place to save images. found in 2 reviews
it crashes whenever I try to import or crop a picture. found in 6 reviews
no user options unleas you buy full thing. found in 3 reviews
Not working for iPhone 5. found in 2 reviews
it doesn't go onto my new layer. found in 2 reviews
then the update happened. found in 3 reviews

The ArtStudio - draw, paint and edit photo LITE is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 3.3 has been released on 2014-11-11. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later
More Info: Find more info about ArtStudio - draw, paint and edit photo LITE in Lucky Clan`s Official Website :

ArtStudio is a professional drawing / painting application. It uses advanced mathematics to attain the highest level of quality, at the same time offering incredible performance achieved through numerous code optimizations. See ArtStudio in action: Old ...
Ever wanna photo some your friend looking a donut well you can do is super fast on you iphone now Interface is difficult to navigate but with some exploring it s not difficult                 Quick and dirty gets the job done Rgiggd
This is my number one drawing all I always use One drawback is if it crashes you lose all progress if you don t save to photos repeatedly Happened yesterday and I can t find any way of retrieving all I did on a project Very unhappy                 Great app always use one flaw Frank170139
love it if you could make it for android users and such it would be so amazing since i have an amazon tablet and unable to use this app on it                     AndROID keemstar99999
Amazingly awesome app I love it                     Super cool Beazluv
I was able to learn how to edit better on this app than I have on my laptop I wish they made this app for Windows I am very surprised as what I can create on a mobile device                     Powerful editing app Ssdffghjjkk
Soooo fun love printing out my photos cleaner than doing real art XD                     Relaxing easy and you can do art anywhere ChildeRoland19
I love this app so much I make all of my phone and computer wallpapers with this amazing app I definitely recommend it I have bought a lot of art apps but I have never been this satisfied with my purchase BEST ART APP OUT THERE                     Best art app out there T.Stewart524
This is really nice and convenient for drawing if you wanted to draw digitally with or if you only have your phone iPad                     Really great and perfect for digital drawings #1anime/mangafan
Love the app Finally a paint app that allows for layer usage instead of these fake collage apps that have specific layouts preprogrammed for specific ways you can lay your design out Much rather have the flexibility of this app to lace my layers as I wish                     Needs a close button Knight Omega
Great app                     Bravo ZeeMeWin
Yuuuuuupppppp get it                     Yup §jack§
Whenever i m drawing on a white background i save it to my images but some other colored pixels are on the white Now i use this app for graal and i make blinking heads but when i set transperacy There are alot of pixels in the air cause its supposed to be ALL white     Eeerrrr boopersplooper
So ppl are sayimg that they cant like delete a drawimg or something but if u click files you will see a button that says new so click on it tbh i was actully gonna give it 3 stars cause i have to freakin delete the game to get a blank picture Moral Be sure ur statement is correct XD i sound like an serious adult                     Pls read this The lonely turtlez
Live it                     Great app Jjb11643
I ve been using this for digital art for a while now and it s amazing I like doing anime because I have no life and this works well with that You can zoom in really far there aren t brushes that you have to pay for not that I really use that many brushes and they have filters 0 Though in the free version you only get three layers you can still work with that Sketch outline throw away the sketch and background then colour You don t really need seventy million layers at once just merge them It s pretty much a mini Painttool Sai which is helpful since my jerk brother broke my laptop Though you will have to play around with it to find a few features But awesome overall                     I love it Iskcjsnxjjskak
Besides the extreme shrinking from the demo this app is perfect i recommend buying it                     Excellent Ulydacop
I LOVE IT now I don t have to use so much paper and I love that it has lairs IT WAS WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR                     AMAZING Aphmauaarmau❤️
They really understood how to simplify photoshop and make it intuitive and easy to use on a phone That s the one problem I have with most art apps they have really great art editing but things that require too much finesse and would really require a computer to work correctly I mostly make memes                     Photoshop built for a phone 1stargod
This app is incredibly easy to use and understand Probably the best free art app out there Totally recommend                     Phenomenal HearMyRoar
