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AMZN Mobile LLC , the publisher behind many iOS app (Sev Zero: Air Support ,Kindle ,Amazon Now - Grocery Shopping ,AmazonLocal ,Surprise! by Amazon ,Amazon Local Register: Amazon`s Mobile Point of Sale - Accept Card Payments), brings Amazon Cloud Player with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Amazon Cloud Player app has been update to version 1.2.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • however add more of the old school music from the 80's..
  • Great song selections and integration with purchased songs..
  • love the lyrics option to sing with the family..
  • I like this app and recommend to all music lovers..
  • to fall asleep at night and during the day for background..

Overall Satisfactionc71
Keep up the good work and keep adding more music.
The sound quality is actually better than Pandora in my opinion.
Great app- terrible sound quality.
Thanks Amazon for helping me cope through the sounds of music.
Thanks Amazon for the poor quality app.
Mighty nice to have free music streaming with Prime membership.
Being able to listen to full length albums without purchasing is awesome.
Good job Amazon with streaming music.
is much better than iTunes Match which I paid for.
Fun & Engagingc74
Keep up the good work and keep adding more music.
IHR and Pandora seem to play the same songs over and over.
Awesome app and awesome music choices all for free.
Super slick and Prime stations are awesome.
Perfect for music lover I listen all the time.
Ease of Usec54
Much more intuitive than iTunes on my iphone.
every other song ends up having buffering issues.
Ads not Intrusivec85
Free music without commercials AND I can choose almost any song.
without commercials wow.
Security & Privacyc52
I'm digging this new music service with my Prime account.
Now I love this bonus to my Amazon prime account.
App won't recognize that I have an Amazon Prime account.
Seamless synchronization with your prime / Amazon account everywhere.
so all my music was on my Amazon account.
When I log into my amazon account.
Updates & Supportc37
from their customer service to their kindle books.
A HD version for the iPad would be great.

Thoroughly enjoy the quality play and easy navigation. found in 5 reviews
-Amazon curated playlists -Selection
I like the way there are curated playlists of many genres. found in 8 reviews
This is becoming my primary music source -- over Pandora. found in 9 reviews
It allows you to create playlists of your favorite genre. found in 18 reviews
I love it it's the greatest thing since sliced bread. found in 3 reviews
Great variety of songs to choose from need more free prime songs. found in 7 reviews
favorite features:
This is a great perk for Amazon Prime members. found in 8 reviews
-Everything :. found in 6 reviews
Beats pandora and iTunes. found in 10 reviews
It is good commercial free streaming music to my ears. found in 8 reviews
I believe that this app is one of the best music apps out there. found in 4 reviews
Now I can sing along with my favorite songs in confidence. found in 10 reviews
Being able to listen to full length albums without purchasing is awesome. found in 36 reviews
No way to delete downloaded music from my device. found in 6 reviews
Good idea but needs more reliability. found in 2 reviews
Amazon Prime Music doesn't cost me any extra money. found in 16 reviews
Have also had problems with missing songs after updating app. found in 3 reviews
The "update" removed the option to purchase new music through the app. found in 5 reviews
Needs iPad Support. found in 4 reviews
So I'll stick with spotify until they can add sonos support. found in 4 reviews
Please update with a HD version for the iPad. found in 4 reviews
And I have no problems playing downloaded songs without Wi-Fi. found in 32 reviews
Great app one problem. found in 2 reviews
it just spins and spins and won't load anything. found in 9 reviews
I keep getting an error message when I try to play them. found in 5 reviews
My only suggestion would be for gapless playback. found in 18 reviews
Since last update the app crashes randomly when playing my playlist. found in 4 reviews
Amazon needs a few thousand or million of songs for downloads. found in 9 reviews
Needs more songs in playlist. found in 3 reviews
but it needs AirPlay streaming with Apple TV functionality. found in 3 reviews
Now I don't know because it doesn't ever finish " loading my library. found in 5 reviews
The app will not play downloaded music without a connection. found in 29 reviews
The constant auto refresh of your cloud library. found in 17 reviews
I stopped using the Apple Music app because of their advertising shove. found in 17 reviews
Just downloaded and can't seem to play songs I just bought. found in 17 reviews
An import to iTunes feature is badly needed. found in 46 reviews
I can't take this app seriously until there's finally gapless playback. found in 18 reviews
The orange circle just spins and spins. found in 21 reviews
Won't load songs. found in 48 reviews
the album artwork doesn't always match the album/song. found in 20 reviews
The new prime music section of this app doesn't work. found in 20 reviews
Freezes on iPhone 6 and stops playing music all the time. found in 18 reviews
App won't recognize that I have an Amazon Prime account. found in 67 reviews
Can't play music without an Internet connection. found in 22 reviews
It won't play music unless it's downloaded to my phone. found in 56 reviews
An artist search for Katy Perry resulted in only one song. found in 25 reviews
Use of Cloud Player requires you accept "matching tracks. found in 78 reviews

