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American Airlines , the publisher behind many iOS app (American Airlines Magazines ,American Airlines ,American Airlines HD), brings American Airlines with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. American Airlines app has been update to version 1.6.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Hello QR code boarding passes..
  • Flight status and reviewing existing reservations is quite good..
  • definitely the best airline app out there with Delta being #2..
  • 2 buttons and your boarding pass is on your home screen..
  • Southwest app has push notifications for sales..

Overall Satisfactionc44
definitely the best airline app out there with Delta being #2.
Thanks AA for finally joining the 21st century.
Great job AA.
Thank you american airlines for taking the time to create an app.
amazingly simple and practical.
Love this new version.
Fun & Engagingc45
Perfect and fun application.
Works like a charm for check -in and mobile boarding pass.
Lots of useful information at my fingertips - gate and baggage info.
Production Valuesc21
and ultimately replace the web interface in future releases.
Ease of Usec75
amazingly simple and practical.
Security & Privacyc27
I can review my AAdvantage account with it and much more.
Worked for me going through security and at the gate.

user friendly and functional. found in 2 reviews
Great App for Travelers. found in 3 reviews
Beautiful and Much More Usable. found in 2 reviews
drop into the mobile web site. found in 4 reviews
a new and improved App and chance to win 1 million miles. found in 3 reviews
Breezed all the way through on our trip to Miami. found in 3 reviews
Just now all it shows is upcoming flight. found in 3 reviews
Account activity. found in 4 reviews
The latest version of this app is a tremendous improvement. found in 4 reviews
Love the ability to see my place for upgrades and standby. found in 3 reviews
I was able to walk right up and print my boarding passes. found in 5 reviews
Perfect and fun application. found in 2 reviews
here are some useful things to consider adding under Flight Status:. found in 3 reviews
Used it on my last trip from SFO to YYZ. found in 5 reviews
and I could really use a million miles. found in 12 reviews
and I had to hunt for my car. found in 3 reviews
The AA app used to be marginal at best. found in 3 reviews
This App allows you to check in and receive your boarding passes quickly. found in 4 reviews
The truth is that this app is absolutelly effective and great. found in 4 reviews
Working completely with airport codes is stupid. found in 36 reviews
the app is no longer able to retrieve the itinerary. found in 26 reviews
Smh nothing like the delta app where I can check in. found in 16 reviews
Can't request upgrade from reservation. found in 3 reviews
I don't memorize my record locator number and shouldn't have to. found in 54 reviews
If I wanted to play sudoku. found in 10 reviews
American Airlines: Please Pay Attention to Technology. found in 1 reviews
Asks you to login again then crashes. found in 79 reviews
I'm asked to sign in but can't book awards. found in 19 reviews
What happened to selecting travel dates from a month-block calendar. found in 4 reviews
This next attempt to fix errors didn't work. found in 2 reviews
Can't get boarding pass on phone. found in 3 reviews
Backwards compatible. found in 5 reviews
Please make upgrade requests available on the mobile app too. found in 8 reviews
You can't book flights or search for mileage seats. found in 46 reviews
Glad I don't rely on it for mobile boarding pass. found in 3 reviews
and having to log in again "for security reasons". found in 7 reviews
Nice app but AA needs to fix the time zone problem. found in 1 reviews
Still nothing happened when I clicked " change seat " again. found in 31 reviews
It just stopped working and cannot book flights due to calendar. found in 46 reviews
and on the iPhone I can't access the detailed flight information. found in 99 reviews
it crashes every time I try to login so it's useless now. found in 79 reviews
can't add flight boarding passes nor aa ff card to passbook. found in 38 reviews
Can't see upgrade lists nor arriving gates intuitively. found in 37 reviews
Can't access return flight info or parking reminder. found in 78 reviews
The gate change notification is VERY INCONSISTENT. found in 39 reviews
forcing you to have the record locator number handy. found in 54 reviews
Nearly impossible to search for flights - doesn't accept airport codes. found in 47 reviews
Useless if both boarding passes are not available. found in 432 reviews
Looks like the AA app has become incompatible with iOS7. found in 90 reviews
This is the worst airline app out there by far. found in 71 reviews
Why can't I check flight status and create notification. found in 85 reviews
the ability to change seats has been broken in the last 2 updates. found in 112 reviews
It lacks some basic features like sending mobile boarding passes to passbook. found in 351 reviews

