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Description - AppAdvice , the publisher behind many iOS app (AppStart for iPad ,AppsGoneFree ,AppAdvice ,AppStart for iPhone), brings AppAdvice with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. AppAdvice app has been update to version 1.4.6 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Great app to stay informed about new apps and recent discounts..
  • It's the way to stay up to date on all that is mobile Apple..
  • User friendly informative my new go-to for things Applee..
  • I read the news twice a day because articles are added continually..
  • I definitely like the Monday morning wake up app podcast..

Overall Satisfactionc91
The best way to find out about essential Apps.
The very best app review and news source PERIOD.
This app has helped me select high quality apps.
Well written intros to new trends and apps that support them.
can't wait for the next update which adds more iPad features.
I go to this App first for the best information available.
Thanks AppAdvice and keep up the great work.
The ipad version needs to be like the iPhone one.
Fun & Engagingc82
Great info in concise and easy to browse format.
can't wait for the next update which adds more iPad features.
As an app addict this app has become my BFF.
Easily helps you navigate the app world without wasting time.
Awesome reviews use it all the time.
Awesome Resource for Apps.
I am quickly becoming addicted to apps.
Great way to keep up to date on happenings in the App world.
I tune in everyday to see what's new and always find something of interest.
It's the way to stay up to date on all that is mobile Apple.
I check it every day to find out great information.
Very useful information and insight- and TERRIFIC customer service.
This is my preferred news source for everything Apple and everything app.
One of those essential apps everyone should have and check daily.
Production Valuesc100
Easy interface which is informative and uncluttered.
I love the format and easy interface.
Ease of Usec96
The format makes it easy to find and digest much useful information.
It makes it easy to find apps that I wouldn't find on my own.
Simple and informative.
Easy interface which is informative and uncluttered.
I love the format and easy interface.
Updates & Supportc83
The ipad version needs to be like the iPhone one.
Very useful information and insight- and TERRIFIC customer service.
highly useful app and responsive customer service.

Provides app reccomendations & reviews plus app/ tech news. found in 44 reviews
This app pays for itself within a week when you get free apps. found in 69 reviews
I particularly enjoy the daily "Appisodes" with Robin Rhys. found in 12 reviews
This is the best app finder out there. found in 31 reviews
Wish other news sources would come in this format. found in 49 reviews
This is a real time saver when looking for apps. found in 41 reviews
This is my goto app for everything Apple. found in 12 reviews
Great app for learning latest apps and apple news. found in 85 reviews
Save money on all those "best app" magazines. found in 21 reviews
The apps gone free would more than pay for the price. found in 209 reviews
An essential app for app fanatics and general news on Apple apps. found in 63 reviews
I got some free games from reading the advice. found in 17 reviews
It has become part of my daily reading. found in 42 reviews
I use it everyday and always find interesting articles to read. found in 13 reviews
As far as keeping up to date with new apps coming out. found in 18 reviews
Easily the best and most useful app for Apple news and applications. found in 263 reviews
Check with app advice every day to see what's going on in the app world. found in 29 reviews
Great for news as well as app discovery. found in 9 reviews
This app is a must have for any iOS device owner. found in 18 reviews
makes searching easier than the web and has already paid for itself many times over. found in 14 reviews
Good but needs more iPad specific content. found in 22 reviews
But still no iphone 5 support. found in 6 reviews
Also would love to be able to email articles to others. found in 6 reviews
This app still crashes and it has too many bugs. found in 6 reviews
I wish the iPad version had separate categories like the iPhone version. found in 11 reviews
Recently it's been crashing when start clicking on different tabs. found in 9 reviews
iPad needs more functionality. found in 7 reviews
iPad version needs the other features that the iPhone version has. found in 10 reviews
A search feature would make this a 5 star app. found in 19 reviews
But I am very disappointed there is no search function. found in 38 reviews
"Unable to process your request at this time " errors have been more frequent. found in 12 reviews
Needs iPhone app features. found in 4 reviews
Good App but really needs a search function. found in 4 reviews
Must delete and re -install to get it to work again. found in 7 reviews
Great except nagging about writing a review. found in 4 reviews
" Unable to process your request at this time" errors have been more frequent. found in 14 reviews
