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Expedia, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Expedia PartnerCentral - Hotel Rates Inventory Extranet Management ,AirAsiaGo - Hotels & Flights ,Expedia Hotels – Book Your Hotel Rooms), brings Expedia Hotels – Book Your Hotel Rooms with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Expedia Hotels – Book Your Hotel Rooms app has been update to version 1.5 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Great travel companion..
  • And the flights shopping experience is so good..
  • You can auto fill your info from your Address Book..
  • Com a lot for plane tickets..
  • And I like the map view when searching..

Overall Satisfactionc65
This has to be the best travel app out there.
Definitely the best hotel app by a longshot.
but currently offers only hotel booking for the iPad version.
Thanks Expedia for making my travel plans stress free.
The works 100x better than the website.
I highly recommend using it.
Fun & Engagingc100
Awesome hotel and app is so handy.
I found a awesome hotel with this.
App lets me book everything for my trip now.
Fast easy useful a great app.
Saves time from sifting through random blogs.
Really easy to use and very helpful while travelling.
Cool and helpful app.
Production Valuesc38
Stunningly beautiful and immensely useful.
Cool apps rich graphics and smooth.
Ease of Usec33
I'm now impressed with the ease it took to book a room.
Not only was I able to search and book my hotel.
Cant search and book any flight.
Simple fast process.
It's quick and easy to use and provides plenty of information from reviews.
Super quick and easy hotel booking.
Easy as pie to book too.
It was incredibly easy to view and book my hotel.
Easy breezy.
Security & Privacyc38
Was able to find and book hotel using my Expedia account.
Updates & Supportc12
Helpful customer service when my plans changed.

This has to be the best travel app out there. found in 62 reviews
Expedia has really knocked this one out of the park. found in 4 reviews
Incredible UI
Definitely the best hotel app by a longshot. found in 39 reviews
App has great deals listed & is very user friendly. found in 28 reviews
Shows hotel deals near me Mobile Exclusive Deals. found in 6 reviews
if you are a rewards member. found in 2 reviews
The loading time on the flight search is much too long. found in 28 reviews
Or a way to open the hotel's location on Google Maps. found in 17 reviews
It also doesn't let you book car rentals from the app. found in 27 reviews
- cannot search or book business class flights or flexible date options. found in 17 reviews
Offers no advantages to the online site. found in 5 reviews
Missing the hotel+ flight option. found in 11 reviews
Nice app but no good for business travelers. found in 5 reviews
Not able to book package deals or internet specials. found in 9 reviews
Please make multi city searches an option on the app. found in 12 reviews
Good but need to fix bug. found in 11 reviews
Needs flight booking for iPad. found in 2 reviews
It's okay but it definately needs some help. found in 3 reviews
I wish the app had a hotel+ flight booking together. found in 17 reviews
Don't forget to watch for a place to enter the coupon code. found in 15 reviews
No longer able to view additional information when check itinerary. found in 3 reviews
and a way to log into your online expedia account. found in 38 reviews
Mostly useless without the ability to book flights. found in 56 reviews
There is an issue with Expedia app's credit card processing. found in 33 reviews
I like the Expedia website but the iPhone app is useless. found in 21 reviews
Now after update I can't figure how to book a flight. found in 51 reviews
5 attempts to get flight info from Atlanta to Washington DC. found in 20 reviews
No obvious way to sign in to an existing expedia account. found in 38 reviews
You can't search flights on the app for flights and hotels. found in 29 reviews
The program crashes every time you try to open the app. found in 17 reviews
App keeps crashing whenever I lookup for a hotel in London. found in 17 reviews
You can book a hotel or flight but no rental car. found in 16 reviews
App crashes when I attempt to search for flights. found in 54 reviews
Also I cannot apply coupon codes for the app. found in 24 reviews
Expedia has the absolute WORST customer service I've ever experienced. found in 58 reviews

The Expedia Hotels – Book Your Hotel Rooms is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 6.0 MB to download. The new Expedia Hotels – Book Your Hotel Rooms app version 1.5 has been updated on 2014-11-28. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and ix.Mac.MarketingName. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about Expedia Hotels – Book Your Hotel Rooms check developer Expedia, Inc.`s website : http://www.expedia.com/app

