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Description - Alarm Clock Sleep Sounds Free: Relaxation & Meditation Music

iLBSoft , the publisher behind many iOS app (Relax Melodies Premium: A white noise ambiance for sleep, meditation & yoga ,Relax Melodies Christmas Edition ,Relax Melodies Seasons Premium: Music and white noise for sleep, relaxation & yoga ,Relax Melodies: Sleep sounds & white noise for meditation, yoga and relaxation ,Ben & Lea™ at the Farm - Preschool Educational Learning Games ,Ben & Lea™ Underwater Adventures - Preschool Educational Learning Games), brings Alarm Clock Sleep Sounds Free: Relaxation & Meditation Music with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Alarm Clock Sleep Sounds Free: Relaxation & Meditation Music app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.

Overall Satisfactionc97
I love all the apps.
Amazing sleep aid - I use to need prescription sleeping pills.
Love it wish it was available for my iPad.
I love the visuals.
I love this company.
Helps me fall asleep and wakes me up without an obnoxious jolting noise.
Helps me fall asleep and wake up everyday.

Will look forward for future updates. found in 1 reviews
isochronic tones and monaural beats can be uses without headphones. found in 1 reviews
wake up programs get positive energy when you wake up. found in 1 reviews
They help me to clear my mind during the day and night. found in 1 reviews
screen brightness adjustable by the swipe of a finger. found in 1 reviews
Sweet dreams everyone. found in 1 reviews
My 4 year old was always up so late. found in 1 reviews
I love all the apps. found in 1 reviews
I fall asleep very easily and wake up refreshed. found in 2 reviews
Helps me fall asleep and wakes me up without an obnoxious jolting noise. found in 3 reviews
simple beautiful and works. found in 1 reviews
with endless combinations of soothing sounds unlike any other app I've tried. found in 1 reviews
Still working out the kinks as I learn what it can and cannot do :. found in 1 reviews
Has dimmer & can play sounds with another app open. found in 1 reviews

The Alarm Clock Sleep Sounds Free: Relaxation & Meditation Music is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is available in multiple languages: English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Spanish. It weighs in at only 40.8 MB to download. The new Alarm Clock Sleep Sounds Free: Relaxation & Meditation Music app version 1.0 has been updated on 2014-11-19. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Alarm Clock Sleep Sounds Free: Relaxation & Meditation Music in iLBSoft`s Official Website :

