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Description - iMajiCam Pro — Realtime video effects

Ayena LLC , the publisher behind many iOS app (iMajiCam Pro — Realtime video effects ,iMajiCam 2 Pro ,FX for Facebook ,Cartoon the World! ,Roll the Ball ,FX for Facebook HD), brings iMajiCam Pro — Realtime video effects with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. iMajiCam Pro — Realtime video effects app has been update to version 1.8 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • record videos with live real time video effects with video recording..
  • Very inexpensive and easy way to edit those lovely captures..
  • Nice real time effects..

Overall Satisfactionc86
Very inexpensive and easy way to edit those lovely captures.
It crashes and when I try to edit.
Im really enjoying this app - best camera app ive tried yet.
Best camera filter app.
You can do amazing vids with it.
Better than Instagram or other apps.
Fun & Engagingc78
This is an awesome app with Awesome effects.
So much fun for kids.
Really fun and easy to use.
It kills boredom.
It's fun for awhile.
This changes everything again.
I love this app it has everything I need for editing photos.
Great app with very useful and cool effects for both photo and video.
Production Valuesc76
It has really cool effects.
I think it could use more effects.
It's alright I wish it had more effects.
Ease of Usec61
Really fun and easy to use.
Fun and easy to use.
It's such an easy tool to use.
filter presets such as sepia and old film and more.
Ads not Intrusivec32
Updates & Supportc26

So much fun for kids. found in 2 reviews
Im really enjoying this app - best camera app ive tried yet. found in 16 reviews
Gave it a shot. found in 1 reviews
Best camera filter app. found in 2 reviews
Better than Instagram or other apps. found in 1 reviews
It has really cool effects. found in 9 reviews
This is an awesome app with Awesome effects. found in 2 reviews
Turn any picture into something cool. found in 1 reviews
It's a fun photo- editing app to use. found in 5 reviews
If u guys need a fun day come and download this great app. found in 1 reviews
Thank you For it being free. found in 1 reviews
love the sketch filter. found in 1 reviews
One other thing that makes this app stand out. found in 1 reviews
Really fun and easy to use. found in 2 reviews
This is the coolest app for someone who takes alot of video. found in 2 reviews
And replaced it with Really useless and undesirable options. found in 1 reviews
Great but cannot add pre- existing Pics. found in 1 reviews
I'm giving a 3 because it needs to get fixed :. found in 1 reviews
Good but some bugs. found in 1 reviews
Not to mention the placement of the ads. found in 1 reviews
Needs photo upload. found in 1 reviews
but please
4 stars because there is no difference between this and the free version. found in 1 reviews
but well worth 2 bucks. found in 2 reviews
I would like to edit existing photos and this doesn't allow it. found in 3 reviews
Awesome but needs more fun effects. found in 1 reviews
Front cam doesn't record. found in 1 reviews
Won't even open without an Internet connection. found in 1 reviews
Edit pre- existing video /doesn't work for iOS 7. found in 2 reviews
ADD MORE IF U R GONNA MAKE IT A DOLLAR. found in 1 reviews
Bug Needs Patched. found in 1 reviews
but after updating to iOS 7 the app in inoperable. found in 6 reviews
It good but the effects are too hard to read. found in 3 reviews
It needs to be more compatible with the iPhone 4 camera. found in 1 reviews
It crashes and when I try to edit. found in 9 reviews
Take those ads away or this one star stays. found in 2 reviews
has no option to save to your camera. found in 2 reviews
Will not upload photos to Facebook. found in 4 reviews
Pro version with ads. found in 2 reviews
Need to fix ASAP. found in 3 reviews
its having problems with the video recording. found in 5 reviews
No one wants to pay for an app and it still have ads. found in 2 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download iMajiCam Pro — Realtime video effects for $0.99 from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 3.3 MB to download. The new iMajiCam Pro — Realtime video effects app version 1.8 has been updated on 2014-11-29. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch (4th generation), iPad 2 Wi-Fi, and iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G. Requires iOS 4.1 or later.
More Info: Find more info about iMajiCam Pro — Realtime video effects in Ayena LLC`s Official Website :

