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Airbnb , brings Airbnb with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Airbnb app has been update to version 2.2.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • This is a great way to meet people from all over the world..
  • airbnb is the greatest travel site known to man..
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Overall Satisfactionc81
Love airbnb and will forever use their services.
I love Airbnb but this app works horribly on my iPad.
Airbnb is the best way to travel and meet travellers.
Thanks airbnb We can be connected 24h all over the world.
Airbnb rocks-- love this service.
Better than hotels at around the same prices.
love the site and love the AirBnB organization as a whole.
but love the site.
This is an amazing service I will use again & again.
Such a great app to see amazing places around the globe.
Fun & Engagingc74
This app is so much fun to browse through.
makes it impossible to browse by location.
This app does everything you need to access airbnb's awesome service.
Fun and Functional.
This is a wonderful service for booking a Bed & Breakfast.
mostly nice & respectful guests and the app was very helpful to manage everything.
and this app is super helpful.
Great app and very useful service.
are absolutely essential for travellers.
Social Aspectsc83
Been such a lovely way to meet new people of different and similar interests.
This is a great way to meet people from all over the world.
This app is the epitome of social media greatness.
Social Media Enterpreneuer.
Ease of Usec87
Itu2019s super easy to book rooms even a few hours before arrival.
App is super convenient for your travels.
very simple to navigate.
Very well designed and easy to use.
Security & Privacyc22
Helps me do everything I need to manage my account.
Updates & Supportc49
Add some sharing features and make an iPad version.
Stop with the shady tactics and please make an ipad friendly version.
Where's the iPad version.
I need and helps me respond quickly to prospective guests.
I'm able to respond to requests right away.
Customer service is incredible.
Everything about this service is top notch.

I'll never use another vacation rental site other than Airbnb. found in 16 reviews
Best looking app I've seen by far. found in 3 reviews
Use this coupon code for $25 off your booking: bhulbert3. found in 5 reviews
This app came in handy for us during our trip to Paris. found in 5 reviews
better locations and cool people await around every turn. found in 7 reviews
Great follow up and user friendly web/ app interphase. found in 91 reviews
will get you $ 25 off your first booking. found in 5 reviews
My first experience with the new version was as described below. found in 6 reviews
Awesome app for adventure planning in the near or distant future. found in 2 reviews
Airbnb has helped us a lot. found in 2 reviews
My first AirBnB experience was life changing. found in 5 reviews
They've taken the guesswork out of couch surfing. found in 5 reviews
The options to travel are now limitless for my family. found in 3 reviews
and Be Merry were EVERYWHERE - every beautiful destination within walking distance. found in 5 reviews
Highly recommended for world travelers. found in 2 reviews
Brooklyn and Las Vegas. found in 3 reviews
This is the most amazing app for travelers that wing their travel. found in 17 reviews
and i also get to meet lots of great people from all over the world. found in 5 reviews
Made my first travel arrangements and looking forward to it. found in 4 reviews
you can't delete messages in your host inbox. found in 6 reviews
Obnoxious new map view. found in 19 reviews
New update crashes on iPhone. found in 6 reviews
The app will not let you login with Facebook. found in 3 reviews
Needs a few more features but I'm sure they are working on it. found in 3 reviews
This version seems to crash on launch for me though. found in 17 reviews
I like AB but current version keeps crashing. found in 2 reviews
Facebook login used to work with a single tap. found in 12 reviews
but NOT recommended for listing your own space. found in 10 reviews
Makes searching very frustrating. found in 4 reviews
the map search doesn't work consistently well. found in 9 reviews
Great Idea but App & Website Need Work. found in 2 reviews
The only thing missing is prise from low to high. found in 5 reviews
Can not accept reservations from iphone app as it crashes. found in 11 reviews
Lovely app but keeps crashing. found in 3 reviews
New app does not load photos or maps well. found in 2 reviews
The other is I can't upload photos from my iPhone/iPad. found in 11 reviews
Map feature annoying/Excellent customer service. found in 4 reviews
After trying to log in through Facebook 5 times. found in 3 reviews
Same facebook login problem as others. found in 12 reviews
I can't search for listings that are closest to another location. found in 10 reviews
A variety of host features are also missing compared to the website. found in 23 reviews