Constant UI crash bug when embedded videos are made full screen. found in 4 reviews
The iPad version seems to be nothing but a list of articles. found in 10 reviews
Would love search engine hence the 3 star rating. found in 5 reviews
Needs iPhone Features. found in 4 reviews
Keeps loading old news. found in 5 reviews
the app will be " unable to process your request at this time". found in 14 reviews
Don't like being asked to rate app when it opens. found in 20 reviews
the app will be "unable to process your request at this time ". found in 12 reviews
That's right this app doesn't even have a search function. found in 38 reviews
but it's been crashing at launch for the last week. found in 9 reviews
Very pathetic. found in 2 reviews
Ipad needs revision. found in 7 reviews
Bugs and No iPhone 5 support. found in 6 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download AppAdvice for $1.99 from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.4.6 has been released on 2014-11-24. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about AppAdvice in`s Official Website :

There are a few questions you need answered before pushing that shiny buy button in the upper corner: Who is your AppAdvice and what does he do? (Arnold Schwarzenegger voice included) AppAdvice tells you everything there ...
It is rare nowadays that this App brings a freebie to my attention that is worthwhile Most of the offerings are aimed at toddlers or very narrow interests Only a couple times per month is anything I m interested in offered I also have a couple of additional bones to pick at apps routinely offered are not totally free as most have in app purchases To me that s Not Free And quite a few apps offered on any particular day aren t available free for the entire day Their availability expires after a few hours Thought they were free for the entire day It s truly hit and miss Just don t expect too much         Thin Pickings 40cedar
Now when I open the app I get a blank page and a message tap to reload Didn t work so I deleted and re loaded the app Same thing Buh By App Advise Nice while it worked     Great Not working Rmac927
With the time I ve spent with the sap I found it to be incredibly useful well thought out well designed filled with hundreds of pertinent reviews a lot of suggestions for apps I would enjoy and above all it s free negative reviews don t make any sense to me you should get it immediately and check it out for yourself If you don t like the app you wasted no time I think some of these negative reviews must be schizophrenics                     so a thought Pepepepepefrog
I normally use this app daily and it is frustrating to be forced to tap the back arrow twice every time I want to leave an article Also the open in Safari and share icons don t seem to work as nothing happens when tapped on These issues have existed ever since the app redesign so it has been awhile I am using the iPad Pro 9 7 and iOS 11 x Now I have to use the Appadvice website to find and share the article which is very frustrating             Frustrating Small Software Defects NiceIdeaToo
I have tried to contact these people they do not write back I have been charged again to remove watermark frankly this app isn t worth it     Charged twice to remove watermark Rebeccasalaritaylor
This app offers great value Use it daily                     Great app Polak72
I used to love the old version of app advice the new version seemed to slow the app down When you open the app it takes awhile to load Maybe in a future update they will Make it faster to load I love this app so much and it has potential to much better than this Although I am given a 2 stars it doesn t mean it s a terrible app I just mainly gave it the rating because of the load time Bring back the old app cover please the new one is not as good as the original         Pretty good but Ddale52133
Your app about apps needs an app update         Update usagirl55
Go to app link to open AppStore says not available in us store         Lists unavailable foreign apps Marklck1
As weird as it sounds I noticed yesterday that both App advice and app advice daily both open up and show me an error message stating oops something went wrong try again later After removing and re downloading the apps and power cycling I still get the same message When I try to get to them using wifi or cell data I get the same results I m just unsure of what to do     Oops something went wrong try again later Saiyancj2
I m not happy with this app at all Every time that I m reading the news I m receiving Request Not Available At This Time Try Later And I haven t had this problem before Every time that I load reload this app this happens This app should be removed     Fixed Maylline