This is by far the best art app on the App Store I ve been looking for a good digital art program for ages and this one is my favourite It gives you a good amount of tools layers colours and other useful features and the finished product looks amazing I also like how this version doesn t press you over and over to get the full version It s just like Hey if you want more canvases and layers and stuff just buy the full version It doesn t constantly remind you and take away vital tools My only suggestion is maybe make the canvas less pixelated and blurred It s hard to draw small things on such a pixelated canvas and when you export them they look all blurry like you pulled them off of Google images or something But other than that excellent game I will be buying the full version once I have the money                     Incredible the_eden_wolf
A fun non mess way to experiment with color and movement                     Quick easy attractive art culleyhc
Can t use more than a single image     Non functional Ecophage
So far so good I absolutely love the endless features and abilities to be able to manipulate edit add delete all sorts of details on any photo You always have that one person who doesn t pay attention while taking photographs or that darn photobomber who ruins the shot This app allows endless editing tricks to perfect your image to your personal liking                     For the creative perfectionist Jaydhen
Great app                     Good Yatothecheapgod
I ve been using this app for quite a while now and I think this app is one of the best drawing apps out their for phones in my opinion                     Amazing bonniebunny20
Told me the max canvas size was roughly 400x300 pixels Pointless even for a demo Not even worth the time to download     Useless limitation Intertube consumer
I downloaded many apps so I can photoshop a picture and could not accomplish it I downloaded this one and it did exactly what I was looking for Thank you                     This app is great Eg7737
This app is amazing You ll get used to it over time and you ll make a masterpiece I finally found what I was looking for                     Amazing SanDiegoDiver
It wont load at all it only crashes over and over and over     Keeps crashing AnonymousPeoples
does everything adding text to drawing to distort skew resize im falling asleep as i write this so it wont make sense but this is like cheap photoshop for ur phone its amazig and free just dload it what r u waiting for                     literally best phone editing app ever Vick97
So this app is decent But I had the full version on my I pad and when they ported it to iPhone I was so happy Except for the fact that I would have to buy it again Please help         WAHT DO I DO Unicorno_
I love this app It s like photoshop for my phone Makes editing and creating pictures easy                     Perfect Kayadme
Honestly best app for editing images on mobile and I m a pretty critical person I think it could have more intuitive scaling moving and rotating features but that s just because I dislike having to select edit transform Too many buttons and all But yeah good app                     Good stuff My cat licks itself ontop of me
Everything is amazing The art style options are great too                     Amazing ScarletBC4536
I was really looking for a functional drawing app with the essential tools i needed and this one is definitely it                     Fantastic Great Tower defense game!
Does exactly what I want being able to mark out lists without trying to crop it and allows to mark out lines in the center of images Very helpful                     Awesome app Aquadirt
My Favorite meme maker                     Great OceansGratitude
This app is better than all the other editing apps I use U have to get                     Amazing SeoSerenity
Diverse yet simple to use It s perfect Exactly what I need                     I love it Cyber suede
I love it so much                     Amazing Lily the Mechanic
I think this is such an amazing app the only problem i found with it is that out of the year that i got this app there has been at least 3 to 4 crashes And it would reset everything and it sucked because i had these specific colors and i had to find them all over again which was a shame Other than that it is a really good app for love to edit pictures I hope you find it as awesome as i do                 Amazing With just one problem
Very helpful application                 Helpful
This app used to be really good for me but now theres a bug where it crashes a lot and doesnt save I cant work with it at all now        Needs Update Badly
I love this I will invest in the full version after I learn how to use all the features the free version already has My drawings look pretty good here                 Its amazing
Been using it for two years will continue to use                 Its free and it works great app
good app the free version is great easy to use a lot of options its just like a simpler app version of Photoshop and I use it all the time 55 would recommend it                 NICE