The Amazon Cloud Player is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 3.6 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.2.2 has been released on 2014-11-23. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Amazon Cloud Player in AMZN Mobile LLC`s Official Website :

Now your music can come with you everywhere Listen to your music from the cloud on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch anywhere you are. You can download or stream your library from the cloud ...
Amazon Music has a lot of songs to offer but the app itself is rather buggy If a song doesnt load fast enough it will skip to the next Also the app will close for no reason at some points If youre going to pay for Amazon Prime anyway its a good perk but if it was offered separately I wouldnt pay for it           Good but needs work
Wont play music now with iOS 9 on iPhone 5s Excellent     Doesnt work with iOS 9
So since Ive had the app it doesnt matter where I am how many bars I have or if Im connected to a strong network The app simply says it lost the connection to Internet Doesnt even matter that any other app on my phone can connect This one simply doesnt work for some reason     Not so great
That pretty much says it all Much simpler tons of music available less buggy It can play 35mm and BT but not over USB which is annoying                 Better than iTunes
Works great just wish iPhone would let me use the purchase option within Amazons app              Amazon Music Player
So far Im in love with Amazon Prime Music I have so many choices of music Even the words are displayed if you want                 Totally impressed
This is a big plus to my Amazon Prime I signed up as soon as I opened my Prime account and listen to it almost every day Somewhat limited on my genre choices in the more recent music but plenty of classic rock and country to keep me happy Glad I found it My only and in reality probably insignificant gripe is that there is either no sleep timer or I cant find it if there is one                 Outstanding
I have yet to get past the login page Request timed out is the only content Ive received from this app Tried clicking the contact tab and was entertained by a spinny orange circle Amazon movie app works Amazon shopping app works All my other apps work This app doesnt work Btw why not just add music to the movie app not have 2 different ones     Does not work
Even better than Apples radio You can replay songs skip as many songs as youd like rewindfast forward Best Radio Ever                 Fantastic
So awesome Great access to music                 Great alternative to Pandora or iTunes
I really think this makes being a prime member worth the money I only wish they had more current music              Great app
I am so glad that Apple allowed Amazon to build an app so I could get to my Amazon library I love using Amazon I love the ability to have it on my iPhone This app works great never crashes and is very fast                 Love the app on my iPhone
Love the app No problems navigating to my favorite music                 Barwood
I am too busy to spend time figuring out how the many items of technology that can be used to play music and I hate paying monthly fees for something I should already have access to with all of my music on iTunes but Amazon Prime makes it so easy for me I wouldnt use anything else                 Love Amazon Prime
Outstanding Just works                 None
Cool addition to my listening pleasure                 Shorty
Im an Amazon Prime member so I wanted to use this service from Amazon Unfortunately it wont let me sign in Customer couldnt help me     FAIL
Great choices of music easy download so I can listen to favorites when I choose I really like this app                 Really enjoying this app
I like it more than Pandora in some ways Its not necessarily better than Pandora just different in good ways One downer is the selection is thin or nonexistent for some very popular artists              Fabulous
Lots of variety and have not had any problems with the app I love having the ability to skip songs                 Love Amazon
Way to go Amazon                 Awesome app
I use this app on iPhone 6 iPad 2nd generation and iPad Air Works surprisingly well with all devices Some great older music selections For older music junkies this app is a dream come true                 Functional and practical
As a Prime member the free music is swell I anticipate that future versions of the app will be easier to navigate and more intuitive           Decent Music Player
Much better than spotify and I like it better than the iTunes Radio too                 Fav music app
Fairly easy to use The prime music is pretty great and has a really good selection of music              Excellent selection