This is one of three apps that are my must haves Sometimes I save up and won t read for several days so I can spend some leisure time looking over a weeks worth of news The variety of what they cover is great Something for everyone I love being able to link from the app advice news reviews to the App Store and will often download during my reading I appreciate that they keep one or two weeks content on board As I say I sometimes save up and then spend a happy hour or so perusing No complaints This is an update to my previous review While many reviewers seem to like the new interface I find it very schizophrenic and disorganized Much less user friendly The previous interface was easy to scroll through to review various articles etc in addition you can simply drop down to find various guides and categories of apps Now you have to hunt to find anything specific that you re looking for This is gone from one of my three must haves to hardly using anymore         Great App well not so much now Iatrosm
Why can t we save an article if we want to         Love the app but cannot save articles jd5369
Rarely do the apps get updated The App of the day stands at 218 days with no change The regular group of 4 apps of the day go weeks between updates Soon to be deleted with all similar apps that have met the same fate     Daily apps that update monthly maybe Kplan23
Use to work well and great before update Now I get Blank screen Using iPhone 7 Please fix     Useless Disgamefails
Used to be a real nice app It is way too complicated now I can t even find the stories to read         Keith kemarcy
Application is not running     Bug Crash Fatih Ferah
    Nothing loads SmackDabb
Incredible app I m usually not interested in Apple info things beyond free apps but if you own any Apple devices this will interest you You ll find real and concise info to get the most from or for your all Apple devices with apps accessories peripherals security info iOS tips etc There s a wide range of topics on point informative and not ber geek I actually end up browsing for extended periods of time It s customizable by Apple product and topic Stellar I m not interested in games Usually these apps are dominated by games Complain to the developers via the app Not the review they can t respond here                     Epic Far more than apps Packed with custom useful info crasshipster
Easy way to stay up to date with all things iOS I love it                     Very Useful Apper for Life
They added a tab for apps gone free agf which is a huge improvement over the mostly defunct sister app Love that they added one pro and one con about each app I can finally retire the ancient agf app This new version is very good Easier to navigate easier to understand the different guides vs advice Also happy with the news layout Thanks for the MUCH needed update                 Newly Updated Very Happy Jillian NYC
Thhis newly redesigned app which is absoutely lovely in its user interface is consuming my iPhone 6S battery at an alarming rate Since there are no settings for running in the background and the battery indicator only mentions screen time I don t know why the installation of this app caused my battery to go from 85 to 31 in 30 minutes But it is listed in the battery settings as being the top battery hog over the past 7 days even though I d only installed it 30 minutes earlier I hope they re able to fix this soon as it IS a really great redesign of truly useful information             Nice redesign of an informative app However Tamanzi
Finally the app that I most used a few years ago is back Good job guys on the new app keep up the good work                     It s Back Jayxz123456789
I am lowering my previous 5 star rating because I find the organization of AppAdvice confusing I love the apps gone free but recently when I have attempted to purchase a free app I am disappointed to discover the app is no longer free within the same day it is advertised This evening I tried at 11p m EST to purchase the Daily Art Pro app but when I was connected to the App Store it was listed at 4 99 If there is a time limit within a day it needs to be stated There was no place on the AppAdvice site to even inquire about this issue             Ret Educator Sevencats
This app is awesome Get it Robust content Reviews are meaningful I get the most out of my iPhone because of this app I m always finding cool apps that enhance my day to day Keep it coming                     Well thought out Aziz Zakkout
It got to complicated Deleted the app and went with others as they are more simple     Latest update Ccarmac1
That sums up the latest update That s the screen I get on many of the links     Oh no Something went wrong 56Lanemom
Appadvice has completely rewritten it s app and done a Great job Obviously all the problems with the old app have been fixed overwritten Now you get more news rather advice They did a great job                     AppAdvice Rewritten Is Excellent Kaps77
I am tempted to delete the app since the update it I went to checking it every few days to forgetting it entirely     Very bad update interface is horrible Sf2 fan
The articles are good when they finally load but it takes forever on wifi with an iPhone 7 plus I had to remove the app but will reinstall once they fix the issues plaguing it at this time         Extremely Slow Adaretpdx
