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Urban Apps , the publisher behind many iOS app (London Bikes — A One-Tap Cycle Hire App ,Columbus Bikes — A One-Tap CoGo Bike Share App ,Boston Bikes — A One-Tap Hubway App ,Ambiance ,Melbourne Bikes — A One-Tap Bike Share App ,D.C. Bikes — A One-Tap Capital Bike Share App), brings Ambiance with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Ambiance app has been update to version with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Ocean waves mixed with soothing songs are my antidote for insomnia..
  • Great stress reliever during my power nap..
  • We highly recommend the "heavy rain" clip for a good night's sleep..
  • is great for kids at bedtime and relaxation..
  • I'm a light sleeper and this is my white noise..

Overall Satisfactionc90
Best way to fall asleep to the sounds of the city and shnickerdoodles.
This is by far the best sound machine app in the app store.
and I love being able to mix different sounds together for the perfect atmosphere.
Wonderful app with high quality sounds and a beautiful interface.
By far the best ambient noise generator in the app store.
Love the timer feature -I was out before it turned itself off.
I love falling to sleep listening to soothing sounds.
the best 99 cents i spent on any app so fair.
Fun & Engagingc83
Great for sleeping and lots of great new sounds all the time.
The most awesome sound machine ever to use at bed time.
I love the Urban Thunderstorm and new sounds are added all the time.
Ambiance is awesome.
Ambiance has given me countless hours of sleep on planes.
great variety of recordings- put together a playlist that helps me sleep better.
I fall asleep every night listening to -the waterfall- Galikos waterfall.
Really helps me relax right before I go to sleep.
Although I write mostly in my quiet home Ambiance helps me concentrate.
Ambiance is a great app that really helps me focus while studying.
You can relax and block out everything around you.
This is one of the few apps I use every day.
Great everyday app.
Production Valuesc66
Easy interface with lots of quality content.
I liked the old interface a little better.
Top tier sound effects app.
0 = absolutely stunning.
Ease of Usec54
and it's easy to organize and find what you want quickly.
You can create categories to organize your samples.
Easy interface with lots of quality content.
Nice sounds and a very easy interface.
Ads not Intrusivec25
As is having a community to rate each sound.
now quit bugging me to rate it.
Updates & Supportc44
didn't you read they're bringing back the classic version for free.
Upgraded from the classic version.
I'm using the lite version now and may upgrade.
I originally had the lite version.
BEST sounds app & admirable customer service.
That kind of customer service deserves STARS.

Much better than any other ambiance/ sound apps. found in 156 reviews
Hands down the best sleep aid in the app store. found in 58 reviews
This app is great 'falling asleep aid' with it's great variety of sounds. found in 138 reviews
It's very relaxing and has helped me sleep much better. found in 128 reviews
great variety of recordings- put together a playlist that helps me sleep better. found in 104 reviews
great for meditation and clearing the busy voice in our head. found in 56 reviews
The wind chimes are very soothing and lulled me to sleep. found in 38 reviews
Perfect sleep aid when you have a snoring partner. found in 63 reviews
except that it asks me to review every time I start up now. found in 26 reviews
Crashing So Much. found in 2 reviews
annoying review request & UI changes. found in 3 reviews
Asks me to review every time I open it. found in 6 reviews
Wish it could work as an alarm. found in 2 reviews
This app crashes every time I attempt to adjust the volume. found in 7 reviews
for extremely annoying sounds - like a neighbor's lawn mower. found in 6 reviews
Feel cheated. found in 3 reviews
Don't like the repeated review request. found in 5 reviews
It is worthless and no tech support. found in 4 reviews
Needs more subtle sounds. found in 2 reviews
Keeps crashing and needs the original sounds back. found in 4 reviews
No longer works on 1st gen iPod touch after most recent update. found in 4 reviews
one can barely hear the sound samples. found in 5 reviews
I would love spa music added to this app. found in 2 reviews
Apple doesn't allow third party apps to play in the background. found in 7 reviews
It's very handy for blocking out annoying sounds. found in 7 reviews
Needs to be updated for iOS 7. found in 4 reviews
No longer works on 2nd Gen iPod touch. found in 4 reviews
And will not import sounds I had. found in 5 reviews
Giving 1star because you are forcing me to rate this app. found in 36 reviews
annoying review request. found in 5 reviews
Very good app except for repeated message asking for a review. found in 8 reviews
Crashes every time I try to play a downloaded sound file. found in 10 reviews
Since loading IOS 7 no sound being produced. found in 4 reviews
It goes thru an import cycle but the sounds aren't imported. found in 9 reviews
it crashes everytime I open it. found in 4 reviews
Crashes on opening or with any attempt to play a sound. found in 9 reviews
Don't engage auto timer it crashes. found in 6 reviews
This app nags you to rate it every time you open it. found in 5 reviews
Quit crashing so much. found in 4 reviews

The Ambiance is now available for $0.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting different languages: English, German. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Ambiance app version has been updated on 2014-11-24. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1.3 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Ambiance in Urban Apps`s Official Website :