The American Airlines is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.6.0 has been released on 2014-11-22. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1.3 or later.
More Info: Find more info about American Airlines in American Airlines`s Official Website :

Introducing the travel app that understands who you are and where you re going. From where you re departing and from what gate. Where you ll sit and even where you are ...
Cant view boarding passes Correction I can view my boarding pass from 3 days ago thats helpful NOT Cant check in Cant check flight status Doesnt integrate with passbook USAir app was way better I am Platinum yet it barely knows me and doesnt consistently know my flights     Crash and burn
The link to book a flight is broken Its going to be hard to fill an aircraft if you dont have a way to sell seats     Just broken
I cant even log in on my iPad     How can I make this review ZERO stars
OMG no Id give it zero stars if I could     Wheres the reservation code
I have been waiting for 5 minutes for the app to load I gave up uninstall     Worst app
I am a longtime US Airways customer and have had a difficult transition to the American way I need to be able to select flights on the go and based on departure times not price I cannot for the life of me figure out how to separate out each flight by departure time that doesnt automatically bundle a return flight I fly based on schedule not necessarily price Sure I can book one way at a time in two different transactions but how convenient is that for me the customer Heres a tip use the US Airways app platform     Limited Capabilities
Its pretty much impossible to use It works about 5 of the time     Horrible Probably a server problem
This app never works I can not believe a company as large and as established as American can not get a simple working app to check you in or anything else This app is GARBAGE Dont waste ur time downloading it     The worst
Compared to Delta JetBlue and others the American Airlines app is terrible As a business traveler I have many flights within short periods Navigating the app with multiple boarding passes is a joke The fact that your boarding pass has to go to passbook is a joke There is very little good about the app     Hard to navigate weak app
Its not as bad as others have mentioned Never faced any such issues but what I do hate is that it never tells the duration of flights Always a hassle to figure it out cos of time zone difference Plz add it           Needs improvement
This latest version works when it wants to It likes to tell me that I have no internet connection when Im sitting right next to my Fios router Epic Fail     Sad
It never works well     Awful app
Horrible Cant even select seats from app it sends you to the website and then you cant select from their either Amazing such a large and reputable company can have such a absolutely awful app     Absolute worst airline app
Cant say how this app works as I cant get logged in Everything works ok online tho Oh well     Cant login
In addition to all the other comments this is useless to checkin for an international flight First it requires you to reenter passport information but the drop down fields for the country of residence and passport issuing country are completely empty so you cant enter the information Finally it wont display a mobile boarding pass once you are checked in The effort from AA in this app is consistent with the rest of the airline pathetic     Useless
No excuse for an app this bad Had to reinstall several times to get it to work AA get a clue Just needs to work man     Get a clue
Sorry AA I got your app to write the review and then will delete Why bother trying it When review after review is 1 star it speaks volumes Although I fly your airline and apparently thats all you really care about anyway I thought you should know that your losing potential customers and app users with the amount of negative feedback Here is hoping you get it fixed     Why Bother Trying
Serves no purpose whatsoever Does not display site info without doing a search Cannot display boarding pass Unable to add to Passbook AA take at Southwest to see how an airline app should work Geez     Worst App Ever
I was disappointed that I was not able to load the Boarding Pass for my flight into the app It never gave me the option and so I had to use a paper Boarding Pass I was also disappointed with the check in experience Rather than handling the check in transaction within the app the app loads a web interface which was tedious and confusing to navigate At the end of checking in there was no way to return to the app on the screen I had to leave the app then force it to quit and reload it It wouldve been better to load the check in experience in Safari and take the user out of the app entirely           Disappointing Checkin Experience
This app is garbage checked in boarding pass for both connecting a worked Run to the connecting flights gate andthe app wont load my boarding pass Bye group 2 boarding hello checked carryon and last person to board Avoid AA first then if you cant avoid this app     Yet Another Reason to Fly Delta
I am an AAAdvantage member This App is poorly designed so will not be using it AA once again fails     Not using it
The app is bad at multiple levels I am really surprised they havent fired someone for it so far Just an example if you add a trip it cant remember it and you need to keep adding it again all the time     How isnt someone at AA fired
If I could rate it zero stars I would Mobile checkin rarely works Pathetic     Horrible
Worst app among us airlines Period     bad app
Terrible app Doesnt easily pull in reservations Didnt have my boarding pass for my connection Takes me to the website to change my seat May as well not use the app at all     Ratings Speak the Truth