I wondered what happened to the old AppAdvice It stopped working reliably and then became mostly unusable I was disappointed as it was an app I checked every day Your new version including Apps Gone Free is far better than the old version Easy to use smooth easy to use interface each time I use it I find new features Unless I ve missed it my only suggestion for an upgrade would be a Search field We ll done                     Very Nice Upgrade csolson
Application will not open     Not working Ivy_88088
After the last update the app doesn t launch     Ruined by update bigzone
Love that you have finally updated the app but it is almost unusable because it is really really slow to open refresh open articles Unbearably slow Please fix     New update is REALLLLLLY slow chimchim8000
This used to be my go to app for finding the best app for a specific category Today I opened App Advice to look for their ratings on note taking apps and was very disappointed that they no longer have the App Guides I am deleting this app and will look for another solution     Disappointed GLHS0127
Really lame app I think the good reviews are fake     Nope bandjoe
This app was already awesome imo However with this update you guys managed to make it even more incredible Bravo to the devs for the apps gone free app being integrated into it as well If I could give this app 10 stars I would It s a MUST HAVE for any iPhone users for sure Keep up the awesome work guys                     THIS IS THE BEST UPDATE EVERRRR I M IN LOVE Avasmom82
FINALLY they update this app Sadly you re still better off viewing the site on your mobile browser That s all this app does anyway connect to the website just slower now These guys really aren t worth reading anymore anyway They just rehash articles from other sites with extra Apple Fanboy Flavor AppsGoneFree is perhaps the best feature even that is now pandering to promoted Free to play apps         These guys still don t get it AwfulPirate
Keeps crashing on my IPhone 4s whats up        Crashes iPhone 4s
I really like all the information this App provides I use it every day                 Nice App
This is apple propagand only before they just to talk about a lot of interesting stuf now is more like apple commercials and propagand     This is not appadvice any more
Works great Update What in the heck happened to this app Almost unusable since the new web site came up        Great app for reviews and savings
Love the layout the articles the videos in a nutshell if you own an iDevice you MUST get this app Update July 15 The layout is totally off The links are not properly rendered Its getting extremely difficult to use this app as it hard to read articles as they are not displaying properly constantly have to scroll right to see graphics Right now is a useless app     Great app
I used this app for quite awhile in helping to research different apps but lately the listings have been broken or the lists that are available are very old Needs an update to fix these issues           It was Better
I LOVE this app but I kind of wish the look and feel were updated to match the new software Also Im not sure if its on the developer side or because of the new framework from iOS 7 but before whenever you got an app alert when you tapped on it you were taken right to the article now it takes you to the app but you now have to hunt for the article Ive noticed this in almost every app with these sort of alerts especially news apps Another thing I was wondering if there will be a fix to tap and view the main photo of the article Currently if there are multiple photos in an article you can tap and view every photo except the main photo from the title caption This app is VERY informative and gives you the dish on the best apps and their developers I use this Apps Gone Free and App Shopper on a DAILY basis              WONDERFUL
Ive only used this app once but it gave musthave reviews to an app that itself got really rotten reviews Maybe someone else will have better luck but I hate having to rely on luck     Good reviews for bad apps
Crashes upon opening please bring this app back     HMm what happened
This app is great I love it and always recommend it to my friends                 One of my favorite apps
This app has becomes outdated and more buggy I will change my rating once its updated     Need updates
Cmon there must be someone available to update the glaring yearslong problems with this app Im so tired of going back from an article to a threedayold list of articles Supposedly that was fixed in the last update but not as of two years later How about support for the iPhone 6series So many problems no fixes anywhere in sight           REALLY REALLY needs an update
Good reading and interesting information              Fun App
This app has given me lots of good info The customer support is excellent No problems here                 Useful
Needs an update For being an app that reports on apple apps and other apps in general You need an ios8io9 feel to the app        Update
The app is amazing but its way much better on iPad than iPhone its kind of messy on iPhone not very user friendlyon iPhone                 Greaaaaat but
All has not been update in YEARS     NEEDS UPDATE