A LIFE CHANGING ALARM CLOCK From the creators of Relax Melodies with over 7 MILLIONS users Your new companion is here Alarm Clock Sleep Sound is a progressive wake-up and sleep-aid clock specially designed ...
I love it except to me it s missing just a few things that I think would take it from great to amazing The first thing is there is no option for sleep tracking that is supported by the iPhone It would be nice if it had that feature since I often need to check on my sleeping in the morning Second I desperately wish we had different more melodious choices of sounds and music for the alarm Mine wakes me up but I prefer to wake up to music instead of ambience which usually just puts me right back to sleep I do recommend this app but I think adding these would just take it over the top                 I love this alarm clock Samicakes55503
I have a hearing disorder and this app is a life saver I can t survive without it There s just one problem it keeps crashing I even upgraded to the pro version in hopes that it would solve the problem but it still crashes I really don t know what I d do without this app though I really hope this problem gets fixed                 Amazing app but keeps crashing IndySpook
Needs to be updated This is my favorite alarm clock app and the only one I have found to work without needing to be running in the foreground Keep up the good work                     Great Jolly Roger 1
I love this app because it helps calm my nephew Awesome sounds too                     Puts nephew in good mood Abs1291981
This app is amazing it s a lifesaver I have used this app for so long that I can t imagine going without it I still wish it was also on the google play store but at least it is available for my iPhone                     I have been using it for years Killer_K ❤️❤️💋❤️❤️
This is the first alarm clock that gently wakes me up instead of jolting me awake I really recommend it                     Love this alarm Sportsfanmann
Awesome personalized meditative audio at my finger tip Nicely done                     Farscape Audio Ufostryker
Love it                     Awesome Mom Velasquez
I like Get More meditations Get more sounds             Needs to be updated elect lady
Just what I need                     Love it Karey's iPod
I love this app                     Love Mayso
This app helps me focus on breathing relaxing and I am sleeping so much better                     Relieves anxiety LauraTallo
I set the timer for 2 3 hours a couple of nights a week it helps me get to sleep faster and a deeper sleep too                 Nice app right_wing2
I have had this app for a couple years and love it as much now as I did when I first discovered it I liked it so much that I actually upgraded to the paid version Money well spent This app helps me to sleep when nothing else can                     Love this app MrsFord2004
Excellent and useful app                     Great app but had to buy it again after the update NeogenIsis
I sleep so much more soundly now that I have this                     Love it Smile_777
It s my go to every night Can t sleep without it I love this app                     Best ever Sharz22
Works pretty good lots of music options I wish there were more meditation options All in all I would recommend it to others                 Nice app YaYa_1971
Good sound choices timer is also nice option Works well when you are away from home dont have a fan etc                     Cant sleep without it Dckane
Love this app The relaxation meditations are great to fall asleep to Being able to be awakened by sounds like rain on a balcony or birds singing offer soothing ways to awaken My only complaint t is that the app is not very user friendly nor easy to navigate Hope they fix this down the line                     Love this app seacone 1
I had the free version for over a year and it worked so well that I decided to upgrade to the paid App and I don t have powerful enough words to describe how much I love the pro version and I highly recommend this App                     Absolutely worth it NaplesFLa
This app is wonderful You have to focus your true energy and imagination though But it really works wonders I am a mom a waitress and bartender and I love listening to my app when I go to sleep                     Modern Meditation Okthusbmyrate
I go to sleep every night listening to my own sounds Waking up without the alarm and just hearing music is wonderful I should have bought these apps a long time ago Makes me not want to not get up                     Meditations Tneagle06
Never fails to wake me up I get to choose exactly how I want it to sound with plenty of options I have recommended it to friends who now use it thumbs                     Best alarm Tamhagani
This is a fantastic app I use it to both go to sleep and as a wake up alarm The brainwaves are just right there are a good any if choices in terms of sounds The meditations are a bit lacking but I LOVE everything else about this app                     SIMPLY LOVE IT Lunkette
FANTASTIC I love all the apps by this app maker I listen before bed and occasionally throughout the day Helps me manage my moods and sleep patterns so I can stay happy and healthy Thanks so much Banzai Labs                     Hello sleep WriterSarah
I have had this app for over 3 years It has gone thru a couple of changes since I added It helps me relax cancel out annoying sounds my husband s snoring and sleep deeply                     Great sound machine app Rifren77
Best alarm ever                     Love it Michiepoopoopoo