Expedia Hotels is the easiest and quickest way to find and book hotels on your iPhone. In just 4 taps, you can book from over 130,000 hotels all over the world. It s everything you ...
Glad to be booking rental cars from anywhere now This app is great                 Account creation
I like how easy it is to look for a hotel in an area I wish it showed more hotels but I still get lots of options I really like the rates It is better than I get when calling hotels direct              I love the ease of use
Working very well                 Awesome
This is a great app but Im pretty bummed theres no bundle deals Hopefully theyll add that to their next update              Great App buuuut
I would never use this Shows higher prices than what is shown on Expedia on the browser Really Expedia     Higher prices on the app
The lady behind the phone mislead us charged us about 360 we spent 4 hrs behind the line to find somebody responsible to refund us for her mistake Theyre scamming people we should kick them out of business     The worst dont trust them
This app cannot support a multicity itinerary so it has been no help to me     cannot support a multicity itinerary
Downloaded sept 9 2015 and all i get is popup box saying oops hotel is now sold out Guess that would be okay if id had the opportunity to select a hotel Did not matter which city i selected Bad app waste of my time     Junk
Love this app I use it in all my trips never never a problemtoo manny people stressing the small stuffenjoy life more We arent here for long 0                 Awsome
Fix this app where we can book hotel flights and car altogether Fix it fix it fix it     No bundle deals
I love the app but why oh why isnt there a way to see bundle deals Im planning a few trips and love the simplicity of the app but Im not booking my flight and hotel separately Is it somehow hidden and Im not seeing the option        Bundles
I was long a loyal Expedia user It was handy to keep all my travel bookings in one place and the website was easy to use Now the website is a mess eg I couldnt book my seats and the app is WORTHLESS I just deleted I need a new travel site     Worst App
Easy to use but still waiting for vacation packages selection Also there is no option to select the number of rooms on hotel reservations There is no options to select business or first class on flight reservations One more thing if you can add more features on the app for gold member it will be great           Awesome But
The app is certainly easy to navigate BUT prices are DOUBLED compared to when you search from a desktop Great I get triple points but I have to spend double to get them Wont ever book anything through the app        Unsatisfied
Missed my flight because the app broadcasts a huge time that doesnt matter No one cares when the plane leaves The only thing that matters is when you can get on After that it doesnt matter when the plane leaves You cant jump in from the runway This is what I get for assuming the world would be smart enough to show me a time that is meaningful to me Instead you are supposed to look at that time and then subtract a mystery number X and calculate your boarding time This might be a problem with the whole industry but using this app to get to my flight failed me because of this Avoid it     Tells you when plane is in sky not when to board
App would be perfect if you could get your hotel AND flight together Fix it        No Bundles
The app is great I love being able to look up prices via an app instead of having to pull up expedia on the web browser Downfall they always advertise 3x points if you book via the app Im a gold member and the annoying part is that I tend to book a lot of travel packages AirHotel together for better deals but the app doesnt give you that option So I find it that Im always having to make holiday bookings via the web browser which is quite annoying and a much slower process Cant you guys fix this           No Bundle Options on app
Love this app Specially the book now pay later                 Defiantly 5 stars
I am inquiring about why Roberts Intl Airport is not an option to select as a destination Could this possibly be rectified Apart from that very good and easy to use app One of the best out there              No option for Roberts International Airport Liberia
App is good but some of the critical information is incorrectly shown causing major travel issues Timezone of the departing time was incorrect and that messed my schedule Rental car return address was completely wrong and i almost missed my flight due to that These faulty information screwed up my travels Please fix it     Great app but inaccurate information
Good UI design but it has no businessfirst class options        No businessfirst class options
I wish this app provided bundle deals as it shows on the website Other than that great site           Great app
Please create coupon codes for ALL the coupons that exist in your account Why can I not use my rewards coupons on the mobile app Why can I not use the rewards points that are in my account against the hotel reservation Both of these actions are capable on the website but yet you prefer to have your customers use the mobile app in a limited way No Fun        Fix Your App
Clean easy app for its purpose ie booking inforeviews details of check in with reminders so far dont see any cons based on MY needs                 So far so good
Dont put ur credit or debit card number after few days they charge u money like 5 to 7 it happen to me 4 times n each time i have to call bank to cancel now scammer They changed the price when u r about to check out     Scam
Very bad service and bad business attitude to their costumers     Angry User