I have AN isuee when ever i log in i crash alwaysfix thise bug or i MITH tell my cousin and friends not to dowload PLEASE FIX THE CRASHING BUG THE SCREEN IN ME GOES TO FAST     WORST APP EVER CRASHES
GOOD FOR DRAW                 G00d
Exported photos are lesser quality than originals           App works flawlessly however
I was working on an art project for 5 hours and I exited the program to find a reference picture Suddenly when I reopened the program it said Loading Error and it completely erased my project I was almost finished with it which really ticks me off Ive tried saving my artwork progress but all I am able to do it export the image to my photos This doesnt work for me because I used multiple layers in my project I cannot import from my photos all of the layers in the picture and so it would all be just one layer Not only that the pictures quality when imported once again is terrible and unusable Im using my iPod and I dont know if the Save As is only available for iPad or other tablets but if it is then it needs to be changed so that all devices can save their art I tried looking at the User Manual for some help and I found that my downloaded version of the app doesnt even have the Save As icon as an option If there were a way to save progress effectively then my art wouldnt have been destroyed forever Fix this If it doesnt get fixed I will no longer use this app because thats crap I know fellow artists feel the same Ive been put in a really bad mood and now Ive lost my inspiration to try drawing it again because fearing the same problem will occur once more     This is Unacceptable
So I was drawing and I needed to check the color of the characters eyes I was drawing on safari When I come back ITS GONE HonestlyIm not going to pay 500 for the pro version Horrible     Horriblejust horrible
Ive had this app for a fee months and have loved it so much but it has just now started crashing and wont open I am so unbelievably mad because this it the only app that I like the way it works All the brushes and such are amazing Please fix the app so that it stops crashing because I like this one over all others           Fix it
Love this app easy to use Excellent results and Im a beginner                 Fantastic
Such a great and easy app to use for all my basic photo editing needs                 Great app
This app is perfect So much freedom So much detail So much love                 Love
Optional tutorial explaining how to use the tools                 It works
As close to Photoshop that you can get on a phone                 Love this app
The only reason why I continue to use this app is because there are no other drawing programs that I can use I hate this app because I keep making projects that take hours even days to complete only to find that said project had been wiped and theres no way to get it back because thered been no way to have saved it Unless you update soon I might have to delete the app There is no way that I will ever get the paid version        I HATE THIS STUPID APP
This is beyond amazing and more than what I had ever even expected with an app There is soo much to explore that its hard to keep track Amazing work with this Professional grade and I highly recommend                 Better than ever expected
Ive tried several art apps but ArtStudio is the best so far I have no complaints Its easy to use easy to learn and pretty fun                 Amazing I love it
Very pleased with this app Sweet color control Mega merging I would certainly say its user friendly Bon appetit                 Art studio lite review
This is the story of the ghost of art studio It is a story filled with many tragedies and a final bitter end but it must be told Long ago about a year ago someone downloaded the art studio app as her first app It was a pretty good app and things ran smoothly without the terrors of ads But alas as all app stories go this wasnt to be First it started crashing on different things releasing hardtoiled art into the depths of digitalized horrors The grieved downloader left not knowing if shed be able to come back She did She gave the art studio a second chance gathering her wits about her and started work on a small drawing She happily added lines and strokes the advertisement on the bottom of the screen not bothering her a bit She went to export It crashed but she tried again and it seemed to be working this time and so she leaned back and as it notified her it exported successfully THE COOKIE JAM ADVERTISEMENT LEPT OUT BLARING ITS PROMISE OF A CHALLENGING GAME INTO THE ONCE TRANQUIL ROOM THE SOUND ECHOED THROUGH THE ROOM WHILE THE DOWNLOADER TRIED DESPERATELY TO TURN DOWN THE VOLUME THEN She died of a heart attack Her ghost deleted the app The end     The Ghost of Free Art Studio
I really like this app Planning to purchase full version                 Great App