Please help This one of my favorite apps Never had any issues with it for as long as I had it Works great on iPhone 6 but all of a sudden it not working correctly on my iPad Air 1 It used to work but now it says update your browser in order to read the articles Confused please help Id rather use it on my iPad thank you        Frustrated
Please do not buy this app because it crash all time     Crash all time
The articles have been good over the past few years But thats it The interface dates back to 2010 lol Seriously Its like taking a step back in time when I want to read one of their articles Not really interested in reading anymore because it is such an eye sore        Seriously needs updating
Along with the obvious technical issues the app just doesnt look good The layout needs improvements in organization Also it still looks like an app from iOS 4 or 5 It never got a modern redesign for 7 or 8     Looks CAN kill
Links to game reviews frequently dont work Its really annoying The app also really needs the UI update that we were promised     Links dont work
The app is buggy and frustrating to use Sometimes it doesnt open at all and I have to delete and reinstall The app that reviews other apps should not be this bad Im definitely questioning their judgment now Having a subpar app and determining another app is subpar is hypocritical Im done with this mess Avoid this app and just bookmark the website on your browser If you still trust their judgment     Buggy and frustrating
Great news source Could use a better more modern design App itself is and looks old Seriously its an app about apps but has no update itself Should let people know when its coming        When is the updateredesign
Good stories and up to date news but the app is incredibly dated and hasnt had a UI update in years           Good
AppAdvice has a lot of great content But delivering that content via an app that hasnt been updated in 2 ½ years is simply embarrassing and indefensible Do not buy this app Instead create a web app of their new beta website Its free contains all the information in the paid app and you wont feel like youve been transported back to the past when dinosaurs roamed the earth     Has not been updated in 2 ½ years
I really like all the apple news this app reports on Yet there has been no updates in almost two years This app can accidentally freeze up sometimes and it can also show me old articles if the page refreshes I do not want to see that I hope this app gets updated for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus soon           Great content but glitchy
Ive used this app for many years now Although I usually dont read their articles I do utilize it for its daily Todays App Gone Free which highlights paid apps that are free for a limited time Thanks to this app I now have a library of over 350 paid apps Pretty ridiculous I know The bad side which I cant stress enough is how dated it feels From the looks all the way down to its App Guide section which theyve done little to keep up with the overly growing App Store A while back they acknowledged that the app needed an update but Ive yet to see one in recent times Hopefully the devs will read this and do something about it Aside from that its an okay app if you want to get free paid apps of the day           Informative But In Need of Huge Update
Awesome information for all idevice lovers But where is the support for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus           Great app
When I try to to open an article it now appears in a strange plain text format with a message to please upgrade your browser but how do I do this within ios 8 Can I specify which browser should be used        format of opened article
Cmon guys No update since 2012 Now your own app reports itself as an outdated browser Seriously Its basically just a browser wrapper in the first place Clearly youve abandoned your app users At least make that clear I cant wait longer for an app update Perhaps Flipboard can serve me better     Broke your own app
Suddenly 23 July 2015 App News stated that my browser is out of date and it does not work so I have deleted I have the latest IOS on my Ipad Air2 and it has worked on my devices for many years It does not work now so I deleted My iphone app works fine and both Iphone 6 and Ipad Air2 are set up identical Please Advise     App News
I was a everyday user but now the app and the website have become unreliable save your time with this app consistent broken links and pages that do not ever load and text that overlaps text Its a sad state for a paid app no updates and now the developer says use our website we cant get updates to the app     Used to be good
Both iPhone iPad versions display Unable to process request at this time after selecting anything That isnt Always updating improving     100 Nonfunctioning
For an app that is giving info about apps this app is way out of date Dont bother to download     Way too out of date
I just purchased the iPhone 6 plus and when I added app advice I cant get the App Guides to work in fact it then wont open any of the sections I really wanted to use this to help decide which apps to transfer to my new phone PLEASE FIX otherwise this was an app I used daily              Used to Love it