Loved the update Just created an Expedia account and am super excited about earning points for all the travel I book through the app Great work                 Finally decided to get an Expedia account
En mi Iphone 6 esta aplicación se cierra intempestivamente Antes funcionaba de maravilla pero desde hace un mes agosto de 2015 ya no funciona        Se cierra intempestivamente
Dont waste your time Says I am in wrong country Wish I would have listened to other reviews     Awful app
Why do you not allow bundle deals on the app like you do the website Id rather just search for flight and hotel combos on the app That would be much more convenient Please allow that     Bundle deals
Really appreciate the flight notifications gate change alerts and delay notifications I have a lot of anxiety about flyingairports This app makes things a lot more worry free                 Thank you
Long story short 3 hours to check in to the hotel that Expedia had already taken my money forand when THEY had to use their account to get me checked in I had to call them back to get the refund of the overage that EYE paid THEM No more Expedia for me        Nice app sucky service
Buenos dias quisiera saber por que en la aplicación del teléfono celular no puedo comprar boletos en ejecutiva y en primera                 Pregunta
App is very convenient and easy to use Not able to actually checkout though Assistance is appreciated     Not able to checkout
I find this app to be SO user Unfriendly I spent three hours and three phone calls seven people trying to book a multicity flight last night in order to get the triple points promised for using the app NO SUCCESS Only to be told I would have to WRITE the APP customer service as the Expedia Customer Support could do nothing I hadnt even gotten my flight booked I was calling to request the triple points that I should get if the app worked It should be much more now after three hours and seven customer service reps who go down their script of things to say Now I cant get out of that LOOP of that particular flight No matter what I do I cannot clear that flight search I HATE THIS APP Im also unable to apply my Known Traveler Number anywhere with Expedia Once I use any points I will NO LONGER USE EXPEDIA So much for trying to be a loyal customer     WORST APP
The ability to register inapp is great Overall app stability also seems to be better                 Awesome and convenient
Its hard for me to understand how you can even give the option of renting a car through the app but only if you are booking round trip Is it that unusual to need a one way car rental I only downloaded the app because of how terrible Expedias mobile website is but unfortunately the app is no better Its almost 2016get your life together Expedia     Disappointing
Login using Facebook account is not working        Facebook login
I have been using this app for the past year but I always check out as a guest Glad they added a create account button so now I can save my searches and look at them on my work computer                 Good travel app
App will not permit me to even get past logging in keeps insisting I have not entered my country of origin But my country United States is absolutely checked and highlighted There is nothing I can do to log in This app has a major flaw I wish it could be corrected     Country settings
App is great but we do not have an option to book first class tickets              No first class ticket option
Been using for about a month now and have not had any issues              Great App
Love this app love that I can get 3x times the point but why cant I bundle deal and why cant I add anything to passbook Please put those in your next update also Im not able to use coupons at all on my app dont know if anyone else had this problem but I have              Good app
This is one of the BEST and most convenient apps Ive ever used I cant recommend it highly enough Very intuitive user friendly and easy to follow WONDERFUL travel notifications too                 Makes all my travel EASY to book and follow GREAT APP
All the best deals                 Great
This app is basically worthless I have booked no less than six times using the full on PC version However here I can book a flight or I can book a hotel But cannot do both as a package Common sense says normally when you fly somewhere you need a hotel and probably a car This needs to be addressed in this app     Bundles
Ive been using this ap for well over 2 years recently flying every month to the same destination The ap does not show all flights available especially those late evening flights I know this because I can go directly to the airline website and pull it up that way and book it there thus missing out on points via Expedia Ive also called customer service and booked those same flights I couldnt find on the ap and completed them over the phone I wish the ap contained better filters like airline departure times so I dont have to scroll so much to find the time I need Its a nice ap otherwise I love having all my trip details in one place whether its flight car or hotel Ive booked them all And you can pull up details for each one quickly whenever you need to           Doesnt show all flights available
The app itself is pretty good but why offer a search function for car rentals and then every time a search is entered a Oops something happened Please try again message pops ups and no matter how many time it is tried again it doesnt work The car button is useless at this time the rest of the app is pretty good though        Still not able to do car rentals
Not so much since the app wont let me transact Had to call customer service to end up having them book for me earning single points Frustrating     Triple points on app booking flights

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