Ok so this app is great except for ONE thing I cant save anything If I want to start a new drawing I have to delete the one Im working on I dont know if Im just not seeing the save button or not because I go into file and its not there This is probably too earn money but please just make it possible to save in art studio lite version please Then I would give it 5 stars           Why cant I save
congrats for the app its gimp for ios really great                 awesome app
I love the app and the tools I love having layers and that its so easily maneuvered                 Amazing
I just downloaded the app and it seems to be running smoothly But I keep accidentally opening up the Quick Menu The problem is that I dont know how I did it and I need to know              Help
This app is sterling It is definitely the most advanced photo editing app available on iOS This app is very similar to the FULL FEATURED PHOTO RETOUCHING EDITING programs used by PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS AND PHOTO EDITORS I would suggest to purchase the entire app to benefit its creators for giving us such an impeccable creation But even the free version of this app is actually very very useful you can use all features but are limited to using at most 3 active layers at a time and the free version limits you to a smaller resolution image All other photoediting app developers PLEASE take notes on every aspect of this apps userabilities this is how you design a KILLER app                 Nearly Professional Grade Editing App
By far the best painting app Ive found Could be improved but it works great for me                 Epic
I like it its great but its messing up recently              Its good but
This app is perfect I have no need to explain                 Love it
On my first drawing when I was almost done it cleared the hole page and it took me two days to draw on my second one when I was done there was nothing to save it with it only let me export to photos which didnt do anything Im not saying its a bad game just take a pic if you wanna save But its really fun and you should get it              Its fun but
The version I have 57 something is working very well on my iPod 5 touch I suggest this for many reason edits doodling etc Must have                 Aspiring Artist
Its still a very intuitive interface and my goto app for making memes Yes                 Slightly steep learning curve but
Awesome app Perfect for the Troll and artist on the go                 Awesomest to the max
This is the best app Ive ever got                 Best App
I love it                 Love it
Fun good for photoshop                 Great game
AMAZING Though the lite version only gives you 3 layers to work with this app has treated me very well                 Awesome app
Need to add a quality saving option and a cut copy paste option for combining multiple photos or elements of multiple photos              Great could be ELITE
This app is so easy to use and has a great turnout for every picture I love all the effects anyone who is thinking of getting this GET IT                 So easy and cool
This is the only app I have found that allows you to stack multiple images and paint layers with the ability to adjust transparency and retouch each layer going back and forth from layer to layer You can save your work and come back and still have access to all layers I am a professional artist and have found most other painting and photo apps for mobile are way too limited including the photoshop mobile ap which youd thing would be the best one Im upgrading to the full version of Art Studio now                 Best ap for painting and collage
This app is amazing There are so many amazing tools to use and so many features                 DOWNLOAD THIS APP
Ive been able to do so much with this app and its definitely helped my drawing skills not just on the screen but the paper too                 Best Drawing app out there
For working on road trips you cant beat this app Good job                 Great sketch pad
Every picture I uploaded was very distorted and couldnt edit WASTE OF TIME     Horrible
Awesome use this for Victoria secret angels                 Awe
The app is FABULOUS It has better brushes than many apps Ive used One of my requests is for the photos to not bepixels I think Im your next update maybe have it a little more HD Thanks           Please Read Lucky Clan
The more I use it the more I love it and I especially love the pricefree The only drawback is the quality of pictures being uploaded but you can choose to pay to upgrade this which is totally good for not only the the casual user but also the person who wants to upgrade to the next level                 Great
very good for black and white drawings                 amazing

ArtStudio - draw, paint and edit photo LITE PhotographyArtStudio - draw, paint and edit photo LITE PhotographyArtStudio - draw, paint and edit photo LITE PhotographyArtStudio - draw, paint and edit photo LITE PhotographyArtStudio - draw, paint and edit photo LITE PhotographyArtStudio - draw, paint and edit photo LITE PhotographyArtStudio - draw, paint and edit photo LITE PhotographyArtStudio - draw, paint and edit photo LITE Photography

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