The map view doesn't make sense at all. found in 19 reviews
but "Favorites" seem to be unrelated to " Wish Lists. found in 18 reviews
When I try to save favorites the app just closes. found in 24 reviews
iOS 7 everything's null and doesn't work. found in 11 reviews
if I move the map to an area with no listings. found in 8 reviews
Why would you update an app to crash all the time. found in 17 reviews
New Logo and UI HUGE Step Backwards. found in 8 reviews
Can't upload photos for apartment I wish to host. found in 11 reviews
Different $ info if you look on App and Web sites. found in 11 reviews
Maybe for travelers it's good but for hosts its completely useless. found in 77 reviews
With this version I can't accept reservations without the app crashing. found in 11 reviews
but whenever I try to open the app it crashes every single time. found in 43 reviews
But that goes for the desktop version as well. found in 24 reviews
New version crashes immediately on iPhone 6 plus. found in 8 reviews

The Airbnb is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.2.1 has been released on 2014-11-25. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about Airbnb check developer Airbnb`s website :

Unlock the doors to inspiring and unique accommodations around the world with the Airbnb App Airbnb is a trusted community marketplace that connects you with people who have space for rent. The Airbnb App allows everyone ...
This app is horrible Sadly its a LITTLE better than the in browser experience on a tablet or phone Which is not saying much The map is really hard to navigate the stupid photos pop up over everything and cant be closed I swear Im going to go insane before I can book anything On top of all that the app crashes constantly Ive only had this app for 20 minutes and it has crashed four times        Terrible app
So convenient and user friendly Fantastic                 Great app
First attempt to use the service host cancelled stating that Airbnb had the wrong info on the site and they let my book when room was not available App is not user friendly at all Not easy to contact the company for support Ill stick with VRBO Can I rate this lower than 1     Horrible Service
Booked a place and paid for it over a month in advance from someone in Chicago with amazing reviews Turns out she deleted her account no one told us or notified us I contacted air B and B a few days a head of time and no response from them She told day of our stay she took off her listing because her place had been trashed by pervious guests I still dont see why air B and B never told us If we didnt book a hotel as back up we would have been screwed     Only use this if you want to be ripped off
Seriously something is wrong with this app I was charged five times at 99 not sure if this is an apple problem or airbnb     Got charged 500
Crashes after every search Cant do anything on this version     Crashes
This app is so annoying Beautiful ux fun to use but it crashes literally every 3 minutes Really makes for a negative experience Get it together        Crashes constantly
Both rooms booked were declined or cancelled I am never going to use airbnb again     Would never use airbnb
I tried booking via mobile app with a credit card It never processed my card correctly I had to input the numbers four times before I called customer service The CSR mentioned the app has caused a lot problems and it still needs a lot of work I only use the site on a desktop     This app needs a lot of work
My account was hacked and I repeatedly got community forum responses I have yet to get a real AirBnB employee to respond I had a few good experiences and then not When you run into real issues expect absolutely no way to get in touch with them     Dangerously inadequate customer service
Great app              Bnb
I recently booked a stay in Chicago for 3 nights with a supposedly reputable host Airbnb charged my credit card immediately Two weeks pass and the host cancels my reservation with no warning or explanation Now Im left scrambling to find a room and it will take AirBnB 35 days to refund my money I cant review the host because he cancelled on me Oh btw if I cancelled on him at any time I wouldve been charged 50 of my stay I could see how easy it would be to scam people by creating fake reviews hope they cancel and if they dont cancel 2 weeks before their stay Funny how they charge me immediately well before the stay yet will take up to 5 days to refund the money In short this service stinks     Completely unreliable service they charge upfront
It wont let me click in to select the datessearching is not convenient     Terrible app
Airbnb is a great concept and Ive successfully used it several times Unfortunately I failed in my most recent attempt Hosts 5 were so slow and unresponsive to my requests that I just booked a hotel I hope Airbnb can do something about this problem so I can use the service in the future     Unresponsive hosts