Love love love this app                 Awesome
If you have Prime Amazon this is a must have app                 Love this app
Good app wish had better musical variety though                 Good app
Music selection is great Hip look but cumbersome to navigate Still better than iTunes though           Fair but could be better
Does what its suppose to do              Amazon Music
I love this app its outstanding works every time dont have to pay that 999 a month like the other apps just join Amazon Prime so this is an extra benefit                 Outstanding App
I can not only listen to preset play lists but I can download them to listen in the go Works great              Love this app
Good selection of music looking forward to further expansions of their library I especially love the amount of live music recordings they have Also the XRay Lyrics is a fun little feature Adding Prime music to your cloud download library still needs work its not very intuitive and it is extremely awkward on iPhone If I want to add an artists collection I have to add it album by album or make a playlist and add the artist to that I cant simply add an artist to my library In the iPhone app there is also no button to add an entire album from the artists page instead I have to go to each album individually and then add the album from there It would also help if there was a way you could edit your library playlists etc via the checklist method Editing lists gets really slow and awkward when you have thousands of songs in your cloud Additionally it would be a nice feature if the app could remember what you were last listening to when you reopen the app All in all I give it 2 stars for the iPhone version and 4 stars for the iPad version averaging to 3 stars for the review I am quite satisfied with the app but definitely looking forward to future updates to improve the functionality           Solid app still needs work
Apparently did no testing of either the first or second release of this APP needs MUCH more work     Doesnt work
App works great Definitely a selling point when buying the Prime membership                 Works Great
Easy to use and plenty of selection Some songs I never expected to be are here                 Great
I really appreciate being able to take my Amazon music mobile One bummer has been being surprised by some albums expiring              Very Convenient
Easy to use                 Love it
after using this i forgot about pandora and some other music service app the only thing is that amazon should be able to widen their song library even for the older songs good ol 90s era and not just some karaoke version of it           worth the monthly service fee
Great app tell everyone about it                 Great app
Love the new features Xray helps with the lyrics Great selection in the library              Amazon music
Buggy but its reliable 85 of time Wish it would continue from where I left off upon opening Dont like the auto add device music              Works Most of the time
Fix it please Zero streaming Try later or different station does not fix it     Working no more
Good stuff              Musician
I love Amazon music I listen to it at home and at work Nice variety                 Love it That simple
Not the best selection and pretty hard to navigate The price is pretty good though for what you get music videos and all that stuff The free shipping is nice and Amazon customer support on the whole is amazing I am finding myself coming up short on videos that are worth watching lately Also it would be nice if the Sony app for Amazon supported music playing because my Sony theater system has a really good sound system and it would be nice to be able to listen to my Amazon prime music The music selection seems much better than me video selection for movies and TV Not sure if I will renew next year but they do offer a lot of content for the money The complaint I have against Amazon is that of any digital content provider that is you do get a lot of content but youre kind of held hostage by that content provider because you dont actually have a digital copy of your music Of course anybody can go and download anything they want for free these days but there are risks involved in that like shady operators viruses malware and all that crap Forgive the rant LOL           Pretty good
My only complaints are with sound it drops with some songs and with availability of music                 Overall awesome
Love it Best streaming there is No worries about skipping and commercials Perfect                 Amazon amazing
My goto music app as a Prime customer                 Awesome
Easy to use and lots of free music with prime                 Love this app

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