Matter of fact it lets me dream Get it                     Works like a dream Docmts2013
I love this app and it is pretty much the only alarm clock that wakes me up but why are there pop ups for other apps even though I paid for this                 Great except one thing Chin.doll_7
I use this app every night to help me fall asleep The alarm is always confusing I wish the alarm time was the time we want to be woke up and out of bed instead of when to start the meditation Also I wish there was a way to add our own meditations to use with the app                 Pretty awesome Redheaven17
This is my bedside clock and alarm Very reliable and easy to understand                     Love it TheBlackburnGirls
Been using it for a while now and keep enjoying it every night                     Cool App Toddler2013
This app is my favorite alarm and I would ve given it five stars if it wasn t for the wretched please rate me crap If I pay for an app I don t want to be bothered by advertising or begs for a rating Absolutely the wrong thing to do devs On a more positive note the alarm is awesome and wakes you up without sending you through the roof like most alarms do Definitely worth paying for but at the same time I almost want to tell people to stay away because of the rate me pop up                 Dreadful Please rate our app Flashover1969
Seems like it s quite difficult to find an app that features an alarm clock as well as a reasonable selection of nature sounds This satisfies my requirements completely On the other hand my brain waves are healthy without help I m a little skeptical of that component But at least I can turn it off and rely on the sound of nature                     Dr Jim Pgh doc
I use the app for white noise and to help me fall asleep when I m traveling Highly recommend giving it a try I don t use the meditation features                     Great when I need help falling asleep Pearl111
Don t know how to use it really but what I know is it s a great one                     Great Clock Rebelcop
I love this app for relaxing chillingly out Perfect for pre sleep ritual meditation Great app                     My Favorite Relaxation App Tamalegirl
It is the best                     Best alarm clock Beeth1134
Pleasant sounds to drift off to sleep                     Works well Smudge 714
I have been sleeping so much better since I started using this app I love being able to mix my own sounds                     Love Rachelpic
This app serves its intended purpose very well I ve tried several relaxation meditation white noise apps and this one is definitely a favorite It s worth every dime that I paid for it I love all of the various options including fade in and fade and all of the possible different combinations of sounds In any case getting a good night s sleep is priceless                     Great app It really helps me sleep better shufflingparrot
This is a complete waste of money It s nothing but white noise The wake up alarm clock only send beeps and vibrations Incredibly disappointing     Save your money Dfgjkifv
Thank you                     Great sarbella
It really works for sleep still testing out the wake up can t seem to get both to work together I highly recommend regardless the sleep alone is worth it all the way                     Great for sleep shawns68
Noisy woods at bed                     Love it A mars lover
I set the timer for 23 hours a couple nights a week it helps me get to sleep faster              Nice app
Excelente aplicacion muy buena 100 recomendada                 A
Great alarm clock and sleep sounds Works with my Bluetooth speakers as well                 Excellent
Am one of those people even after am done working for the day am still working I cant turn my brain off This app does wonders for my sleepan am starting to loose the dark circles around my eyes                 Cant turn my brain off
Enjoy the peace                 Nice
I really love the guided meditations so soothing They help me to clear my mind during the day and night helps me fall asleep really fast                 Itsaweeesoommee
Waking up to this app is a pleasant experience                 Awesome
I like it              Good for sleep
Sonoterapia de ondas cerebrales mas sonidos de la naturaleza Perfectos para inducir el sueño o la vigilia según se necesite Varias alarmas Excelente como coadyuvante en higiene del sueño Todo en la versión gratuita                 Sueño agradable y despertar con ánimo
I love everything about this app The alarms slowly wake me up and ensure Im not groggy and cranky in the morning The excellent guided meditations get me through my long commutes and guide my meditation practice And of course I use it as a sound machine with endless combinations of soothing sounds unlike any other app Ive tried This app is worth every penny Helps me start and end my day focused centered and present Cant recommend highly enough                 My goto app
This is one of the best sleeprelax aid apps available I am a true insomniac With this app I add in the sounds I wanted with low and mid alpha binaural beats and am sleeping in no time and the good REM sleep I do use the pro version and its worth every penny If I could give more than 5 stars I would                 Amazing App
Noisy woods at bed                 Love it
Sounds great weird guided meditations can be at no volume but it would be nice if you just didnt have to pick one              Great app
Love this app What a way to wake up peaceful                 Awesome
Ive been using it for years and find it very calming and relaxing Highly recommend                 Great app
