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23 Snaps Ltd. , the publisher behind many iOS app (23snaps ,Printastic - Photo books, made easy.), brings 23snaps with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. 23snaps app has been update to version 1.6 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I also love the addition of time machine mode..
  • Great for sharing without you kids photos being on social media..
  • upload photos videos height and weight measurements and status updates..
  • Fantastic photo blogging app for your kids..
  • Best Photo Sharing App for Parents..

Overall Satisfactionc89
as opposed to sharing it all over Facebook.
My family loves the Intimacy compared to Facebook.
My family loves my daily updates- please fix this bug.
a great way for me to stay updated with my grandsons.
Wonderful memories.
is app is better than Facebook.
My only complaint is the video quality.
Thanks for the great work.
Fun & Engagingc91
I'm basically obsessed with this app.
It's intuitive and fun to use.
is very useful and fun.
My family likes the easiness of keeping up to date with family.
Great way to keep the whole family up to date without forgetting anyone.
It keeps everything private.
is very useful and fun.
We use it nearly every day.
Family Friendlyc96
This is a great way to share photos privately with friends and family.
A great way to share pictures with family members that aren't on Facebook.
Great for sharing without you kids photos being on social media.
Social Aspectsc100
Great for sharing without you kids photos being on social media.
a great way for me to stay updated with my grandsons.
helps our family stay connected to our 4 month old.
None of the drama on other social media sites.
Sharing instant photos and videos with friends and family is extremely convenient.
I wish more people used this app.
Ease of Usec96
It is super easy to use and has a wonderful design.
Safe and easy way to share with the family.
Very convenient way to share photos with family.
Enjoyable and easy to use.
Great easy to navigate app for sharing family photos.
Updates & Supportc57
Great customer service.
Problems upgrading to new version.

My wife's and my family live on the other side of the country. found in 5 reviews
I love being able to share my pictures and videos with family. found in 10 reviews
My family likes the easiness of keeping up to date with family. found in 11 reviews
a great way for me to stay updated with my grandsons. found in 7 reviews
Great way to keep the whole family up to date without forgetting anyone. found in 11 reviews
s precious moments and privately share them with family and close friends. found in 9 reviews
Can't use direct video feature from app. found in 1 reviews
No tagging for family members. found in 1 reviews
I've accidentally added a blurry picture and now I can't delete. found in 1 reviews
Great but buggy. found in 1 reviews
Awesome but missing key features. found in 1 reviews
Wish I could record height in inches instead of feet. found in 1 reviews
Meh it's ok. found in 1 reviews
Just wish you could post multiples at once. found in 2 reviews
just wish I could upload videos. found in 2 reviews
Even if you change the date it happened. found in 2 reviews
Weight issue. found in 1 reviews
No sound on video. found in 1 reviews
Close but no cigar. found in 1 reviews
Needs edit functions. found in 1 reviews
Poor upgrade. found in 2 reviews
if it wasn't for the limited video upload timeframe. found in 1 reviews
Could be some small improvements here and there but nothing major. found in 1 reviews
but multiple pictures uploaded would be nice. found in 6 reviews
Crashing nonstop. found in 1 reviews
terrible upgrade. found in 1 reviews
Ios7 updates don't work. found in 1 reviews
After 20 tries was able to upload 7 pictures. found in 10 reviews
My family loves my daily updates - please fix this bug. found in 3 reviews
Repeatedly prompts for a rating. found in 1 reviews
there is no batch upload feature. found in 2 reviews

The 23snaps is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 4.9 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.6 has been released on 2014-11-22. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad.Requires iOS 5.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about 23snaps check developer 23 Snaps Ltd.`s website : http://23snaps.com