Ambiance is an "environment enhancer" designed to help you create the perfect ambient atmosphere to focus, relax or reminisce. News/Updates ...
The range of sounds is large and includes some unique offerings Despite the variety jailhouse coffee shop forest etc I had to actually search to find relaxing sounds without the white noise background My biggest issue with this app is the alarm Its complicated to set up and its buggy The snooze function doesnt work at all Youre supposed to be able to set how long you want to snooze but no matter what I program the alarm just starts again immediately after pressing snooze And theres no option to snooze until youve listened to the entire programmed alarm time As an alarm to me this app is worthless Please fix in a future update and I will give 4 or 5 stars        Great sounds Bad alarm
Ive been using this app since it first appeared on the App Store and its still works on iOS 8 with the exception of the alarm clock However it definitely needs an upgrade in the UI department as it still uses the outdated iOS 6 and below UI The alarm clock doesnt work Big issue for some The developer also needs to update it for the 6 Plus screen size as its laughably large on that device The developer has said they are working on a total rewrite for v4 to update it to iOS 8 look and feel and add some new feature but dont have an ETA yet              Still works great all these years later
Title says all     No iOS 8 and iPhone 6 support
This is my goto sleep sound app Lots of sounds to choose from                 Wonderful
Current version is from 2012 Has HD images that will look great on the Retina display of the iPhone 4 or older devices Come on This was a great app two years ago but the developer seems to have abandoned it              Update please
Sounds are not too bad however some of the water sounds are mixed together I think the developer needs to add real sounds and not just stuff from the web some things are recycled The option to record sounds is a nice feature it would be nice to let us import sounds we recorded with equipment better than the iPads microphone just a suggestion        Just ok
Ive used this app for years on my IPod to help with relaxation and sleep issues Thank you so much                 This is the greatest app
I suffer from bad insomnia and it really helps me get to sleep at night when my my mind is racing and I cant make it stop I have used this app for years and it has been a huge help to me Thank you ambience                 It helps me a lot
I dont need lots of bells and whistles just good sounds to choose from and they have them Love the nature stuff but also the household and city sounds Everything to suit my mood Helps me focus when Im writing and relax when I need to I was recently ill and in a lot of pain The Mueller Park rain sound got me through a tough 24 hours                 Helps me work and relax
I love this app I can have it running while Im at work and it really helps me focus                 Amazing
Ive been suggesting a redesign forever and I think the design is getting really long in the tooth now Im going to start docking a star from my review until we start seeing some changes              Why not update to iOS 7 design
When I try to play the ambient sounds with music from my iPod it does not work usually It takes about 10 to 15 mins of messing around with it before it finally works Most of the time it simply does not work     Needs fixing
Updated review 82614 Awesome app worked flawlessly for month but now every time I play it hibernate my screen or it hibernates automatically the app stops despite time left on the timer I used to could play the app despite no picture on my screen while the iphone was hibernating but now I cant I dont want to waste excessive battery power using the app Please fix this asap Old 2011 Review Ambiance USED to be my favorite most used app I used it every night Finally quit crashing after 5 minutes of sound a few months ago but since I updated to iOS 501 yesterday 121711 it crashes everytime I open it before even getting past the initial load icon screen EVERY time I try to open the app it crashes immediately It does this both on my iPhone 4G my iPad 2 I reinstalled the app it worked great for a few minutes It gave me enough time to set my settings preview a bunch of songs download 20 or so then it got locked up on the preview of a sound All I could do was exit the program hoping this would work then thereafter it would crash again at the initial icon load screen I cant reinstall every night I want to listen to it According to the develop website a few others have had the same problem since the Ambiance 121311 update I gave it a few weeks for the developer to work out any kinks I emailed them but no response no update to fix it Unfortunately my problem seems to be in the minority or they might would have offered some tech support or fix suggestions I paid for the full version I expect it to work accordingly I have never had such a constant terrible problem with an app If i could i would give it zero stars because of this If it isnt fixed or I dont receive a helpful response soon I will demand a refund     Stops Playing on iphone hibernate
Lots of sounds to browse and you can store lots which is nice Other functions are confusing to use Definitely not intuitive           Tutorial
Horribly outdated and causing incompatibilities with ios7 Problems include screen doesnt sleep while ambiance is open do not disturb doesnt work if set to allow alerts to come through while screen is awake in app volume control doesnt work old keyboard           Update maybe
Developer is aware of problem but says it is not widespread Focusing on ground up rewrite Meanwhile completely useless for my purposes Has been a favorite but support disappointing     Broken alarms in iOS 8
A great app if you are looking for white noise or other sound clips Many options so youll likely find the exact type of clip you need                 Great app
Cool this app is amazing I love the way that the audio seamlessly loops without interruption I use it for both sleep weight loss tool I look forward for the next version upgrade                 Amazing App
But bad interface              Good
Really helps me concentrate when studying Its also really good for just relaxing especially the mixes I can pretend Im in a forest with a fire crackling and lake waves hitting the shore Good stuff                 Very good for studying