This app works so well I sleep better and do does my husband                 Great App
Great and Effective sleep aid Sounds are realistic and work fast Alarm is too quiet or it gets 5 stars Needs independent volume controls with higher loudness capacity for the alarm while keeping sleep sounds soft              Great Sleeper
Best sleep aid ever Couldnt ask for any better                 Best EVER
I dont use it all the time but when I do I like it The interface needs improvement which is why I give it four stars              Nice alternative sleep sound machine
Great appl                 Mr saki
Decent alarm clock or would be if it didnt try to force me to give it 5 stars every night I paid for the pro version I expect clean software I rated it can I use what I paid for now     Please give me 5 stars Now
Nice sounds and good features                 Great app
I was super skeptical at first especially since I dont like to sleep with earbuds so I didnt think the brain waves function would work but every morning I still wake up and am literally tired of being in my bed Even without using earbuds As apposed to my usual waking up and rolling over and not ever wanting to leave it I highly recommend                 Fantastic
Amazing sleep aid I use to need prescription sleeping pills and after trying to quit them I downloaded this app Puts me out every time                 Stay sleepy my friends
I wouldve given this app 5 stars but after paying for Guided Meditation upgrade the app crashes Havent been able to use it since and after two weeks no one has replied to my help request Too bad        Great app Poor cust service
Great                 I love it
We love this app Very relaxing                 A plus review
Really nice features and stable too Will look forward for future updates                 My alarm clock
I am honestly sleeping so much better and am falling asleep faster with the help of this app Love it                 Really helps me sleep
My 4 year old was always up so late and I could see he needed something to soothe him at bed time He has been falling asleep 45 minutes earlier with these sounds The various sounds are great Highly recommend it                 Wonderful Ap
By far the best app for sounds to fall asleep to Love that it does not need to be running all night                 Love it
I appreciate all the options for helping me go to sleep wake up or simply enjoy a few peaceful minutes in a crazy day A fabulous app thats easy to use exponentially better than many high priced apps Definitely my goto app for relaxation and rest                 Best sounds programs and clock
Love the noise              Good app
Best app I fall asleep very easily and wake up refreshed Thank you                 Great
Waking up to beautiful nature sounds sets the mood for a terrific day                 So much nicer than blaring horns
Enjoy I love the visuals                 Great Fun
Relaxing to listen to while falling asleep                 Zzzz
Great app to drift off to sleep Would love to see an update with more sounds though                 Never slept better
What I really needed was something I could listen to for a set amount of time and this app does that Plus I can set up different sounds I keep my phone plugged in so it doesnt drain my battery                 Love this app
I can feel it relaxing my brain Love all the possible permutationsvery effective                 Good sleep
Cant sleep without it its my nightly go to                 Must Have
Helps me to fall asleep faster sleep better and more soundly and wake refreshed Havent tried the alarm yet                 Love it
Love it wish it was available for my iPad                 Love it
One of the many and best SleepRelax Apps Different developers of some of the apps seem to work symbiotically weather intended or not I find total solace peace tranquility and despite the fact that I am terminally ill and in a great deal of pain this App along with the PRO VERSIONS of the other apps really mix with my states new Marjuana law SHOUT OUT TO WASHINGTON STATE I have prayed for a way to die in a state of comfort and soft peace K Schenck Nam Vet OLD HIPPY FART                 MOST SUREGOPRO
Love it Relaxing to listen to and lets me drift off to sleep Advancing volume on wake alarm eases me from sleep                 Wonderful
I usually have issues getting up Im groggy sluggish but not since I bought this app I also like trier sleep feature Great hob guys                 Love it
I like Get More meditations Get more sounds              I like
Great for relaxation meditation                 Wonderful app
Helps block out all noise so I can sleep                 Love it
Its really relaxingthe gradual wake settings seem to leave me more rested versus being startled out of sleep with the obnoxious noise of standard alarms                 Relaxing way to wake up

Alarm Clock Sleep Sounds Free: Relaxation & Meditation Music Health & FitnessAlarm Clock Sleep Sounds Free: Relaxation & Meditation Music Health & FitnessAlarm Clock Sleep Sounds Free: Relaxation & Meditation Music Health & FitnessAlarm Clock Sleep Sounds Free: Relaxation & Meditation Music Health & FitnessAlarm Clock Sleep Sounds Free: Relaxation & Meditation Music Health & FitnessAlarm Clock Sleep Sounds Free: Relaxation & Meditation Music Health & FitnessAlarm Clock Sleep Sounds Free: Relaxation & Meditation Music Health & FitnessAlarm Clock Sleep Sounds Free: Relaxation & Meditation Music Health & Fitness

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