Very self explanatory You will find extremely affordable places to stay in locations you would never think would use Airbnb I was EXTREMELY skeptical at 1st But there are tons of security questions that you and the host have to agree to just be smart and bring someone with you My advice is to keep track of ALL of your communication with the host and your billing records and youll be AOK                 Great App
I have had great success using Air BnB but the app is really hard to navigate It took me forever to find where to update my credit card It seems most oriented towards making bookings rather than other features        Love the Service Not the App
Every time without fail it crashes     Keeps crashing
Today they added a feature that is totally focuses on the company and disregards they most profitable customers Sadly this is becoming a trend for AirBnB Because I am renting out basement every weekend they are posting to the app a Congratulatory pop up screen that keeps coming back no matter how many times I delete it Super annoying What they want me to do is post my success on Facebook or something before the will allow me to delete it              Was 5 Stars until today
So far the app has been easy to use and did what I need until I got to the actual location in a foreign country with no Internet My host left me a keycode in a message and I even had the message pulled up from the last time I had wifi I activated the iPhone app switcher and I could even see the keycode in the little screenshot for the AirBnB app because I literally JUST had it up But when I actually switched to the app it CLEARED the screen and showed me a spinner because it wanted to reload all the messages Over the Internet Which I did not have Travel apps should always cachesync data locally You dont always have Internet on the road           Warning does not sync data to your device
I had traveled with this for 100 days Thanks to airbnb to give me chances to meet great people And also Unforgettable memories              Thanks
My card has No fees on foreign currency exchange but that doesnt stop airbnb from jacking 3 on top of their regular fee        3 Hidden currency conversion fee
Loving this app and the fact that they have a watch app to talk directly with the host makes it extremely easy and efficient on the go                 Wonderful App
Im a host and a regular traveller The app is slow to update and often doesnt show alerts when I have a new booking request or message I usually fine out by text or email so if I didnt have this backup notification turned on then I would not be notified by the app Also all messages should be cashed locally so if you are somewhere without the internet connection you can still see all the location and booking info There should also be a way to report incorrect listings It is also problematic that although I request verified ID only it lets people who only link Facebook not an actual ID book which lessens trust There should be clearer instructions for newbies about how to use the app        Love Air BnB but its App needs work
Ive made tens of thousands with Airbnb since 2012 and seriously appreciate all the hard work they put into their website and apps its no easy task to please everyone all the time Im also thankful to have met such awesome people from all over the world                 Great Tool
Crashes oftenreloads search results often also you end up losing your place when reviewing lists of many search hits Map view is nearly impossible to use particularly on a smaller screen smartphone Needs work Ps What is with all of the idiot reviewers posting reviews of their BnB lodging on the App Store        App Not User Friendly
Cannot find the logout anywhere in the app Serious problem that needs to be fixed     Logout
Its an awesome app I only wish it worked as a standalone app on the Apple watch without the iPhone              Love it
The app crashes when youre sliding down every single time     Not good
The user interface tries to hard to be clean and friendly and ends up being impossible to find the options I want or maybe they just dont exist Also falls under the category of apps that are useless if you dont have a Facebook or similar profile Once I started a reservation process it wouldnt allow me to complete without one and wont let me cancel to free up the room so my friend can use his login to reserve it Needs a lot of improvement        Horrible interface cant find anything
Every time I hit the home key this silly Milestone pop up comes up to remind me to share my success It wont stop even after I share Please fix this        Please make it stop
Love the access this app gives as a host You can manage your bookings without limitations Get instant notification and very accurate without double booking a space The only con I find is that does not allow you to change a date if needed I recommend this app and system                 Love this App
Love the app and site I liked that I was able to be notified via the app of a guests message and bookinginquiries However with the most recent app update my messages are no longer updating or therefor not notifying me Wondering what else I am not getting notified about I will be checking the website often for now           Love the app and Airbnb