I didnt think there could be a worse airline Ap after using Delta for most of my travel Then AA merged with US Airways and they now take the cake Could write for hours here but of few of the highlights cant change seats times out every few mins constantly sends my itinerary to my iPhone even when no change and it wont store my TSA pre check number I have to wait it line even without a checked bag to have the gate agent manually enter it And yes I have changed it online and with customer service multiple times     Horrid
Only shows first leg of multi leg journey Does not allow flight check in or mobile boarding pass Multiple reservations missing     The worst
App is not letting me log in or create an account Needs to be re designed or fix ASAP Disappointed     Doesnt work
It crashes It cant retrieve reservations Its more hassle than its worth Just waste paper and print it rather than waste your time     Not that good
Couldnt log on to the app despite being able to through their site Currently useless for me     Unusable
I downloaded this app to check into a flight I tried three different times to look up my flight information each time it displayed the searching icon for over 5 minutes before I cancelled and tried again Total garbage     Completely unusable
I cant give it no stars It wont let me sign in The Log In button does nothing You have to continue as a guest So if you dont have your record locator number youre screwed     Useless app for a traveler
App no longer functions on older iOS even with the designated version security certificate is rejected     App fails security checks
Im already enrolled in American airlines advantage but this app will only let you view as a guest or start a new enrollment I am praying that American is focusing their efforts on Airline safety so much that quality assurance on their apps has slipped by the wayside     So bad you cant even log in
Cant change seats in the app or really do much of anything besides check in and check flight status Reroutes you to aacom if you want to do these things And your website is worthless in its own right guys     Worthless
This app definitely needs work It refuses to accept information and makes you reenter it several times before locking you out I just spent 10 minutes trying to check in which would have taken 1 minute on the United app     A real timewaster
FRUSTRATED 1 I cant get pricing until Ive completed 6 steps REALLY 2 Ive clicked remember me yet I still have to log in every singe time just to view my flight search results REALLY 3 After selecting a departure flight I have to scroll through all of the departures I didnt select before I see the return flights REALLY Please take s look at the old US Air app take some notes incorporate This app needs a redesign Like start from the beginning Please     Not user friendly
Simply is as unresponsive as road kill Hope no one is actually depending upon this for information     Dreadful
App doesnt work so how can I use if youd think a company that squeezes you so thin with fees for baggage and garbage food could afford an app that works     Ridiculous
Dreadful Cant login due to some security certificate problem at American Cant get an electronic boarding pass Cant get notifications What a waste I usually fly on other airlines so this app seems all the worse by comparison Please fix it and fire the app developers while youre at it     Would give zero stars
So horrible Cant check in cant get information it really shouldnt be that difficult Find the vendor who made the Delta app and update to provide similar experience This is seriously awful     Benchmark Delta update ASAP
I cant even really review this app because I cant even use it It say said loading for over an hour now when I am trying to check in to my flight I tried closing the app and restarting my phone and it continues to say its loading There goes using my phone as my boarding pass Thanks a bunch to the tech team that created this horribly constructed and severely flawed app     Useless
Continuously freezes Cant check in on it Not useful     Bad
Non of the functions work Everything just kicks back not available right now try back later     Worst airline app
Every other airline app gives the option for a mobile boarding pass supposedly this one does BUT WHERE Im pretty sure that option is why 90 of people even use airline apps Come on     What is this app for
American Airlines just cant seem to figure out how to create a worthwhile app Most recently I was unable to check in for my flight and then my reservation completely disappeared When it finally reappeared clicking on the Go to AAcom link took me nowhere Deltas app is light years ahead of Americans     Disappointed with AA as Usual
No updates available for months and wont let me book flights All I can do is tap the screen and watch it crash Even the Sudoku game got tired and left this app Thanks Obama     crAAppy AApp
So bad Downloaded today because it was so easy to use the United app to changeupgrade seats Couldnt even make it to the point where it found my record locator Absolutely abysmal compared to Southwest United or JetBlue apps Should be an embarrassment to the tech ops group within USAirAmerican whatever they are these days Which for the record is confusing as all heck and landed me in the wrong terminal USAIR because I had USAIR operated by Anerican Eagle Heres an idea I want to trade you money for a nice easy airplane ride maybe a seat upgrade Hows about we make that happen     Wow
Couldnt find my reservation Had to delete app and just print everything out     Useless
Try doing a quick search for booking a flight Closed the app and went to Deltas Come on American you can do better than this     You call this an App a useless waste of time

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