Needs to be updated for iOS 7 Not even the keyboard is adjusted also the app interface is too clunky Too many icons not needed Also the settings option is too messy        Please update for iOS 7
This is the only app review I have written while holding on to do so many times In short this app gives you a huge amount of sounds and the ability to mix them makes people believe you are somewhere else I really love how different stories from everyone who hear a mix are For me this is a perfect app For one minor detail I wish I had the ability to mix the sounds live adjusting the volume so I can bring in sounds slowly and pause or start others immediately Thats is the reason i am not giving 5 stars If that can be added i would give this 6 stars if possible              Incredibly realistic and vivid
Tons of sounds to choose from Easy to use great application Helps for sleeping and just overall soothing                 Great soothing ap
Ive used this for quite sometime as a sleep machine But starting a few months back even though I pause it and even shut it down completely by doing a swipe up on the iPhone it intermittently restarts itself in the middle of phone calls when connecting my iPhone to my cars Bluetooth etc and out of no where I have the sleep machine shhhhhhhhh noise on my car speakers or ear pieces Got sick of it and deleted finally        Keeps restarting itself
Relaxing and useful                 Worthwhile
This app is part of my life Ive been happy with it from day one Which was years ago If your mind is like mine you need to unwind I enjoy sleeping and reading with Ambiance Cant say enough about this apps quality And I thank the developers for keeping it simple                 The Best app of its type No contest
awesome sound selection great features never freezes two thumbs up                 great selections
Only issue I have is when I try to record sounds it sometimes doesnt work But great otherwise                 Love this app
I like all the sounds                 Best Sound App I have
I love this app but cant use it while my screen is locked              The app crashes when my screen locks
I had dozens of tracks and they all disappeared Is this a update malfunction        Great app but it just flunked
What would make this a 5star app Ability to sync all my downloaded sounds I get really tired of having to redownload all the time Update redownloading is becoming annoying        OK needs improvement
I love my mixes and I have different sounds for different moods or activities I use it at work when I need to relax I use it to help me fall asleep to meditate or just when I want some background noise to drown people out Best app I have bought                 Money very well spent
Ive never written a review before but felt inspired to now just to tell you how much I appreciate the long descriptions of sounds Some are really lovely pure poetry I so appreciate this orientation towards beauty just for the sake of beauty thank you                 Great descriptions
And were still waiting for an update Last one was in fall of 2012 and there are still plenty of bugs waiting to be fixed alarms dont work and the apps graphics no longer fit on Apples most recent devices Im starting to think the developers have abandoned this app which is really sad because it was so promising and welldesigned back in the day It looks especially rough on Retina screens The worst bug in particular Ive experienced is the app just completely restarting when I tap on the icon after minimizing it when a sound is playing I used to recommend this a lot but wouldnt anymore     2 12 years later
I already paid for it but now I cant redownload it     Love it
Turn off the fawking pop up that tells me that cell data is off Its off for a goddmned reason     I KNOW cell data is OFF QUIT TELLING ME THAT
Ive only had this a few days and it has crashed three times already        wouldnt purchase again
I truly love Ambiance I bought it years ago specifically fir its custom mix alarm capability Since upgrading iPhone to IOS 8x alarm is useless flakey at best Visit UrbanApps user forum to see similar complaints Totally useless for me without reliable alarm function Cmon folks fix the alarm module           Please Fix Alarm
No updates since 2012     Abandoned
Happily using this app since my iPhone 3GS loooong time ago I have multiple mixedsoundplaylists and truly use it every night mostly rain and thunder One suggestion Spotify support Please                 Been using it for years
This app is great BUT the only things is that its been years since an update has been given out to us the users It really needs to be upgraded optimized to the iPhone 6 plus screen and a better UI overall Please update it ASAP              It really needs an UPDATE
Hands down the best                 Get It Now
Ive been loyal to this app for years and despite the huge issue that now plagues it I will continue That doesnt mean I wont continue to complain The problems with the iPhone alarm and this app that have arisen with iOS 8 are really really annoying Ive been told by the developer that theyre working on it but its been months Your loyal users are begging you Please fix the problem     Was Great but
Love this app                 Great
I have used several ambiance apps and this one is the best by far                 the best
Good sound Use it to fall asleep with my headset Works for me              Ambiance
Love love love this Cried when it was accidentally deleted on vacation out of wifi Put my entire family to sleep Awesome sounds My children can mix sounds for pretend I can find the perfect night jungle bit to play in the bath and I feel like I am really there Great for ambiance great for think greatfor sleeping when your husband snores and great for making lets pretend something truly coolsomany sounds of everythings awesome idea App works well Like the interface Just wish I could play it in the background like white noise does                 The best sound app for everything
Ive had this app since I had my original iPhone and I still use it It has an excellent selection of sounds Most importantly it allows you to go to sleep to your preferred soothing background noise at bedtime and then transition into a gently and gradually more intense alarm clock when it is time to wake                 Fantastic and flexible app for sleep noise and alarm clock
Love this app well worth the cost So many sounds to listen to relaxing to the perfect one is so easy Recommend this one                 This app is worth getting

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