23snaps is a mobile application used to capture, share and cherish every special moment in your children`s lives with those you trust. After all, the most private memories were made to be treasured with your ...
I ve been using this app for almost 4 years now since my child was born and don t know what we would do without it I love that only close family and friends who wanna be bombarded with my kid s photos are able to see them It is easy to use grandparents can order their own prints and organized timeline makes it a breeze to see old photos by age make collections and date We love looking through it at the end of our day and reminiscing like they say the days are long but the years are short I can t wait to use this app for our next child All my nieces and nephews are also on here and it s wonderful to be able to go to one site and see them all for the aunties and uncles as well as the grandparents We share statistics like weight and height which is also helpful when it comes to gifting for their birthdays and holidays                     Best Child Sharing Private App SHL0903
Easy to use and closed to public Perfect for folks who want to share with extended family and friends but not the whole world Easy to use even for grandparents                     Amazing to share w close family suckonthis
And you shouldn t either The privacy isn t legit When you start seeing ads related to your kid then you ll realize facebooks privacy policy is paper thin This is better                     I won t use Facebook iQuit!
Ever since the update on my iPhone the app keeps crashing I can t look through anything     Keeps crashing nhz5008
I love that I can pick and choose who is invited to our album We don t use social media so it s great to share pictures and videos of our life via 23Snaps                     Great for sharing privately Muckmania
My son invited me to join after the birth of his first child I like that it s by invitation only and he has complete control over it Not living close to them lets me keep up with everything without all the extraneous fuss Would highly recommend this site                     Great App Claddaghgirl55
Myself my husband and kids live in NY my husbands family lives in FL and my family lives in England This app has made everyone feel like they haven t missed a single thing while my boys are growing up I can not recommend this enough It has really allowed us to remain close and feel a part of each other s every day lives                     Perfect for long distance family Holanovioa
I have been using 23snaps since the very beginning and 4 years later I still use it every single day I love knowing that my content is private and is only going to friends and family members that I ve personally invited As a mom of three little boys their safety is my top priority and 23snaps makes me feel secure PLUS it s so well organized I enjoy being able to scroll through the past with ease and being able to look up our kids individually I also love that it shows how old your child is on the day the entry was made I am constantly telling people about this app and cannot recommend it enough                     Cannot recommend enough Alicia - Boy mom of 3
So easy to share pictures videos what s going on to anyone with a computer or smartphone                     Great for anyone Fun and challenger
I wanted a photo sharing app where I could share pictures with my family and only my family I also wanted something with online albums for easy sorting and some way to write down notes I wasn t interested in something that I would constantly have to update privacy settings or pick and choose which groups could see which pictures This app has everything I wanted and it doesn t have anything I didn t want hope that makes sense I love that it is by invite only I love that everything is well organized I have consistently used this app for many years and it is still relevant and useful to me                     Exactly what I was looking for Shfgobrgobpkugedst
Update My daughter is now 4 and we ve been using this app daily since she was first born We love it I have been using this app for 15 months on a daily basis I love it and so do my family and friends It really couldn t be easier I recently ordered a book of all of the pictures from my daughter s first year It was pricey but I had a code that they sent for her bday so I figured why not The book came very quickly and it is beautiful It will really be a treasure for my daughter as she gets older Thank you                     Amazing Lady_MC
Great app Love the ability to keep it to just family                 Love it
I am a proud grandfather I take lots of photos but dont use Facebook This is such a nice app for sharing and keeping up to date without resorting to Facebook Uploading is easy Seems to work great                 Great App
We started relying on PhotoStream in the past to share photos and videos and still love it but thought there must be a better way for friends without Apple gear to see our photos 23snaps is a great alternative which allows you to create a sort of mailinglist which also allows people to receive your shared photos and optionally to create an account for themselves if they want to interact with your content                 Close to Perfect
Ggh                 Sherri
Easy to use and great way to save memories Love the privacy settings and how it helps me save storage Best used when shared with those you love                 Love IT
I love this app because it puts the dates automatically of when each photo was taken and puts them in a timeline where I can see them month by month great app              works great
I so enjoy using this app each day to see pictures and video clips of my baby niece I love seeing the comments of other relatives What a great way to connect with each other safely and easily                 Highlight of my day
Cant use direct video feature from app It freezes the whole thing and I have to delete the app and re download the while thing Also sometimes has trouble if I am commenting on a post and switch to another task program on my phone Freezes up again and I have to delete the app and re download Otherwise I love it Obviously love it enough to go through this rigmorole           Great but buggy
So easy to use Great for sharing photos of my baby but not having to plaster them across social media Love the privacy                 Great app
Love this app Great to get everyone in family on same page Highly recommend                 Only calendar we use
I highly recommend 23 snaps to all my friends Its a great way to capture the little moments and keep family and friends near and involved in your day to day life The only reason that I didnt give it 5 stars is because Im still waiting for the photo books to become more intuitive Id love these 23 snap books to work more like Chatbooks Id love to have my captions with the pictures as well              Love this
So easy to share pictures videos whats going on to anyone with a computer or smartphone              Great for anyone
This app is perfect to safe keep the memories of your family                 Awesome
Great              Great