For the love of God hire a developer and change the way the app looks and make it more like iOS 7 and 8 standard apps     New look
It used to be good and I used to recommend it to new iOS users I used to check app advice everyday but there hasnt been enough good content in a while to really keep my interest Everything seems written in a timeless way but lists guides and apps all get outdated fairly quickly and no one really keeps up Would be nice if there was a last updated time stamp on everything Also For Petes sake update the interface for different sized iPhone screens The 6 and 6 arent new anymore This is the only app I use that still just zooms to fit the bigger screens And it looks ugly Please please please update        Outdated GUI Outdated guides outdated lists
Program has several bugs and developer refuses to fix them Whats worse is iOS has gone through three major version upgrades and this app has issues under the current iOS version which the developer and owner of app refuse to address This app version does not work 100 of the time and needs and updatefixing badly Now YouTube videos no longer work in the app due to the change Google made to their framework UPDATE YOUR APP     Update The App
Love the app but the bugs are becoming more frequent as time goes by About a third of the articles wont load It assumes you have a blazing fast internet connection and doesnt give my connection time to pull in data before it times out Want to use it daily for Apple news but cant due to a frustrating experience           Needs an update Badly
What happened Something in the past month has completely FUBARRED my AppAdvice When I click on any headline story I get sent to what looks like a broken web page It has the you are using an outdated browser Please update your web browser message Newsflash I cannot update the browser on my iPad Only Apple can do that I have an iPad 4 BTW Has this app just died     Used to be a fave musthave
So Im assuming this app was abandoned It crashes upon launch in iOS 84 on my iPhone 5s Its been on my phone and did work at one time Im a semi savvy user having owned iPhones since day 1 which would be June 29 2007 Thats the iPhone birthday So I guess I have no other option but to delete this app As a workaround Ill just add a link to my Home Screen instead and save the precious space on my drive You can do the same If you dont know how using Safari go to AppAdvicecom After the page opensloads look for the icons on the bottom dark bar of the Safari mobile iPhone browser The middle icon is a square with an arrow pointing up When pressed a partial page of options displays Of these options in the bottom row one of the choices is a white in a dark box that displays Add to Home Screen Press that icon and you now have a new link in a free area of your Home Screen pages that acts just as all the other app icons do You can move it around and combine it in a group just like your other launch icons AND you saved yourself the precious drive space for an app that apparently doesnt work anymore which was last updated in 2012 Ive just given you a workaround if youd like to keep easy access to AppAdvice Enjoy To APPLE andor the developersowners it would be nice if there was a working version notice or the app was removed     Its 2015 Current Release 2012
This is an excellent app for news on app related stuff but it crashes a lot now Id give it five stars if it wasnt crashing so much           Crashes a lot now
Very helpful                 Nice app
All the stories old by the time they come to appadvice Even so there are only a few Terrible job guys What happened to you     Almost no new info
DO NOT PAY 199 FOR THIS APP IT NO LONGER WORKS PROPERLY Every time I open up an article in the app the formatting is difficult to read like a blog where the writer does not know html and it tells me that my browser is out of date What browser Its opening within the app Steer clear until this issue has been fixed        No longer 5 Stars DO NOT PAY FOR THIS APP
Im using the iPhone 6 Plus it will not work crashes immediately I use to still love this app but it needs to be upgraded at this point its totally useless hope you can fix this problem     Needs upgrade
I like having a way to explore more useful apps              Very useful
Out of 30 apps that I have installed on my phone this is the only one that looks low quality as it doesnt support the full resolution of the iPhone 6 Please update it and will change rating to 5 stars     Needs iPhone 6 support
Overall its a good app to have           Need to be updated to fit iPhone 6 screen size better

AppAdvice News Apps That Coming SoonAppAdvice News Apps That Coming SoonAppAdvice News Apps That Coming SoonAppAdvice News Apps That Coming SoonAppAdvice News Apps That Coming SoonAppAdvice News Apps That Coming SoonAppAdvice News Apps That Coming SoonAppAdvice News Apps That Coming SoonAppAdvice News Apps That Coming SoonAppAdvice News Apps That Coming SoonAppAdvice News Apps That Coming SoonAppAdvice News Apps That Coming Soon

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