Love Airbnb but the app crashes all the time on iPad and iPhone Works for about 23 minutes and then crashes        Crashes a lot
Very negative experience Conceptually seems great and had my whole trip booked and confirmed by airbnb I had a nagging feeling and called the host outside airbnb I had to google for it and learned that the host did not receive any notification from airbnb Fortunately we were able to salvage the booking but certainly due to no thanks to airbnb And in another airbnb experience again the whole thing was booked and confirmed by airbnb only to have the host tell me that the place is unavailable Oh and the cancellation policy with airbnb is ridiculous you pretty much lose all of it All in all very disappointing and I am not using this thing again     Utterly Unreliable
But on the website can find what I need App is useless     Null results
I downloaded the Airbnb app to be sure that I had the information I would need to get into the flat I was renting I made sure to open the conversation with that information because I knew I wouldnt have Internet available At my destination I was within the Airbnb app I was reading the message and backed out so I could look at the hosts full name Upon going back to the messages screen it told me that the message I had been reading moments ago couldnt be loaded leaving me without the code to get in Aside from the app being rubbish the thing to know is to make sure you have the emails from AirBNB before you travel     Doesnt work offline
When being added to another itinerary as a guest the app will not display that itinerary among your Upcoming Trips This displays as expected on the Airbnb website Your Trips Upcoming Trips Status Accepted X shared this trip Please squash this bug for those of us who arent always the person who makes our reservations        Does not display all Upcoming Trips properly
This app used to work great and Im not quite sure what happened I have constant issues with availability being inaccurate with messages to hosts and more Get it together Airbnb        Super Glitchy
I misinterpreted the star rating and gave a low rating I called Airbnb and was told it could not be changed Suggestion if a very low rating is received alert the reviewer asking if that was what was intended and allow an update before adding it to the aggregate           Star rating reviews
Why dont photos load All I want to is view photos of properties and they dont load Makes the app kind of useless     Photos wont load
Excellent app great UI But if youre going to set a review deadline and ask me to type into the boxes I expect the input boxes to retain my writing until I click next I basically had to type in my review 3 times When I double tapped the home button to close out another app and came back to my review all the words I typed were gone Frustrating since by accident I clicked something else on the page and same thing happened again This business runs on reviews Its what users care about So if you want to make sure youre getting the right stuff please fix this bug              Review writing issue
Love the persona switching between host and guest Easy to use for managing host property and booking gust reservations Keep it up                 Better Than The Website
Stayed with Vilde in Oslo the most comfortable bed ever nice apartment in cool area loved it                 Vilde oslo
I am both host and traveler on airbnb and I find that except for making changes to a reservation the app is quite effective              I use it all the time
I travel a lot and try to use this app a lot I say try because I usually give up when it sits there thinking about my search for five minutes Even if I can finally find a place to check on it takes five minutes loading each photo I prefer the concept of Airbnb but for now I use kayak Tripadvisor and bookingcom because I dont have the patience for this anymore     So sloooow
Great app Easy to use Sometimes doesnt update as quick website Overall very good                 Ed Carlson
We have good luck with the app for receiving and sending messages as a host We use the app when away from a computer as the full version if easier to use but this app works well when on the go              Works well to check messages
App is broken trying to login with a Google login Half the time it fails If it does login it doesnt think I have an account and wants to create a new one If it logs in all the way none of my info is there Like its a brand new account No messages none of my upcoming trips Nothing     Broken app
What a mess Hard to navigate the map Keeps opening up pop overs and I cannot dismiss them Results are hit or miss when zooming Needs work        Hard to navigate
I would have given it no stars if that was an option So dont waste your time In addition the website doesnt operate well with iPads Good luck     Forget this app

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