Check out this amazing video Mix `n` match 1000s of effects combinations Try iMajiCam Pro before buying - search for our free version: iMajiCam Record video with dozens of adjustable live realtime effects Dozens of high-quality, high-performance, adjustable ...
this is now the best app for the 5S before the old one didnt do so well but yall finally got it together thanks for the pro version                 Best App for 5S
Come on this has potential to be a great app but it doesnt work Fix it     Fix it
Ever since I got ios7 This app wont work And this is my main photo editing app It crashes and when I try to edit It wont let me even see the pic Not a happy camper     Need to fix ASAP
I love to mess with effects on cameras and photos to give it an artsy style thats weird but cool and its too easy to buy an overpriced camera app thats hard to use and doesnt deliver This app is however unexpected perfection Made with the user in mind the effects are not only good but also entertaining I recommend this app wholeheartedly                 Freaking amazing
What did you do to the app Front camera recording was the best feature     Upset
After my Iphone update this thing is no longer working     Bad
Stepped on my toe                 Godzilla
im waiting for the bug fix update its having problems with the video recording this used to be working fine and now it dosent        Was great until a few weeks
urgente SOS Está dañado Cuando quiero editar una foto se queda por la mitad Revisenlo rápido por favor     Problema con iOS 7 desde un iPhone 4S
3 stars because I love this app so much I got the pro version but if Im paying for it take away the ads           Remove Ads
Worth the 2 bucks Bunch of effects and you can use multiple effect at once Also they are live so thats even better And now has video Wow 5 stars Thanks dev                 Great
Pro app with IAPs     Lame
Good                 Yay
Good app restored to a great app by getting rid of the advertisement playground it once was Now it is totally worth the money and I recommend it              Good App Restored
Love love this app              Ibfabulous
I was blown away by this It creates onthefly video effects like transforming your world into a sketch or a cartoonlike environment Tons if filters works really fast on the 5 but even works on 3GS I tried Saves the video really fast Wow So much fun for kids                 AMAZING
This is a great app with many camera effects but whenever I end video recording it will not save the video to darkroom or camera roll and occasionally crash after that I am using iPhone 5           Bug Needs Patched
Nice                 Rating
allows you to take Skerbec in real time                 love the sketch filter
I have to say this app has the most unique effects in the App Store My only complaint is the un even layout An update would be appreciated but you know what they say dont try to fix it if it aint broke                 So unique
PLEASE PLEASEMAKE IT BE OK AGAIN Seriously this was ALWAYS my 1st choice for my most adventurous and the work I do on it always gets the best reactionIm not getting any reaction because I can no longer use it Please fix it ASAP The future of mankind depends on it Id give it 6 stars if u could when it works But I cant give it a 5 even though its that good But not working Im giving a 3 because it needs to get fixed           My FAV app is now WOUNDED
I was going to rate this app wrongly But after I reopened the application for the second time and play with it a little longer Its great You can do amazing vids with it Thanks dev                 Good
Ive used iMajiCam Pro over 2 years without complaint a lot of photovideo fun                 This
Everything cool with this app So many options                 Awesome app
This is becoming an epidemic in the AppStore as of late I buy a premium app forte functionality and most importantly NO ADS And this app along with others releases an update to a premium app and the ads rise from the dead           I Paid For This Why Now Ads
Please update this for iOS 7 when you try to edit a picture the screen goes black        Nope
It kills boredom              3
I love this app but after updating to iOS 7 the app in inoperable from UI glitches to frequent crashes Please fix           iOS 7 Incompatibility
Unable to use it now that it is updated to iOS 7 end up deleting it        Fix
The app cuts the photos width to crap It will be fine when Im taking the picture but will barely be a picture once I look in my camera roll It ruins them when it crops the photos     Needs an upgrade
Go no further THIS IS THE ONE APP FOR YOU videoimagesTired of the samo sameo stuff Jazz up your world with so many killer effects heck youll be a Hollywood director wit super skills I like the mirror screen wneon make talking videos from space alien If you buy one photo app this is it Five stars X two 10 STARS                 Worth Ten Stars
I could not use it Its not working at all     Remark
Ive been searching for a while now for something that would allow me to add effects beyond the basic filters of most other video apps This app has standards like sepia and inverted but it also goes beyond that and gives you the ability to apply these along with a mirrored or kaleidoscope effect You can layer 5 different types of filters and effects at one time and actually see how it looks in real time You can even play with alter and change effects on the fly while recording There is no shortage of interesting filter and effect combinations One thing I wish it had is a focus lock function Sometimes when recording the focus will shift and it can be frustrating when its all going well and then boom auto focus messes up your whole scene If I could lock the focus when recording it would be extremely helpful as every project would be a little less time consuming But considering everything this app already does Ive got no complaints I highly recommend But please if you are a developer reading this if you would add a focus lock function I would be so very grateful I would be so grateful Id send you a thank you gift basket And I give awesome gift baskets You want a gift basket I want focus lock Lets help each other get what we both want Seriously Ill be in touch                 One of a kind video app
Really good for an iPhone app I like that it automatically saves the original                 Love it
I love this app because its so much fun to use and you can share the pictures you alter with friends by text or email and on Facebook The many ways you can alter your pictures are extraordinary Everyone will love it especially artists or creative types                 The best app
The interface is now confusing how many different controls can you make look like Undo A lot I guess The UI transitions are also excruciatingly slow       
Front cam doesnt record        Fix please
Loved this app however it is no longer working after recent update Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no luck Found out others had same issue as well Hopefully issue will be resolved        Not working
Since the upload on iOS 7 Im unable to use the app     PLEASE FIX THE APP
1You can zoom in before you take the picture 2More effects 3New icon design 4A timer 5 sec 10 sec etc                 Heres some features for the app
The final output for photos is 480 x 640 That is such a low low res for photo apps especially when iPhone 44S has such a high default resolution This app like many others just degrade the iCamera This app is perfect for the video but terrible for the photo camera 2 stars        Low Res but fun filters
iMajicam Pro is back to its great self With those ads out of the way there is more screenviewfinder for taking picsvids Thank you Ayena for hearing us Now I feel like the money I spent is worth it Ill definitely be using this camera more                 Yes
I love this app have had fun taking close ups of flowers and then editing them to look like paintings The adds are pretty distracting and this will cause me to drop delete this app sooner than later for now just enjoying the great images your program has let me create I have started a folder kin Pinterest with the pictures edited using your program also posted them on my FB Thanks W Robinson              Fun nice and easy
I bought the pro version to GET RID of the ads Now you bring an update around that literally takes away the point of buying pro Why are you guys so obnoxious and greedy Take those ads away or this one star stays     More ads
man this needs a serious update        I really like this app but
Nice app              Cool
Best photo app ever                
Its a good app but I wish we had the option to edit pre existing video and please optimize it to iOS 7 because it doesnt work at all now           Edit preexisting videodoesnt work for iOS 7
It really is                 Best camera app Ive seen
Amazing app until I got iOS 7 When I try to edit a picture it crashes and I cant see the picture Its glitches out now Fix immediately              Please fix

iMajiCam Pro — Realtime video effects PhotographyiMajiCam Pro — Realtime video effects PhotographyiMajiCam Pro — Realtime video effects PhotographyiMajiCam Pro — Realtime video effects Photography

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