My mom is barely on Facebook My great aunt doesnt have one With this I can take as many photos and videos as I want of my son so even though most of my family hasnt met him yet they still get to see all the tiny special things first smile first food etc without 500 emails posting it everywhere on social media or worrying about annoying people with the amount of posts They look when they please and get one email a week as a notification of new stuff But they can still interact with comments and smiles But my favorite part is how even if my mom is invited to my sisters wall unless shes invited to mine she cant see what Ive posted or my sister has liked It adds a great level of privacy because no one can even search for you You HAVE to invite them So the whole family can see your wall once they are invited but the creepy neighbor by your cousins house cant                 Love it
Just love this photo sharing site Share photos with who you want Tag one child or both Wonderful photo sharing site                 Love this app
Could be a little more streamlined Theres lots going on and Ive had it crash a few times but otherwise a great app              Great
Love being able to see my grandsons photos so easily Great App                 Excellent App
Love the privacy of this app Knowing that it is just for family is very reassuring Being able to zoom in would be a nice addition Please try to add that on to an already terrific app                 Love 23 Snaps
My husband and I are expecting our first child soon and I was looking for a way to share baby related photosinfo without broadcasting it to the entire world via Facebook 23snaps is perfect and the family is all using it easily                 Great way to share photos selectively
Its easy to use and learn Really like locking my photos down to who I want to have access Cons it appears i or some other person with access can invite others I might not want but I HAVE NOT VERIFIED THAT to be true and when I got my invite to an album the invite didnt direct me to the App Store to download the app I had to do that in a separate step Im would have expected the email to have iconslinks to the App Store              Like the ease of use
Everything we needed We can upload pics and videos We can upload 20 photos at a time and about minute long videos Totally private too                 Perfect
Help keep in touch with distant loved ones              Reality check
Beautiful app Thanks                 Thanks
Friends and Family from all over the world love to choose when they can see allthingsbaby rather than some who bombard their Facebook feeds with kid pics Wish I could give more than one person the Partner permissions Eg Grandparent older sibling                 Love this
Good app but slow with uploading and crashes Ill deal with it instead of going to Facebook I like that it is private and I wont get a million friend requests           Private alternative to Facebook
Love the app Glad Facebook does not have my pics                 Best alternative to Facebook
I like the fact that only people I invite can see my pics no weird navigating to figure out your privacy settings                 Love it to share pics with family only
I love being able to share my pictures and videos with family Facebook is too invasive and also some of the family members dont use it so this is a great way for them to see my kiddos Its organized and very easy to use                 Thank you
This is a great app to share tons of photos with just family without the guilt of oversharing on other social media sites                 Love it Perfect for private sharing
We love it Its easy to use and integrates well We like that we can tag each child and keep things private if we like                 Great app for the family
I updated and now I cant see any of my granddaughters pictures You need to fix this guys     Update makes it not work
The title says it all I love this app                 Awesome app for a first time mom who loves to take pics
Love being able to see the photos that my daughter and son in law post of my grandson                 Get to keep up with my grandson
Love this app                 Bird an
I really like the ability to share with just my family With family far away they all like being able to see the kids grow The story feature is really nice I wish I could add videos but still good                 Sharing just with family
Perfect way to respond to the barrage of pictures please with a newborn and great for sharing with family and friends that dont use other social media Love that partners can add to the same feed                 Just what we were looking for
LoveLoveLove                 23Snaps
Overall pretty good app Could be some small improvements here and there but nothing major Very easy to use and private              Nice app Easy to use
Great way to privately share with close friends and family Easy to navigate Keeps memories organized by date I go back through photos all the time to see how our family grows Excellent app                 Easy private fun
I am not a fan of posting all the pictures or updating the world on everything however this allows me to share with my family unforgettable events of my kidsfamily                 Love it
Es muy fácil guardar mis fotos por fecha                 La mejor manera de guardar mis fotografías
Perfect way to share photos with family that doesnt like other social media                 Love it
My wife and I were the 2nd out of 12 couple friends to have babies in the pas year and we recommended 23Snaps to each of them My sons first birthday was just a few weeks ago and 23Snaps made it super easy to export the photos and videos from the last year which I used to create movie If you are looking for an app that makes it easy to share the precious moments with family while respecting your privacy this is the app                 LOVE 23Snaps
Its a nice app that our family uses to keep up with each other A few suggestions images in stories should be zoomable links in postscomments should be clickable would like a post for text that isnt a center aligned quote could really use a PDF Export of all posts and comments Thanks for the great work              A nice app improvement suggestions
I just had a baby two months ago and this app has given me the opportunity to share photos with my family members and close friends without sharing them with a wider audience like Facebook or Instagram Its also a way for me to keep an online album to always go back to I can even order prints and albums from this app Couldnt have found it at a better time to share such wonderful memories Love it                 Amazing app for sharing memories
I wish that I could remove people from the sharing list              Pretty good
Good tool to share pictures and videos                 Nice app
This app is super easy to use It integrates with the phone well to easily upload photos and videos Makes it simple to keep family updated                 Great app
Simple for family and friends to get updates as frequently as they choose                 Easy peasy

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